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  1. Guys I completely disagree with you in my opinion and what I using for is best drag in spinning reels. I shark fishing from Florida shores and makaira fits my needs perfectly because u can set drag 20,30,40 lbs in just one click,, in practice when shark pick up you have to let him run and swallow bait with. With big Stella's I was using before I had to hold spool to get hooked than start turn drag knob countless times to achieve drag power I needed what means I lost another 100 yards plus of line and I never was 100 % positive what exactly drag I running. In makaira I can set exactly initial drug so I know from what I starting and where I ends. Plus cranking 77" per crank I can't expect more. Sealed like my old good 275 is bonus. I landed for last few months several bulls pushing 400 and around, for now my makairas is go reels every time I hit beach that my two cents. Going to test next week on big bft on cc 

  2. Danny You don't have to be worried about transition from elliptical to cylindrical shape if you leave elliptical. Humans where fighting for thousands of years with swords with egg shape handels. Now most expensive knifes has elliptical handels. Problem with reel seats was how to install reel on elliptical seat we fund the way, plus, seat takes 10 min to install and according my partner in Europe grip doesn't take much longer