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  1. Offer $35 for the pencil in lot 1
  2. Everything was done by the book.
  3. Deal sending pm now. Thanks SOL
  4. Rod is in really good shape. Let me know if you guys want any other specific pics. I recently purchased an ODM DNA that I like a lot and this is just sitting around.
  5. Looking to sell or trade my used Century S2 it’s 11’ rated 2-5oz. $325 shipped $300 picked up in NJ. Would trade for honey lami in good shape. Thanks for looking
  6. Offer $45 for the Mac bottle and Lemire
  7. Snapped my 10’ 2-6 years ago right above the ferrule got it replaced still use it when I go to canal haven’t had issues with the one I have now. Bought an avid beat the piss out of it and haven’t had an issue.
  8. I have a new chicken scratch slim medium diver I could let go for $175
  9. Offer $25 shipped for the jointed AH
  10. Sorry man, Good luck with the sale.
  11. Offer 35 for the mullet don’t want to lowball but I plan on fishing it
  12. I’ll take pencil for $33
  13. Good fishing w u yesterday jim