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  1. Any green mackerel cruizer or walkers ?
  2. I have blue and pink cruizer and walkers
  3. 80$ all 4 or 22$ each shipped
  4. Franatic or Micros used or new
  5. Any pattern Franatic or Micrs F or S
  6. 4000 up 30000 share same size oval knobs will fit fa/sw/swb
  7. Final down to 35$ pp shipped
  8. It will fit 4000/5000/6000 FA/SW/SWB
  9. 4000 sw ? Fa ?
  10. 37$ pp only no bearings
  11. 500$ shipped ? PP ?
  12. Any strategic angler ?
  13. Hi looking for micros and franatic let me know
  14. Yes U right moderator please close Thanks
  15. I don't remember if fourth spool has box but is brand new never leave house like I mentioned above I can trade them for Franatic or micros
  16. Garriga I catch them on plugs at this time in Sebastian almost every night (black tip not just me all my buddies who drifting plugs )I used my tuna popping rods on them
  17. For big one vs150 is way to small U going get spooled every single time
  18. My trip was cancelled because of weather just green stick guys going out but is not my style I try go April for yft and if I'm extremely lucky last bft trying to complete lures for Venice and Tortuga
  19. Thanks for quick response but I'm set with walkers and cruizers now looking for Franatic and Micro
  20. Any Franatic or micro for sale new or used ?????
  21. VS250 3 months old purchased here China made never dunked upgrade with aerospace lubricant smooth as slik WTT for PENN TORQUE 7 BLACK with bail new or near NEW
  22. Vs no more available please close thanks SOL
  23. Thanks striper but I have to pass leaving to obx few in few hours I forgot close it
  24. Lure received brand new great Seller thanks for extra owner treble hooks Thank You Squido