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    "It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog"
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    Jiu jitsu, fishing and judo. An 8 year student at Renzo Gracie academy.
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  1. Exactly ^ I always think about the knot tests and myself fall victim to the 100% knot stuff. A well tied knot rarely fails and that’s why we have drags on the reel! Combine that hat with the cushion and bend of the rod most knots will hold.
  2. This is why I started looking at the trilene knot vs uni/clinch. i wanted the double pass through in case. After a a few hits from the blues most leaders look ragged!
  3. I use it to tie mono to mono and love the knot. I started heavily using the trilene knot which basically ends up the same as the uni. I like how it doubles around the eye or swivel (similar to the Palomar) im heading out next week so hoping I catch something worth while to test it with!
  4. I use the improved version but starting to lean towards the trilene know lately. This is easy to tie and also as strong.
  5. This is what I do now. I just wrap and do the improved version while flattening with pliers. I'm going to try the palomar for the leader as I love it for braid. I feel it has been user error on the heaver lines and going to try later after work.
  6. I use it religiously for mono to mono < Funny by how I’ve never used it to attach a hook or swivel!!
  7. Nice! Very similar to the “trilene” knot. I use the improved cinch knot now or the trilene whatever. Basically pass as the line through twice before wrapping it. Thanks fornthe video also.
  8. Yeah that why I never really used it for the mono. I couldn't get it to close properly and worried it would slip tying the swivels. I will try again later and use a clip or pliers to hold and cinch it down. It's a knot that's never failed me on the braids so here's hoping!
  9. I use it as standard for braid. I just need practice to get it to cinch down on the heavier line I guess. I'm heading out this weekend so will get it down packed on the leader!
  10. What’s the best knot for 60lbs leader (mono) inuse the polamar religiously for braid 20-40lbs but it doesn’t seem to cinch down tightly when using it on the heavier mono leader. I satrted to use a mono leader so was wondering what’s the best knot for attaching the swivels or hooks to mono? Any advice? I basically use the improved clinch knot and is easiest / quickest so far. Peace!
  11. That's who I ended up going with. Had a wicked fun time.
  12. I got back late last night and had a wicked holiday. If anyone is following this post or finds it. I ended up booking through Aqua world. I was 5 minutes from the place and the hotel was so close by it made sense. Very worried at first because it almost looked to tourist and commercial. However this couldn't have been further from the truth. Crew were funny and highly knowledgeable of the techniques and local species. We caught a ton of smaller tuna and then used them as live bait (by popular decision) from the other two people sharing! We all hooked massive barracuda and had a wicked time fishing on board. We also saw sea turtles and a massive whale shark whilst heading out to the spots. The funniest thing I heard all day was the deck hand telling me "we can get your wife to land it, if you are so weak!" while struggling with the bigger of the two I caught. Thanks for everyone who shared knowledge and experiences. APPRECIATED!
  13. Lol - this happened to me and my wife in clear water Florida. We had an Italian couple next to us with both been constantly sick over the railings next to us. It was an 8 hour trip so felt terrible for them both. The deeper we went out the worse conditions got, so they were in a bad state! I hooked a wicked two groupers that day, the second pulled the rod onto the railing and was a bitch to fight......
  14. I just got off the phone with this company - I think this has been the best option so far. I have heard horror stories of "shared rods" and equipment from a lot of other places.
  15. Thanks for posting I will look into that.