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  1. Ok do u know what year is it ?
  2. Did someone removed bail or is stock from factory?
  3. Do u still have lures
  4. Someone just sold Lefty lure for 60 $ but most important is how much is worth for u
  5. Another tool cost 5$ to remove pinion gear so u don't have to made custom like some members did
  6. All what u need to push out and in bearings from roller shaft all costs less than 5$ at every home depot or Lowe's. Not going take part my roller to show u ,clamp pushed shaft inside coupling depending of direction u pushing out or in easy and simple took me 20 seconds to find way home made mini press
  7. All what u need to remove bearings from roller shaft is 1/4 or 3/8 coupling for refrigerate water to pushed shaft inside pipe and slide bearings out
  8. I wouldn't be afraid 12 lb mono would disappear in blink of my eyes
  9. Line with 12' hammer will cut ur line without any pliers anyway
  10. Danny is 100% right I fish there for more than 10 years weekly basis. I don't think there is someone who fishing more than him in inlet and sometimes he ended up with 300 lb fishes per night .No one ever cut my line unless I wanted to do so.
  11. Most 30000 r ok looks like I was taking with Mr Hawk if I had any minor problems I didn't have anything he mentioned about his reels but he has 20 and I have 30
  12. Not all rollers had wrong design, according okuma USA it was about 20% for example my makairas r in first 20 made and is new style
  13. U right but accurate 50 sr isn't close to makaira performance, check my posts I'm Stella VS guy but okuma bought me right away