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  1. Big plugs at night that ride the surface
  2. Hudson River white fish
  3. Yes
  4. $60 for the blue goo goo slim and copper/bone darter?
  5. True World tackle Bayonne NJ, 15 min from Holland tunnel
  6. sounds good send me the info and I’ll get ya paid up!
  7. Offer $65 bottom right
  8. Use them a ton when peanuts are around, have a lot of success with them worked like a pencil
  9. Brand new, don’t know why I bought it.
  10. Here you go
  11. I’m looking for a cloud darter, a wonderbread darter, or that copper/bone/orange darter. Would also do a mullet popper, not expecting them to be new since mine is not new. I’ll get you more pics.