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  1. Hi Guys can you tell me how much is worth vs150 black US made with spare spool good condition
  2. Thanks looks like one I bought in Europe it was almost steal paid 300$
  3. Ok do u know what year is it ?
  4. Did someone removed bail or is stock from factory?
  5. Do u still have lures
  6. Someone just sold Lefty lure for 60 $ but most important is how much is worth for u
  7. Another tool cost 5$ to remove pinion gear so u don't have to made custom like some members did
  8. All what u need to push out and in bearings from roller shaft all costs less than 5$ at every home depot or Lowe's. Not going take part my roller to show u ,clamp pushed shaft inside coupling depending of direction u pushing out or in easy and simple took me 20 seconds to find way home made mini press
  9. All what u need to remove bearings from roller shaft is 1/4 or 3/8 coupling for refrigerate water to pushed shaft inside pipe and slide bearings out
  10. I wouldn't be afraid 12 lb mono would disappear in blink of my eyes
  11. Line with 12' hammer will cut ur line without any pliers anyway
  12. Danny is 100% right I fish there for more than 10 years weekly basis. I don't think there is someone who fishing more than him in inlet and sometimes he ended up with 300 lb fishes per night .No one ever cut my line unless I wanted to do so.
  13. Most 30000 r ok looks like I was taking with Mr Hawk if I had any minor problems I didn't have anything he mentioned about his reels but he has 20 and I have 30
  14. Not all rollers had wrong design, according okuma USA it was about 20% for example my makairas r in first 20 made and is new style
  15. U right but accurate 50 sr isn't close to makaira performance, check my posts I'm Stella VS guy but okuma bought me right away
  16. Guys I completely disagree with you in my opinion and what I using for is best drag in spinning reels. I shark fishing from Florida shores and makaira fits my needs perfectly because u can set drag 20,30,40 lbs in just one click,, in practice when shark pick up you have to let him run and swallow bait with. With big Stella's I was using before I had to hold spool to get hooked than start turn drag knob countless times to achieve drag power I needed what means I lost another 100 yards plus of line and I never was 100 % positive what exactly drag I running. In makaira I can set exactly initial drug so I know from what I starting and where I ends. Plus cranking 77" per crank I can't expect more. Sealed like my old good 275 is bonus. I landed for last few months several bulls pushing 400 and around, for now my makairas is go reels every time I hit beach that my two cents. Going to test next week on big bft on cc
  17. U don't have to make tools to remove pinion gear assembly, watch case opener for couple $ from auction site works great because can be adjusted for all kind VS reels, for removing roller bearings all what u need is 3/8 bras coupling from home depot for couple bucks I'll explain later with pictures
  18. Cool guy cool toys :-)
  19. Guys I want to introduce new fully carbon fiber reel seat. My Friends and I designed tested and developed. It took as couple years hard working and testing to finished and here you go no free play, custom made, almost indestructible, life time warranty with some conditions.You going to see it and check by yourself on surf day show next weekend. Weight is around just. 6-.7 Oz installed compared to regular fuji reel seat is about 2 oz lighter. Sensitivity is superior to any product on market because reel seat itself is like resonance box. One on show would be fresh water - inshore seats fits reels like Stella 4-6 k, Penn 3500-4500 VS 100-150, ZB, Daiwa 3000. Heavy Duty 3 layers coming soon it will take anything from 3000 Daiwa to 14K Stella VS 200-275 Daiwa 5500 and more. Easy installation. Let me know after show what you think. Few weeks from now I going have few surf rod build and send it to my friends on NE
  20. Actually I could add couple things. Another plus is material, no other seats transfer all vibrations from blank because seat is made from almost same material as blank and there is nothing between just couple drops epoxy and because is empty inside works like resonance box
  21. Thanks Mr Billy You got point and explained better than I could ever do
  22. Elliptical shape is most comfortable shape for man hands plus u don't have to hold it stronger because doesn't turn in close hand as round dose
  23. Danny You don't have to be worried about transition from elliptical to cylindrical shape if you leave elliptical. Humans where fighting for thousands of years with swords with egg shape handels. Now most expensive knifes has elliptical handels. Problem with reel seats was how to install reel on elliptical seat we fund the way, plus, seat takes 10 min to install and according my partner in Europe grip doesn't take much longer