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  1. No, it doesn't and it wouldn't make a bit of difference.
  2. He was in KY promoting clean, clean coal (which is at its lowest use/production in U.S. history)
  3. Trump just said it on live TV "...Pence said in Dallas that "along the southern border of the U.S.," the government apprehends "seven individuals a day who are either known or suspected terrorists." We found no facts that back up this border-specific tally. Nationally in 2017, the federal government says, Homeland Security stopped 2,554 individuals on its terrorist watch list from entering the country, which breaks out to seven people a day. Most of those individuals tried to enter by air, the government says. We rate Pence’s claim Pants on Fire." Feb 17th Pence speech in Dallas
  4. Who are the "ten terrorists" that were apprehended just recently? Another Trump lie?
  5. Trump proving on live TV just how much of an idiot he is
  6. concur. But depending on where they bank, they could be in a financial bind over the holidaze. A long shutdown would be painful for many
  7. Nancy is reaching for Pence's package
  8. Pence had a clutched right hand fist, just saying....
  9. After a furlough, the workers return and get back pay. It is a "Furlowcation"
  10. Chuck: Trump says things are working well at the boarder, very well!, So why waste money we can't afford on something we don't need?
  11. Not for all...
  12. If Trump shuts down the Government over the wall and "boarder" security, do the "Boarder" Patrol agents get a furlough? Socking!
  13. Bottomless Pinocchios