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  1. Don't forget he IS making money from his youtube videos..so its not like he is showing off or bragging by posting them. Nice monthly check for doing something he obviously loves.
  2. Thank you!! Couldn't find anything about this Jack Lyons Ltd. Great picture!! Thank you!!!! Great picture by the way. I couldn't find anything about this Jack Lyons Ltd Company.
  3. Im IN!!
  4. Found at an estate sale. 2 were opened and the other 2 are still in original package. 6 nice flies on each one. Tried to look up company info can’t find anything. The address on package says Cork. Anyone ever see these before?
  5. You want these for free?? I don't think I have any use ..dont collect..PM your address and I will mail them out to you
  6. Do you think they were made in the 1940's?
  7. It was about 3 years ago right about this time that I met Mr Don Musso in a tackle store. He had just came back from Montauk. Spent the entire week end out there..told me he did not catch 1 fish..Man thats depressing news!!
  8. This morning at estate sale.. as close to new as possible..$20
  9. Thanks for the response.. I'm gonna rig it up and cast it out..what the heck...
  10. Nice bunker profile??
  11. Found these at a garage sale. Can anyone tell me how old they might be? Not looking to sell..want to fish them but if there really old I"ll put them away ..knowing how many tins I lose!!!
  12. He can also park in the West End 2 lot with out any permit .
  13. This must be the only fish in the East River..2 hours to catch him..LOL. From Brooklyn side
  14. Update in todays paper... Gilgo State Park to be replenished, reopened | Newsday.html
  15. Pretty cool!!