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  1. I have used mak angler 35 mo shipped good condition can post picture later
  2. Guys final price drop before going to auction site 75c each over 80pcs free shipping
  3. Sounds good to me
  4. Money sent by pp going take herring cruizer thanks
  5. Yes I will take it if is no damage on them
  6. How tall are ? If U r like 6' I will take bibs
  7. Thank but is to much for but I can get them for less but thanks anyway for ur afford
  8. Actually I looking for green mackrel cruizer I have both but I might be interested in herring cruizer if price is right let me thanks
  9. How much ?
  10. Squido did U have chance take pictures?
  11. Lydia rock's
  12. Thanks
  13. I respectfully offer 50$ mo ?
  14. Welcome have fun making them anyone needs jigs heads ?
  15. Yes review please
  16. I have just painted jigs I use braid because have hundreds yards of old line removed from reels
  17. That's ok Bazel thanks anyway
  18. Lure received thanks grey gables
  19. Bazel did U found green mac if yes how much?