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  1. and having an orange bucket !!! True googans only use a white one LOL!!!
  2. This is why I stopped going to the Captree Piers. The Flushing express would show up and they would each have 2-3 rods... hogging the entire area. Keeping EVERYTHING..Freakin savages....
  3. True… but on my 2004 Suburban it was located above the starter… completely hidden LOL!!!
  4. Yep!!! Thats why I got into the habit of changing things.. on my beach truck especially...weather they need it or not..
  5. Absolutely!!!! I only put OEM parts. I changed the fuel pump on this truck .. OEM.. my friend changed his right about the same time… bought the aftermarket ebay special… lasted about 6 months…mine is going strong 2 years later
  6. Wanted to remind all the guys with an “older” beach buggy. I have a 2004 Suburban.. about 105,000 miles. Few days ago just left the house and on the way to beach to fish . Stop off at deli for some coffee.. go to start and It stalls out ....Same thing over and over … . Had to have friend tow me back home. The crank sensor was no good. Just glad I wasn’t in the middle of the beach!!LOL. I was going to change it few months ago.. preventive maintenance… but lost track .. just a heads up to everyone to maybe change theirs …when it goes … your stuck!!!!
  7. Sorry pick up only
  8. Go to Parris Island like I did after high school...plenty of good water to fish. LOL!!!
  9. Have about 25 issues On The Water magazine for free. Pick up in Manhasset. Thanks
  10. Had a guy next to me today on the beach...exact vehicle you have. No problem at all. He looked like an experienced beach guy,
  11. Anyone want these for free?? Pick up in Manhasset. Thanks
  12. Items picked up.. Nice meeting you ..Tight lines!!!
  13. Great!!! Will msg you with pick up details
  14. Kids catchers equipment glove helmet and 2 chest protectors. Few kids lacrosse sticks and helmet ..Free . Pick up in Manhasset. Thanks