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  1. Yes the bike path, if access wasn’t so easy it wouldn’t be so crowded.
  2. How come no one complains about the 7 mile path that you can ride a damn bicycle on? Get rid of that and half the crowd would be gone. Name one other place on the east coast you can ride a bike on a paved road with a chance to catch a good striper with shorts and a t shirt on? Bottom line is people flock there because it’s easy access with a chance of a decent fish in the daylight. You can’t spot burn it anymore people know, OTW posts a calendar with breaking tides for Christ sakes!
  3. Interested in the gold GRS have 2 Darby’s I can offer 1 is used can post pics tonight
  4. Anyone know what pliers these are want to buy another pair can’t remember the maker
  5. Was there Saturday heard all about it but didn’t see anything strange
  6. You can buy the pouch from their website, most of the Simms waders have the zipper that this pouch would connect to
  7. They were very clear on the phone that I can do that but since I have the brand new top section I figured I would buy a new bottom on here if available and also get the upgrade from them.
  8. So my avid snapped down by the reel seat was wondering if anyone had the same issue and has a bottom piece laying around. I purchased a new top section when the new avids came out.
  9. Sounds good sending PM now thank you
  10. WTS these pliers used them twice never used the sheath too small for my liking. $100 shipped
  11. I wouldn’t know how to answer that question
  12. Meet me at 95 and we have a deal
  13. Hit the bay for 45 min after work caught one blue then snapped my avid in half on a cast. The end.
  14. Thoughts and prayers Kevin
  15. Yea will post give me a few min
  16. No problem let me know if you change your mind
  17. Sheath is brand new and I think I may have used the pliers twice, will let them go for $100 PayPal
  18. I would be willing to let go of my small ones if you are interested in that size. They are too small for me
  19. Makes good plugs have a few Pikes and a danny nice guy too
  20. Have a brand new black/orange SS darter I would trade for that green crackle
  21. I’ll take it
  22. New?
  23. I have some surgical masks I bought at an ace hardware I’ll PM you now.