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  1. I know ever thing what I wanted to know one they where fighting over knowledge I find way to solve my problem by the way where would You put first low rider on 11'
  2. I put my vs 275 and 250 taped first guide to rod and start casting take marker and mark how far went each time I moved guide up or down I used 4oz sinker
  3. I was fishing for tarpon today I used to swim to second sand bar with boca cabo fierce all of them history already in 2 years my 275 second seson still cliking flowless as first day when i opened box vs could be piece of wrong spended hard earned $$$ for every one but for me #1 I would not look back and every sealed reel and tested in field is worth to buy vs zb torque all of them works and if any one buy vs and fish from boat pier jetty or beach and don't dunk at all but enjoy it is worth every penny to because we buy staff to use enjoy it and be happy don't we?????
  4. Looks like i opened pandora box and the true is 39-40 in
  5. I looking to buy black vs275 handle new or mint conditions also wanna trade black new 250 knob for silver new or near new
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  7. Wtt new handle vs250 black with extra vs knob for vs275 black new or near new
  8. Hi I not stripers hard core fishermen but I fishing for tarpon same way swimming between send bars to catch them they are like 150yards from beach you can walk let say 30 yards but you have to swim another 50 I was trying to do so with penns Okuma quantum doesn't work I wouldn't try with my Stellas since I got vs all my problems gone main point is if you can afforded(do not spend all savings for greater needs)more fishing less maintaining and you fishing from beach its nice to have it not necessary if you don't dunks daily
  9. Thanks I will check just curious
  10. Thanks for responding and conserve but blank what I have is limited edition of bass rod called kevlar bass and know that from Mr.Big Dave
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  12. Zziplex Kevlar bass rod it's limited edition of bass rod
  13. I'm not sure of name I don't have blank with me already gave to friend to build it pretty stiff (fast)blank 7/4 split if I'm right was Kevlar bass and one more word rated 3-6(or 8)
  14. Zipplex blank 11' 3-6 what do,you guys think about Kevlar bass something like that
  15. 47in from middle of reel seat ? I'm not rod builder my legend surf never did any wind knots same reel and line on avid surf a lot than I stop using with van staals
  16. I wanna sell Avet SX Raptor lefty silver with 65 lb braid year old just serviced no fishing since asking 300 shipped and pp fees included
  17. Always welcome
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  20. Thanks I have one to I need black for my. VS250 black
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