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  1. Tactical 125 over hour fight in heavy current and 4' surf took almost 500 yards at firs run size of fish apx 200 lbs I put new ta at my next cast just to be 100% sure I landed 4 of them that night 180-250 lbs clip doesn't fail
  2. New babies in family
  3. Any more pictures?
  4. Looking for cruiser sinking but let me know what U guys have thanks I can pay any payment type or trade
  5. Striper do U have ballyhoo cruizer ?
  6. I just bought two mackerel franatic but thanks anyway tight lines
  7. How much for walker ?
  8. Looks like 2014 cruizer and franatic
  9. They are cruizer or frantic ?
  10. 73$ all 4 or 20$ each shipped pp
  11. Knob sold payment received Thanks Ipeter97 TimS and SOL Crew
  12. No U going to use from old knob that's all going to send U my info in pm
  13. All what U need to do is to put bearings in right order
  14. No bearings
  15. It's complete assembly U have 2007 modele before 08 I don't think U have drill anything I swapped knobs from 07 to 08 sw and swb to 08 with out any modifications
  16. I had same password problem
  17. Payment received Thanks DAQ Tim S and SOL Crew
  18. 45$ pp shipped oem shimano not knock off aftermarket
  19. Thanks DAQ PN sent
  20. Drako I don't think U can buy tag for taropon anymore since last year
  21. I used reel less than handful times
  22. Avet sxj raptor silver loaded with ~300 50 lbs metered daiwa boat 300$ best u can buy for bottom fishing in my opinion I have 150g black hole for it I can let go for 515$ pp
  23. Totally agree with Drako if U hook 200-250 fish vs 150 with 20 lbs is like hunting lion with .223 U can chase fish for long time but if U win fish would be nearly dead 200-250 doesn't jump a lot but u can put easy 12-15 lbs drag to stop them without worrying he snaps line head shaking or jumping plus big boys needs 6'-8' 60 plus fc leader
  24. No bearings just knob lowered to 32$ going to close soon
  25. Any green mackerel cruizer or walkers ?