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  1. All yours, pm being sent, thank you
  2. 1 pair, brand new, $40 shipped, paypal payment only, please see pictures below, New, Pelagic BlackFin Fishing shorts,High performance offshore gear, Size 40
  3. I will post this for everyone that did not take time to read anything in the thread, this thread is closed,
  4. Dude come on, the thread has been closed 2x and everything was sold,
  5. All items picked up, paid for, great doing business with a nice guy, thanks again. Thread Closed.
  6. you have thirds thanks for your interest
  7. you have seconds, thanks for your interest
  8. Everything sold to GottaFish pending payment via picked up, thank you
  9. I will do $550 for everything picked up cash, thats $150 off, let me know, you have first choice sir, thanks for your interest,
  10. Everything listed in this thread you are referring to correct sir?
  11. The 11ft GSBM rod is a 1 piece, really nice rod, can handle some weight, I am not exactly sure, but I threw GRS surface plugs pretty easy with it while test casting, so my guess would be 1 to 5oz....someone else I am sure knows the answer to this question, sorry I do not have a definite answer, let me check the internet too,
  12. Anyone looking to pick up a few nice rods, now is your chance, will make a deal for multiple rods purchased, thanks for viewing,