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  1. Billy I don't think he's going have any problems all Dennis rods r made by RCW
  2. Yes U can :-) put for grip and back with reel seat look at left rod just longer and on front. Give me few weeks and I show u my rod with grips front and back
  3. Morning guys I need dimensions VS 100-150 foot in thousands of inch please help long and wide
  4. Thanks Avet
  5. That's why I need it to make Guage for checking saltwater version of my seat
  6. Thanks Guys and Tim SOL please close
  7. Thanks a lot guys u helped me a lot
  8. Not whole leg just how long is foot. Wide what I can c is 16 mm. Long?
  9. Thanks a lot could u tell me how long is just foot
  10. I need to know how long and wide is reel foot. Measure with caliper or micrometer
  11. Fishy believe or not I wish I could. Let me explain why, freshwater seat taking around 5 h just to make and all process takes almost 2 days to complete product from scratch because to 5 h labor u have to add all drying,baking and lock assembly. We selling on EU market for around 65$-70$, but saltwater version would be stronger because we added 30% more material (3 not 2 ply of carbon fiber) and going take more time. Let me finish first batch to find out labor costs. All seats R 100% hand made like frame super cars and airplanes. We where first in fishing industry who made fully carbon fiber seats, plus You can eliminate grip because my seat can be use on inshore/surf fishing as grip. Alps or Matagi seats cost 50$ and made from black nylon with fancy inserts or painted. My reel seats coming with 10 years warranty
  12. Dan u right seat can be very comfortable grip .Yes what U c is freshwater version going finished forms for saltwater next few weeks . Freshwater reel seat can be installed on banks with diameter from . 25 to almost . 6 inch (6-15 mm),and take most of small and medium reels up to 6 K Stella and VS 150 and has two ply of carbon fiber .Saltwater would be from . 3 to .8 in (8-20 mm) and take all freshwater up to VS 275 , Stella 14K and Daiwa 5500 and looks like new Makaira 30000 going to find out next week when I have reel in my hands .Saltwater seats going be made from 3 ply of carbon fiber Angle I don't think is problem actually is big plus ,most of saltwater reels has spool shaft parallel to blank/reel seat ,just Daiwa and couple off main stream reels has 4.5° angle between blank and spool shaft.Because shaft in Stella is parallel to blank and first guide is to close, line going out of line roller (jigging rods),another plus line going more to center of guides.Plus we create completely new layout .....but let's talk about later when few surf rods with reel seat for 275 and new layout get to ,me going to have few rods on same blank but different guides spacing and seats than we can compare
  13. Jim don't know cost yet because we change design for saltwater
  14. Mr Billy I'm not trying promotion product by weight ,more important factors r shape ,comfortable , rigid ,no reel play at all and possibility with new guide layout but let talk about later
  15. Fits Penns up to 4500
  16. It flex less than standard nylon reel seat (fuji) but because have contact with blank just on ends (around 1" on both ends) plus bends inside blank won't break ,never happened to me and many fishermens in EU. I have few travel rods build on 12-14 saltwater fly blanks with parabolic action with out failure. I agree cost a lot more than regular than standard fuji but same reel seat painted by matagi cost 5-8 times more than plain black fuji. About guides You r complete right good quality guides makes different like day and night but is also about technology-price just first torzite or sic titanium cost more than my reel seat. Weight would be more than 2 oz because with my innovation you able skip eva or cork. Comfort is another plus after all day long jigging you feel different big time.
  17. One what u saw at Fishermen's headquarters fits any inshore reel up to VS 150, Stella 6 k Penn 4500. Reel seat on show has 2 ply carbon. Biger for 200-275 going to have 3 ply! It means unless you hit with hammer couple times would be indestructible, for example I fall down on rocks ones, rod was gone, rotor and reel leg bend from 4K Stella and reel seat was just fine ending up on different rod :-)
  18. Exactly Phill You are 100% right about installing. We have bigger one for VS 200-275 coming next couple weeks. If you drill holes to closest blank size,you don't have to use glue we know that as fact because few inshore rod I have never fails, is same scenario when u bend shaft and trying remove any ring with close diameter
  19. I going post short movie to explain reel sizes and how to insert reel in seat and short explanation how to install on blank
  20. We should have everything done already but unfortunately two from team has flu
  21. Yes U can change reel like any other seats on market. We have two different sizes already and working on biggest one now (18-20k and 6000-8000 Daiwa) going to cover blanks from 6 mm to 20 mm 1/4 to almost 3/4 inch We pressed out as much epoxy as possible to expose carbon texture what in real life gives you no slippery surface Lock mechanism is made with two springs coming from petroleum machines working in acid so we talking about the strongest springs You can get before installing we tested every single spring in machine for manufacturing defects to make sure we install Non deflected spring. Just lock take us almost 24 h to completed
  22. Sorry for misunderstanding numb reel seat is build like ski shoe lock
  23. U guys can see it on surf day show at Fishermen's headquarters booth
  24. I start distribution as soon as we done with bigger size taking VS 200-275 Stella 8-14 and Daiwa 4500-5500 and Penn 5000-8000 Please give Us few weeks. All seats R custom hand made and take us almost 2 days to make one from scratch One man can only make two a day! We had to redesign reel foot slot because VS and ZB foot :-)
  25. Like u guys can see two rods above looks different. Left one is designed for plugs or live bait Right more for jigging or any techniques where u need keep tip of rod up