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  1. In yer best Individual One voice, say "China" Cyber Ninjas and the weirdo Pulitzer, yep, they are gonna get to the bottom of the "stolen election"...... LIE!
  2. had to get out on this most lovely of days
  3. The cost estimates are hard to pin down. From 2013 it was about 54 Billion. Add some, subtract their tax contributions and I will give ya your 116 Billion estimate. Housing the unaccompanied minors? Lots of money. Sad situation and I am glad we are helping them. How much are low and middle class wages suppressed? Not as much as the outrageous amount of farm aid. The benefits may just outweigh the costs, especially if you are profiting from the labor force of illegal immigrants.
  4. the lies from individual One were from 2016, 5 years ago
  5. "AG Garland wants to stop Maricopa County audit" As he should. A total waste of time, messing with ballots and voters in Arizona. Its Over. Individual One lost. He now has his blog to voice his whiny jabs at all the people he doesn't like. He is a has been BS artist, conman and reality TV personality. It is over. The election was fair. He lost. Done.
  6. show me the facts that there was "massive voter fraud" or that the election was "rigged" or that it was "stolen" Until then I will remain "in the know" and stick with the "known" facts and not what the poor, poor, loser claims without any evidence whatsoever.
  7. from the fact checkers "...Rector said his 2013 estimate pegged the cost of undocumented immigrants — the cost of services received minus their tax contributions — was about $54 billion a year..."
  8. "by all accounts", by The Dept of Homeland Security, by all the audits, examinations, court cases, and most notably by the fact that no "massive fraud" or "rigged election" has been proven. That's how
  9. According to the DoJ, "...The department says the description of reports surrounding canvassing 2020 voters may constitute "intimidation of persons for voting or attempting to vote."
  10. Yes, and I do know by all accounts that the result WAS indeed valid. election integrity is a hallmark and therefore, the idiots undermining it with the big lie election stolen nonsense are undermining our greatness.
  11. certainly not, but he was able to fire up his base. Voter turnout was very high unlike in 2008. Still, not 100% turn out. That would be great
  12. nope, just calling out the dishonesty. Or is it just plain ignorance?
  13. because what they are doing may be illegal! Are you not all for ballot integrity?
  14. the list of individuals he called for to be fired, canceled, boycotted, etc.. is very long indeed. Any critic was lambasted and sycophant was celebrated.