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  1. I have mak short are u interested in ?
  2. My rods where also build by Ray contact hellray best rod maker ever had
  3. Don't have any do U want to sell it ?
  4. What U looking for?
  5. Any green mackrel cruizer?
  6. Still looking for green mackrel cruizer
  7. Thanks going to pay like I said in pm
  8. Can U poste pictures please
  9. 7' 325 g ? If I will take them
  10. My bumper is copy of stock one but made from 1/8-1/4 steel can U take pictures of mounting hardware please if U can
  11. Where swing is attached to car bumper? body ? Would U post more pictures I have custom bumpers have to find out how and if I can install it thanks
  12. Can U post pictures if tire swing please
  13. Sheath arrived as stated thanks
  14. Naked jiggs heads 1.5 and 2 oz white and viper red and yellow most of them gloves 1$ for any color and weight be honest is not much different between 1.5 and 2 because some of 1.5 has more paint than 2 oz that's makes apx just little bit than 1/4 oz in weight over 50$ free shipping 1-49 pcs 6$ for shipping with trucking I bought them with hope going to make my own bucktails but after few find out didn't have patience to do so.Hooks are eagle claws and mustad 7/0 can't tell differenc I have hundreds of them
  15. Please close thanks SOL Crew
  16. Lure received thanks Squido
  17. Is triumph series rod
  18. Thanks for offering but like I said I don't need to sell it I was trying to help fellow fishermen once I have one extra
  19. Thanks for offer but just lanyard would cost U 25$ plus is not for sale I don't have to sell it at all just have one extra and want to help
  20. Price lower to 65c each over 80 pcs free shipping
  21. $$$ sent thanks
  22. $$$ sent thanks
  23. That's ok no in need to sell let me know if anything change
  24. I accept pp if U wanna pay by
  25. U can open in new tab and zoom in to check details in my opinion is good condition just bought surfcasting sheath don't need two once I have only one pliers