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  1. I had saltiga dogfight very nice reel but my problem is I fish a lot from beach and to much send get in magnetic oil I send twice to service before I sad enough beside that one the finest reel I ever have
  2. No vm 150 and I don't like it
  3. 2 off 3 spinning reels ever own
  4. Can you ship ?
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  9. Do you have pictures
  10. Hi I wanna buy it shimano tiralejo 12' spinning or I can trade brand new 12' tiralejo casting still in wrap with tags PM me if You have any to sell or trade thank
  11. Thread closed
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  14. 600$ ?
  15. Smaller diameter lighter faster recoil and almost 100$ more its all I know
  16. Cast like bullet 400 yard 65 pp paired with 7' seeker vs 100lbs blacktip = you win in no time
  17. You got the point reel seat has to be tightened evenly and never slide after 1.5 hour fight with 200lbs fish not even 1/8
  18. 12 ' conventional sweet spot is around 8 oz I have 3 of them and I love it 2 conv and 1 spinning what you going to fish if I can ask? Warranty is best of best
  19. I bought 20000sw for 680 eBay
  20. Hi wann to buy shimano tiralejo spinning 10' 11' or 12'
  21. Great rod great seller thanks
  22. Thanks lazha rod is all read on the way to Chicago
  23. Brad new in wrap with tags 12' 4-10 oz