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    Jiu jitsu, fishing and judo. An 8 year student at Renzo Gracie academy.
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  1. @the3fishheads That's a kick arse hat! I then scrolled down and saw the picture posted as well! That's a good un' also! Thanks for posting those.
  2. In this case it was a red tag and sent in via mail. They sent back that hat and a certificate. It was caught in Brooklyn off a boat there and you can also call to get some information and possible migratory routes ect. i just want to know where they will be this year and after this virus f-cks off from my system! ;o) My wife found the hat again while cleaning and taking out old baby clothes. Just some good memories and sharing what you get for a red tag! stay safe <
  3. Yes - caught off a Brooklyn based boat about 30 minutes offshore. It was night so don’t remember exactly where (it was also after my birthday so drinks were involved ) It was a red tag in the fin and I sent it off to get that hat / certificate. I believe you can also call in for some information on it as well.
  4. Nice! I had dollar signs rolling in my eyes thinking I would win the pool on the boat and also money for the tag! I got that hat and lost the pool by ounces to a lady onboard! I should have put a lead weight in its belly! Just kidding ........
  5. I’m bored and sick. The thought of summer and fishing is keeping me going right now! if you were wondering what you get for a red tagged striped bass and send that tag off! The fish was caught sometime last year in NY waters and here is the hat you get! Looking forward to this season and stay safe out there.....
  6. This was kind of the point in posting. Was camping and doing it in a legit way without pissing people off of getting fined breaking the law! Legit sites and places to enjoy nature and the fishing! I don’t feel his reply was suggesting to pitch up a tent in someone’s back yard! ;o)
  7. Yeah - I was not a fan of Hither Hills in general because of this. It always shows them packed out but want always the case. I preferred East Hamptons for camping feel but was also a lot further from the point.
  8. I have some pretty intimate experience with my new car now and just saw this reply! I have the c-nt piece virus and spent a few nights in the back of the car to avoid my wife and baby while they slept . It’s hard with the fatigue to have an 18 month old (a very active 18 month old) jumping on your head! I would wind down the sunroof and sleep in the daytime in my hatch back. Can’t wait for summer and the beach days. It’s keeping me going right now.
  9. Sorry to jump this thread it maybe old.... but how is this working with the outbreak of the c-nt virus? I’m so sick right now I’m not going anywhere ...... but nice to start planning some locations and places within a short drive of me. The visitor center will be closed but are they still offering permits? the ones for Caumsett state park finished in a day or two.
  10. Yeah that’s another reason I wanted a more legit place. Ticks are always a problem in that area and even with a tent you only have to drag one back in and you have a new best friend!
  11. I don’t think I have ever been as late as mid October. End of September was the latest I ended up there. appreciate the post and will have a look into it later in the season. New York State resident - but not Suffolk County. I’m Brooklyn based now so what would happen if you got “caught” pitching a tent? I don’t have a trailer or RV at present. Thanks also ^^
  12. Anyone know any spots to (legitimately) pitch tents close to montauk? I know now about Hither Hills but they are always booked and East Hamptons is far, been nearly 40/45 minutes to the point. Anyone know now any good spots to pitch tents in and around Montauk? I called the state park “Teddy Roosevelt” but apparently they don’t allow tent camping. Many ideas and thanks in advance.
  13. I have a 7 right light action ugly stick and it’s been abused. I even use it boat fishing and caught some pretty good bass on it. Never broken and that’s been going for well over five years.
  14. Lmao - this is what I was using before and loaded the soles with cold kutter screws and hex bolts. They held up for about 3 seasons. The missing bolts were common but easy to replace. The cold cutters would lose 3-5 depending on conditions each trip. There are probably better options now so was starting a conversation to see what is good!
  15. They look and feel way sturdier than the rothco jungle boots I had for three years prior. Before this current pair of boots I was using the old Rothco, Vietnam style jungle boots with the drainage holes. I loaded the soles with hex screws and cold cutters for some pretty solid traction. Now I need to advance past both pairs and figure out a new option. I was leaning toward the green backs and loading the soles with cold Kutter or the 1800 thick thread studs you see for trail bikes.