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  1. Fished from 8-930 outgoing tide 1 fish on a surfster.
  2. Good to hear that the rangers are out and about.
  3. Sand eels are there no fish on them.
  4. If those bunker don’t hit the beach we don’t have a shot at a decent fish.
  5. 114 stick shad in Holo greenie or white.
  6. Sounds good thanks man
  7. Ok will let you know if I don’t hear back from him.
  8. Fished out back Monmouth county had bunker in front of me for the whole tide. Threw all the big plugs in the bag switched to a small mag darter and hooked up to a few schoolies.
  9. I absolutely hate fishing during the day. Twice the amount of people. There’s just something about throwing a plug into total darkness and feeling that thump.
  10. Yea if you can do the top 2 we have a deal.
  11. I get it, what type of kicker are you thinking and what colors are you open to getting rid of
  12. Definitely would like the green head red body
  13. Have any yellow?
  14. I’m open to different colors, I’m looking to fish them. Looking for something bright and something dark lol
  15. How about regular colors black, yellow, white?