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  1. Flynn, yet another "victim" poor fella
  2. "Is the Democrat Party intentionally trying to destroy the Nation?" Depends on which right wing pundit or talk radio personalities you listen to.
  3. "Biden administration to resume leasing for oil and gas drilling on federal lands" NBC News April 15 2022 "Biden Administration to Restart Oil, Gas Leasing on Public Lands WASHINGTON— The Bureau of Land Management announced today that it will resume oil and gas leasing on public lands, violating President Biden’s campaign promise to end new oil and gas leasing and locking in new extraction that thwarts his pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Despite its pause on new oil and gas leasing and drilling on publicly owned lands and waters, the Biden administration approved more drilling permits in 2021 than President Trump did in the first year of his presidency, according to federal data analyzed by the Center for Biological Diversity..." Center for Biological Diversity, April 15, 2022
  4. Just an old sailor who still feels like a kid inside from time to time.
  5. The Senator voiced a cogent and compelling statement to the totally disingenuous fundraising accusation of "groomer" and the other absolute BS. We need more of these responses to the idiocy coming from the right wing nuts.
  6. x
  7. The opening C&P clearly stated "...the Right have finally woken up after decades of being the victims of lawfare and being abused by employers, universities, school systems, and others.." The right says they are "victims", oh, and they are now "woke" Perfectly on topic response.
  8. Not babbling for anyone. Biden has not caused the increase in oil production since oil production bottomed out in 2020.
  9. Speaking of "fear" especially in the U.S. market, consider the following "Permian Oil Rig Count Rises After Being Flat in Past 2 Weeks, MSM dot com 13h ago In its weekly release, Baker Hughes Company BKR reported that the U.S. rig count was higher than the prior-week tally. The rotary rig count, issued by BKR, usually gets published in major newspapers and trade publications. Baker Hughes’ data, issued at the end of every week since 1944, helps energy service providers gauge the overall business environment of the oil and gas industry. The number of active rigs and its comparison with the prior-week figure indicates the demand trajectory for Baker Hughes’ oilfield services from exploration and production companies. Details Total U.S. Rig Count Rises: The count of rigs engaged in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the United States was 728 for the week ended May 20, higher than the prior-week count of 714. The current national rig count is higher than the year-ago level of 455. The number of onshore rigs for the week ended May 20 totaled 709, higher than the prior-week count of 695. In offshore resources, 18 rigs were operating, in line with the prior-week count. U.S. Oil Rig Count Grows: Oil rig count was 576 for the week ended May 20, higher than the prior-week figure of 563. The current number of oil rigs — far from the peak of 1,609 attained in October 2014 — is up from the year-ago figure of 356. U.S. Natural Gas Rig Count Up: Natural gas rig count of 150 was higher than the prior-week figure of 149. The count of rigs exploring the commodity is higher than the prior-year week’s tally of 99. Per the latest report, the number of natural gas-directed rigs is 90.1% lower than the all-time high of 1,606 recorded in 2008. Rig Count by Type: The number of vertical drilling rigs totaled 25 units, in line with the prior-week count. Horizontal/directional rig count (encompassing new drilling technology with the ability to drill and extract gas from dense rock formations, also known as shale formations) of 703 compared favorably with the prior-week level of 689. Gulf of Mexico (GoM) Rig Count Flat: GoM rig count was 17 units, all being oil-directed. The count was flat with the prior-week number. Outlook The West Texas Intermediate crude price is trading higher than the $110-per-barrel mark, reflecting a massive improvement from the past year. Higher oil prices will pave the way for rig additions despite a slowdown in drilling activities as upstream players mainly focus on stockholder returns rather than boosting output. Meanwhile, investors may keep a close eye on energy stocks like Whiting Petroleum Corporation WLL and Continental Resources, Inc. CLR. The companies are expected to benefit from the current healthy oil price scenario. Whiting Petroleum is a leading upstream energy company and the top producer of crude oil in North Dakota. With oil prices improving rapidly, Whiting Petroleum is expected to continue generating handsome cash flows while maintaining a healthy balance sheet. Headquartered in Denver, CO, Whiting Petroleum has witnessed upward earnings estimate revisions for 2022 and 2023 in the past seven days. Looking at the price chart, WLL has gained 81.5% over the past year, outpacing the 64.3% rise of the composite stocks belonging to the industry. WLL currently sports a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy). You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank stocks here. Continental Resources is also a leading upstream energy company with proven reserves in North Dakota and Oklahoma. The oil inventories of Continental Resources are among the best in the industry. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Continental Resources has witnessed upward earnings estimate revisions for 2022 and 2023 in the past seven days. Considering the price chart, Continental Resources — currently carrying a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) — has gained 87.2% over the past year, outpacing the 64.3% rise of the composite stocks belonging to the industry." Looing at the facts, I would be trembling with "fear" if I were a CEO of these oil companies or a speculator. "Strong Buy" must be secret anti Biden speech for SELL NOW! Its all gonna crash! We are scared! Biden has "shut Down drilling" it is "unfeasible"!!!
  10. I am awaiting your in depth analysis of a/the fear factor dictating the global oil market. Can't wait
  11. "REPORT: JARED KUSHNER’S $2 BILLION SAUDI CHECK APPEARS EVEN MORE COMICALLY CORRUPT THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT" “The reason this smells so bad is that there is all sorts of evidence he did not receive this on the merits.” Vanity Fair, May 23, 2022 Back in April, The New York Times reported that Jared Kushner’s four years of Saudi ass-kissing and murder-excusing had paid off in the form of a $2 billion investment from the kingdom‘s sovereign wealth fund to his newly formed private equity firm. That struck a lot of people—ethics officials among them—as pretty shady given that far from having impressed would-be clients with his investing prowess, the panel that performs due diligence for the Saudi fund concluded that no one in their right mind would give the former first son-in-law a dime. Among other concerns, the panel noted that management was “inexperience[d],” that the kingdom would be responsible for “the bulk of the investment and risk,” that its fee seemed “excessive,” and that the firm’s operations were “unsatisfactory in all aspects.” Given those reservations, it warned that the country’s Public Investment Fund should stay far, far away from Kushner’s firm—a recommendation that was overturned by the fund’s board, which happens to be led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, i.e., the guy who approved a plan to kidnap, kill, and dismember a journalist via bone saw and benefited from Kushner’s unwavering support within the White House and reported insistence that the prince could “survive the outrage just as he [had] weathered past criticism.” (Again, just so it‘s abundantly clear, the “outrage” and “criticism” were over a Saudi dissident and U.S. resident being chopped up into pieces.) So, it wasn’t that difficult for people to put two and two together and infer that Kushner’s firm seemingly got $2 billion to invest—and at least $25 million to pocket regardless of performance!—as a thank-you for being so good to a human rights-abusing autocrat. And a new story from the Times suggests, somehow, even further shadiness than that..." Where is the Jarred laptop? Imagine an "inexperienced" member of the President's family getting so much money from a foreign government while being considered "inexperienced"? Mnuchin profited as well. I thought the swamp had been drained? Trump was the swamp (and nepotism) king. The whole "Abraham Fund" was just as useless as the various other Trump involved BS. Don't like Vanity Fair? Reported across the media, pick whichever you choose, the allegations are glairing regardless of the reporting. Doesn't seem to be covered by Fox, OAN, or Newsmax, I have to check "Truth Social", I am sure it will be there, cause, ya know "Truth"