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  1. Ruszala if U take 40$ I'll take it U can keep hooks and rings going to cover pp fee
  2. Title say all looking for black hole ,yamaga,Smith,carpenter,synith let me know what U have
  3. Please close already bought thanks everyone for responding and thanks to sol crew
  4. Going to paint them tonight and put quick epoxy as last coating
  5. From the album WTS BUCKTAIL HEADS

  6. I didn't know about tying bucktails till yesterday U need buy tool from fly fishing shop at bass pro I used old 30 lbs braid line and here it is I bet I catch a lot of taropons and bull red on them all tools cost me little bit over 20$ all what U need is bobbins vise super glue and old braid YouTube and time here is what I made
  7. Thanks Saltyfisherman thanks sol and crew please close
  8. Nobody needs jigs that's impossible?
  9. Or way more than two and my wife knows that is not last one
  10. Lures shipped thanks Saltfisherman
  11. Jigs shipped Thanks CD
  12. I don't have dilemma simply going to buy one
  13. I do what U want to know?
  14. Going to buy one and put in hardest test I can it means my son going fish with that next summer
  15. If U buy over 50 free shipping and extra 5 jigs for free
  16. Do U interested in 20000 with 25000 jm spool jm handle new 2013 handle and drag knob ?
  17. TTT
  18. Thanks guys for fast replay but isn't what I looking for looking for synith,jigging master,carpenter, yamaga, black hole, not really in market for any other brands I would love to buy black hole 450 grams custom but all other brands I mentioned would be consider
  19. If U buy over 100 pcs 10 jigs xtra plus free shipping
  20. Payment received Thanks CD going send tomorrow if I make it if not Monday have good weekend
  21. Going to use for tuna so less than 100 g not going cast far with my heavy popping rod but if budget allows me I get back to U because I can use for yft in Venice with lighter rod thanks for offer for now looking for CRUISER
  22. It's cruiser not walker ? How much?
  23. Just went through part of jigs and found out have 3 colors white yellow and red and most of them glowing but going to be pain in neck to find out weight they almost identical price drop to 1$ for jig You going to get 1.5 or 2 oz but U can pick color over 50 pcs free shipping