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  1. Sent out the book this morning.. next time your out on Long Island you can buy me a beer..LOL!!
  2. I know..LOL!! probably a few rounds a year..
  3. Here's something you don't see too often. I got this from a friend who's elderly father owned it. The serial number dates it to 1925-1926. Was lucky to get 2 full boxes of ammo with it .
  4. Just found it!! It's yours for free .. don't worry about it.. pm your address and i'll send it out monday..
  5. I have beat up copy .. i think the cover is missing..LOL!! I'll look around for it and send it to you for free..Need a few days to find in my basement..LOL
  6. That V6 will last fore-ever!!!!!
  7. Great .. PM me when you want to pick up
  8. Fenwick rod case.. Horrocks Ibbottson Ike Walton 7'6".. needs 1 guide. Anyone want either one or both.. Pick up in Manhasset . Thanks
  9. Shipping them out this morning.. Enjoy and Be Well!!
  10. Thank you so much! 


    They will love using them and I will tell them that they were a gift from a fellow fisherman. 


    Tight Lines,


    Harry Hager

    1496 North Amanda Circle NE

    Atlanta, GA 30329

  11. Ill send them to you free...dont worry about it..pm me your address..
  12. Cleaning out some old drawers .. anyone want these?? Pick up in Manhasset .. Thanks
  13. I just finished rebuilding the front end of my 2001 Yukon Xl. They should fit all different year suburbans. I decided to change the entire upper control arm instead of just the ball joints.. These are NAPA brand . Anyone want them?? I'm in Manhasset. Thanks
  14. Anyone have either one they want to sell? Thanks.