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  1. Yea will post give me a few min
  2. No problem let me know if you change your mind
  3. Sheath is brand new and I think I may have used the pliers twice, will let them go for $100 PayPal
  4. I would be willing to let go of my small ones if you are interested in that size. They are too small for me
  5. Makes good plugs have a few Pikes and a danny nice guy too
  6. Have a brand new black/orange SS darter I would trade for that green crackle
  7. I’ll take it
  8. New?
  9. I have some surgical masks I bought at an ace hardware I’ll PM you now.
  10. The bucktail
  11. Offer $30 for the redhead
  12. Hahaha
  13. Going to move this elsewhere.
  14. Sold! Thank you