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  1. $$$$$ sent thanks
  2. I'll take for 90$ pm me with pp
  3. I'll take it if U decide to sell it
  4. Never fished You couple small scratches from moving around 85$ shipped pp
  5. Welcome like I said don't think I ever fished with good luck thanks SOL crew please close it
  6. Do U want trade plus cash
  7. No but I fish both expeditions don't think is much different just cosmetic between two big boys
  8. How many strands ? 4.6.8 ?
  9. Payment received thanks
  10. Payment received thanks
  11. Pm sent
  12. Is no scratches ,dings or dents on spool if U ran my selling history I sold 2 or 3 spinnfisher similar conditions this one is in best shape I have long selling history here all positive feedback I would mention as first thing damage spool or gears I didn't fish reel and don't remember anyone does
  13. 85$ and is yours I know is going collect dust once I use my other gears higher end
  14. Please close once no interest decided to keep it
  15. In Florida
  16. I do but i doubt I'll found and already on my way Chicago most of my tackle stays there
  17. I sold 2 or 3 already
  18. Give me 20 min
  19. How many yards jbh 100 on reel ?
  20. Cruizer , walker, frantic, micro new or used
  21. I don't want U to loose $ no offense but I just have 2 or 3 herrings already U know is addicted let me think about it and I'll get back to U
  22. Sorry I totally forgot about that if U can do 50 for herring frantic I will take it
  23. U probably right I have all my spiral made cw I feel more comfortable handle on left guides going right I know is great rod and famous rod builder