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  1. Family reunion
  2. Sorry guys Covers
  3. I was thinking fwc stop selling taropon tags so u can not take them anymore that's good they keep selling tags thanks Drako for let us know
  4. This time I disagree with U Danny about spot burning Sebastian was famous before we where born long before internet fishermen called monster hole but u right about Josh he could not believed I didn't take pictures of probably one of biggest blacktip cough from Florida shore I was fishing that night with Big Dave it was pregnant female over 200 lbs I wouldn't risked kill her trying to beached her just to have couple pictures
  5. It's looks like bobcat
  6. New Stella knob from 2013 swb 40$ shipped pp or usps mo
  7. Thanks one more time DAQ and SOL Crew please close
  8. I'll take them pm on way
  9. I have 4 spools new 25$ shipped each or 90$ all for I can trade for strategic anglers
  10. Please close due no interest thanks SOL Crew
  11. Garriga south jetty is drifters side more than north yesterday night was all my buddies from Sebastian area who drift plugs and crazy All from ta I stay north not big fan of snook and rocks at night
  12. Knob sent thanks DAQ TimS and SOL Crew
  13. New knob removed from new 6000-2013
  14. Knob sent thanks Ipeter97 TimS and SOL Crew
  15. That's might be issue but if U have pressure on fish all the time doesn't matter u will not loose fish
  16. Guys I don't know how U lost plugs using ta clips December past few years used ta catching big taropons using 125-175 , early April (now last night landed 3 , 80-100 lbs ) going for black tips using 175 lb ta clips never fail me
  17. I know Danny U love water and aren't scared at all
  18. I'm not going to ocean past my knees either one night we cough 13 tigers from beach not monster 7-9' 50-250 yards from beach since that night I don't go to ocean anymore
  19. All what U need to do is changing stock treble for st66 3/0 or 2/0
  20. U can see is mullet color northbar darter it's what I used for sharks taropons mostly
  21. Last night I landed two 80 lbs on northbar
  22. U could not find better word for it
  23. I don't think is any bigger reel than 30000 left to right 20000 sw 6000 swbpg 30000
  24. We test 125 they start bending over 80lbs