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  1. Bump I can trade vs250 handle with extra knobs
  2. Bump
  3. Sold paid and shipped to dinov thanks
  4. I going to ship tomorrow from Kentucky or Tennessee I'm on my way to Florida let you known thanks
  5. Ok you want me to keep braid I going to have couple rods to sell it for this reel brand new with tag going to get them end of next week from shimano 8' tallus (2012 new style)mh TLC80mhbbl and tiralejo 11' mh TTC110mh2 if I remember let me know if you interested in
  6. What you say about 290$
  7. Couple small scratches from boat rush on top and small right next speed knob
  8. Thanks I got reel as he claims new faast shiping thank you
  9. I'll take it with knob for 600$ or with out for 580$ (if is vsb oval style) shipped
  10. What line is on and can you post picture of extra knob u have thanks
  11. You don't wanna go fish with saltiga on sandy beach sand grains contain metal and magnetic oil absorb them you going send reel twice a year for service believe or not on surf is no better reels than vs zb or torque boat is completed different story Stella and Dogfight rules
  12. They eat everything but best bet would be bonito (false albacore) makrel blue fish stingray
  13. Jack,lady fish, bluefish ,stingrays kid who won hammerhead challenge hi used tarpon
  14. You can sharking all year long for different sharks
  15. Florida yes is good idea go YouTube (Josh) channel blacktiph or infinity fishing(Mike and Rayan) they know what how to do it right
  16. ???????
  17. Let me cast tomorrow if I like it I'll take one more thanks for fast respond
  18. Not really bought already but how much?