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  1. Isn't this a report page..?? Trying to show other members what the typical fish is being caught looks like..mind your business
  2. I have blisters on my hand from my work as a welder..you got a problem with that??
  3. The 3 seconds it took ..I think it did..
  4. Yesterday mid afternoon SS.. 3 hours .. 5 just about this size .. chunky .. use teaser !!!!
  5. great!! i'll pm my address to you
  6. Gonna try again to see if anyone wants it.. another member never got back to me . Needs 2 guides replaced..pickup in Manhasset.
  7. Yep..gonna do that. I got them for basically free .
  8. Thank you! !970"s !! I dont collect ..but now Im wondering if I should leave them in drawer!! LOL
  9. Does anyone know when they stopped making them or how old ?
  10. IMG_3660.MOVSaw this guy today running on side of road.. Gotta love it!! IMG_3660.MOV
  11. A friend of mine on NYPD sent me picture of this wanted guy.. This is the best picture they could find!!
  12. I also made clear color copies of my drivers license and registration .. front and back . Also write a note as to what you exactly want done. All this is put into a sealed envelope and deposited in mailbox.
  13. I just went through this couple weeks ago. I bought a used vehicle from private seller. I also transferred plates from another car I plan on selling to the new car. I first downloaded all of the forms from DMV website. They also have an "official" bill of sale you can download that both parties sign... don't hand in a napkin with the details written on it.. LOL. The last page of the registration put in you credit card info and security code and sign giving authorization to charge whatever tax and fees due.. Or you can figure it out yourself and use personal check. After everything is filled out just drop it off at your local DMV office. They have mailbox in lobby. No need to make appointment or wait on line. It took approx 8 days for it to be processed . Very simple and easy. They also have real people answering there phones if you want to talk . I left my number and they called me back in 20 minutes.
  14. Sent out the book this morning.. next time your out on Long Island you can buy me a beer..LOL!!
  15. I know..LOL!! probably a few rounds a year..