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  1. Sold to Espresso for 225 shipped
  2. More conventional (all of them together it means going for serious fishing)
  3. I fish in Sebastian with 10' tiralejo 3-6 mh and Stella 8000 SW snook big red on live mullet on north jetty without any problem
  4. Accurate
  5. Guys did you see factory in China where by the way Penn makes reels to its state of arts manufacturing and I dont think we have more than Chinese factory like this the matter of fact is US quality is not best to we shouldn't move industry 25 years ago now we can just talk about it and answer for main question is yes its worth it if you fish from surf on boat and piers I use s and avet
  6. 250 $ I will take it
  7. You wanna trade it or sell it I have brad new 12' conventional ?
  8. I have 10' 3-6 and 12' conventional if you willing to trade let me know if you have any
  9. Stella a la VS
  10. Stella good thing is they really have reel for 48 business hours send back my less than that call me twice during service bad thing is my stella broke down after one fishing trip so VS number ONE for my
  11. I did not best choice but works vsb 250 would be better for vertical jigging q
  12. You right china VS are not same quality are way better
  13. Best spinning reel I ever have period
  14. Definitely VS I just send my Stella SW 20000 to service reel was used once last weekend catch few not to big fishes main shaft start getting loose 1/8 of inch and some noise from gearbox newer ever shimano going to buy another VS next week
  15. VS the best reel for surf fishing period no other survive on sand and salty water mix even if you dunk reel not often every other reel won't stand for longer time (excluded zb Penn torque) I own ever Avet most of accurates couple Stellas and my vs reels are first and only choice from beach .Pier ,jetty or boats are different story
  16. Best idea have VS and Stella because those two reels can't compare any way
  17. My favorite from surf and jetty hunting down snook tarpon big reds blue and blacktip
  18. I was 100% positive one off those sharks was Zach fish
  19. Hi you the guy won hammerhead change last years aren't you