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  1. Took a while, but I found the "why"? Not that I could give two effs, and that is why I had to look it up. I won't over think their (DNC) reasoning. "A new rule adopted by the Democratic National Committee and NBC News will evenly divide top-tier candidates across two nights in the first Democratic presidential primary debates in June, a move to maintain viewer interest in both events by making sure well-known contenders are on stage both nights. Democrats getting at least 2 percent support in the polling average will be randomly and evenly split between the two nights, which will each feature 10 candidates, according to the formula obtained by POLITICO. Candidates below that threshold will also be evenly and randomly divided between the two debate lineups..." 5/24/2019
  2. Nope. I think she used the term because someone else did. She referenced that someone else in her tweet. JD??? Not sure. You can assume it was a stature elevating attempt. Your prerogative. JD??? If you feel manipulated, you can choose to feel otherwise. "All" of us are not feeling that way. Too many assumptions.
  3. every declared president for 2020 is "qualified". The "party" does not decide who is "qualified", that is spelled out in the Constitution The whole topic is a bit silly. Should have gone with: "party platform best candidate for 2020" or some such title
  4. I suggest you don't listed to what you are being told by the left. As I understand, the people being held are of various categories, but I am not sure. Some do claim asylum, some are just border jumpers, and I suspect some are good people? I have it only as the way it is. People being held in a camp that some have said is a "concentration camp" which seems to fit the definition. May just be better to call it a detention facility. Or "temporary housing". Not for me to say. Just hope they are well cared for while in transition, whatever their status.
  5. Maybe "Third Way" is evolving on Warren because she has articulated her policies at every opportunity? "...With 99 town halls and 30,000 selfies under her belt, Warren has offered a level of access that has disarmed some critics. She’s also made a point of traveling to some of the reddest of red-state locales — Mississippi, Utah and West Virginia, among them. .." I can only guess but the article quotes the Third Way co-founder. Maybe the answer you seek is already there? Why assume otherwise?
  6. "Everyone see what’s going on here?" Yes, I see that you are opining on an article. That you are drawing conclusions (theory really) on how the democratic candidates are approaching the election with the help of the media. Keep up the good work.
  7. Referenced a definition as found in the encyclopedia. Encyclopedia is a pretty good reference. Webster's, OED, Dictionary dot com, all similar with slight differences. Used the part of the definition that was germane (relevant, applicable, descriptive, etc..) to the subject. The remainder was not applicable to the status of those being held in the camps. It is really simple. Try not to overthink it.
  8. Doubters gonna doubt
  9. the part I decided to leave out was not germane as the camps housing the illegal imigrants are not Prisons. POW Camps Refugee camps (think Syria, Afghanistan, BoH, etc...) Nor are they for large numbers of "displaced persons". But you can be outraged. Glad I could help. Additionally, there are a variety of definitions and you could have found a better counterpoint. The definitions vary to some degree.
  10. I actually tried to watch a portion. When I tuned in, the repetitive "Hillary e-mails" mantra was a big turn off. Couldn't watch all the "Airing of grievances", the lies, and the extremely stable genius regurgitation of the 2015/2016 rallies. If he was a comedian, I would say he needs some new material, but that isn't what the base wants.
  11. In my neck of the woods, Demo models go on sale a year after being placed in service. Pretty good discount, but the local shop only has ONE outback that will be available in August.
  12. I am unaware of the "Progressive Party"? Do they have a platform and candidates in the race?
  13. No defense, just providing a counterpoint and context.
  14. You may assume, but because of the reference she included, I doubt you could say "you know"
  15. Not conflating "Holocaust" with "Concentration Camps" and I don't think AOC was either.