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  1. 2 fish tonight both around 15 lbs in moco outgoing in the dark had to work for them with the tough cross wind Both hit a yellow SP. lost a good fish on a goo goo man slim.
  2. Monmouth County in the back Tuesday night lots of shorts and a 17lb that was released. Wind made it a bit challenging , went back last night and had one fish that came unbuttoned. Will be back out there tonight.
  3. Big CCW fan here quality is awesome and they swim great been using them for years. He has his own website and plugs are $25 and up.
  4. pic of the fish from my prior report. Best part was watching her swim away!
  5. Prefer the larger sizes any colors will do
  6. Was thinking the same thing.
  7. 1 fish tonight for me Monmouth County 28lbs on a glider released to fight another day. Outgoing water. Lost the glider two casts later
  8. Fished Monmouth County 1am-6am 1 fish on a loaded Redfin soon as I got there 17lbs on boga released. Had bunker in front of me the whole time I was there saw one other fish caught.
  9. No problem bud good luck
  10. Offer $90 can’t pay more than that for something I’m going to fish. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. In the bay, also found a pretty sweet plug that someone dropped from their bag in a pretty popular spot.
  12. Monmouth county incoming last night 2 keepers and handful of shorts on sp’s And gliders both released, incoming this am 1 short.
  13. Nothing like the DUI checks on 36 when your trying to catch a 2am tide
  14. Very very good
  15. Sweet thanks!