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    I always want to learn how to fish better, smarter.
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    Fishing, salt, fresh and ice. Bird watching. Sports. Ecology. Nature in general. Gardening. Maple syrup making. Coleman lanterns.
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    Fixing cars for way too long.

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  1. I sure did. Second time doing it too. Bam!
  2. Bass Pro Tungsten jig 3/4 Oz. Bought a couple for Lakers. Beefed up the hooks and threw one in my surf bag. Caught one in same area couple of years ago on a deadly dick.
  3. Codfish from shore. 22"
  4. I think the am one was snagged but last night definitely felt like lure was taken. Felt the hit. I've never taken a bass bigger than around high 20s maybe thirty lbs. Usually 1 or two decent runs and they're out of gas. Maybe these were those smaller seals. Steady power with just about no let up. Never saw any swirls or tail slapping that would give away a fish.
  5. Last year, fishing a backside cape beach with a savage sand eel I hooked into something I couldn't stop. Now it was at like 3 am and I was half asleep but I ended up cupping the spool to snap it off. For a year I questioned myself wondering if I blew the chance at a fish of a lifetime. Tonight, same general area but at dusk so I could see, I was fishing an Al Gag whip it. Bringing it in when "thump". Same deal, line screaming off. This time I waited. Tried to stop it. Took about half a spool of 30 lb braid. Brand new line. Thought maybe for a couple of seconds I was slowing it but kept on charging up the beach. There were quite a few seals around but I thought they avoided lures. Whats the opinion? Luckily 25 lb leader popped so I got all my line back.
  6. I've caught fish on macs that were frozen and thawed numerous times. Not ideal but will work. Chum with it too to bring 'em in.
  7. Educators told me and my wife expect 10 minutes per grade. First grade 10 min-6th grade 60 min of homework per night. Don't won't to burn the kids out with too much. Have found my 5th grader usually would need more time than this to complete assignments. Sometimes if we think she "gets it" we just stop where we are.
  8. I usually vacation in southern Maine and fish from the rocks up there, been going there for years and do ok. This year the family is changing things up and we're staying in a little cottage near Nauset. Fishing from the beach is a little out of my comfort zone but I've been doing my research. Any way, how's the seals down there this year, I've hear the area can get mung in the water real bad? Is the harbor still a poor choice to fish? I'll be there week after next. Any Intel would be appreciated. Feel free to message me. I plan on throwing lures but will bait n wait if that's the hot ticket right now. Thanks.
  9. Eliot Easton
  10. The strike had been in the works for a number of months, with planning dating back to the Obama administration, CBS News correspondent David Martin reports. The weapon was brought into Afghanistan specifically for Thursday’s mission.
  11. Looks like a circuit breaker. Pictured are automotive type, reset on their own after they cool off. These are 5 and 15 amp. You will need to fit correct amp one.
  12. Spinnerbait hands down. When it's just too thick I go slop bait on top. Hardly matters which one as the fish can't usually see it anyway. As long as it's heavy enough to cause some commotion.
  13. Toast. Burnt toast.