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  1. Sorry I have to take it back you would not! ! recommend theses
  2. O will take for 85
  3. How wide they are (frame )
  4. Ok
  5. What serial number starting
  6. If he don't buy I can take for 500$ plus shipping
  8. Ok I just lost my 275 spool and knob I need to buy it a soon is possible pm on the way
  9. Price drop 190$
  10. Needed and overcounter exchange
  11. Lifetime warranty no registrations or receipt
  12. 17-40 mono and 20-65 braid rod stand easy 15-18 lbs drag
  13. I belive in all strange story it was crazy year all over nation 12' white shark 500 lbs BFT in miami strange pelagic migration so who knows
  14. 200 $ pp i going eat fees and shipping
  15. I was using avet lx raptor with samw rod throwing shark bait plus sinker sometimes way over newer snap plus lifetime warranty
  16. Brand new tiralejo 10' mh 3-6 you can easy throw 10 oz
  17. or I can trade use for once VS250 black with extra knob
  18. Thanks just bouth from them less than 45$ with out power knob thread closed
  19. ?? Can any body let my know where I can buy it?
  20. Hi going to build 11' ziplex on low rider Fuji guides what is correct distance from reel seat and first guide 20mm I going to put VS275 on it
  21. I installed already cast great thanks for any help for everybody