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  1. 80$ pp shipped
  2. Wtt cruizer herring for different pattern cruizer or walker. I have two.First new never fished and second used almost perfect condition pick one depending what condition and patterns U have.Treble hooks and split ring not included top one is used 2012/13 and bottom is new 2014 let me know what u got center naked sardine not for trades or selling I might consider trade for Micros F
  3. Please close thanks sol crew
  4. 30$ pp shipped
  5. 40$ pp shipped
  6. Anybody need cover?
  7. I have 4500 LL
  8. 45$ can't go any lower
  9. Compatible with : Shimano: 2013 Stella SW -------2008 Stella SW ---------2009 Twinpower SW -------2008 Biomaster 6000PG and 8000PG ----------2009 Ultegra 6000PG ----------Daiwa: Saltiga Star Drag -----------Saltiga Lever Drag Hyper Speed------Saltiga Star Drag Saltiga Lever Drag Hyper Speed -----Tounament Ishidai Z -----Saltiga Z20-50, Catalina----- Seaborg (motor powered)----- Leobritz 270-750 (motor powered)----- '04 Saltiga Z 4000-6500------ Saltiga Blast, Catalina 4000/4500------ Seagate 4000-4500------ Phantom J 4000-4500------ Tournament Surf Basia 45QD2------ Tidesurf QD------ Tournament ISO ENTO 5500-6000
  10. Just copy from yumeya web
  11. Shimano Yumeya Aluminum Round Power Handle Knob L Type B Compatible with, 2013 Stella SW 2008 Stella SW 2009 Twinpower SW 2008 Biomaster 6000PG and 8000PG 2009 Ultegra 6000PG
  12. Ok not hurry if Ur reel has knob type B it will fit the best way to find out is check on yumeya parts knob type
  13. Don't know but I would say yes
  14. Anybody needs knob ?
  15. 48$ pp shipped
  16. Jaws cover
  17. Stella band
  18. Stella covers
  19. 35$ usps mo or pp
  20. 2 Stella 8000-10000 covers and one jaws will fit 14000 and less plus spool band all 4 items 50$ shipped pp preferably
  21. Please close going reopen with right title
  22. For 200lbs plus I would go with 30000
  23. 4000-20000
  24. Moderator please could U change title for me Stella covers and spool band
  25. Just got new stella today going to change knob