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  1. Sounds good sending pm now
  2. $120 shipped lightly used
  3. I’ve had mine mailed to me the last 3 years it was $5 more. Now if I remember correctly it was $55 and still had to go pick it up
  4. Sounds good sending pm
  5. 3rd one down is a digger
  6. Hey guys 6 plug lot $150 shipped plugs are used most are in real good shape. Any questions just ask and I’ll do my best to answer.
  7. Sounds good garret! they are yours
  8. I’m in Hudson county
  9. Can do $250 for both lots
  10. Yep, will have to be later on though
  11. Used One floater one sinker $115shipped
  12. 3 used small Danny’s $150 shipped
  13. Used the rod once, sitting here collecting dust $550 picked up in NJ. Can post some better pics if anyone is interested.
  14. Pretty sure it’s either 30 or 40lb suffix 832 and I’m in NJ
  15. Price drop $300 have box, tool, and bail kit