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  1. Thanks looks like one I bought in Europe it was almost steal paid 300$
  2. Hi Guys can you tell me how much is worth vs150 black US made with spare spool good condition
  3. Did someone removed bail or is stock from factory?
  4. Someone just sold Lefty lure for 60 $ but most important is how much is worth for u
  5. Another tool cost 5$ to remove pinion gear so u don't have to made custom like some members did
  6. All what u need to push out and in bearings from roller shaft all costs less than 5$ at every home depot or Lowe's. Not going take part my roller to show u ,clamp pushed shaft inside coupling depending of direction u pushing out or in easy and simple took me 20 seconds to find way home made mini press
  7. All what u need to remove bearings from roller shaft is 1/4 or 3/8 coupling for refrigerate water to pushed shaft inside pipe and slide bearings out
  8. I wouldn't be afraid 12 lb mono would disappear in blink of my eyes
  9. Line with 12' hammer will cut ur line without any pliers anyway
  10. Danny is 100% right I fish there for more than 10 years weekly basis. I don't think there is someone who fishing more than him in inlet and sometimes he ended up with 300 lb fishes per night .No one ever cut my line unless I wanted to do so.
  11. Most 30000 r ok looks like I was taking with Mr Hawk if I had any minor problems I didn't have anything he mentioned about his reels but he has 20 and I have 30
  12. Not all rollers had wrong design, according okuma USA it was about 20% for example my makairas r in first 20 made and is new style
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