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  1. Start striper watching tours like they have for whale watching..take a bunch of people out on a boat and take pictures of stripers eating bunker..
  2. Doesn’t surprise me..look up my post from couple years ago about the crabbing situation at the Captree pier. Freakin savages !!
  3. God Bless You and Your Family.
  4. This poor guy was only 37...
  5. (from Fox news)
  6. I will bring it with me anyway in case you want to meet up..no big deal..
  7. Sorry don't have the subwoofer.
  8. I will be there this Saturday.. July 13 my son is taking test at Allentown HS .. 27 High St Allentown NJ.. test starts around 8 am.. so I’ll be just hanging around the area till he’s done..
  9. I see your near Trenton NJ.. I’m heading to Allentown NJ this weekend.. my son is taking a ACT exam.. are you far from there.. would be happy to meet up . Let me know
  10. What would be the zip code shipping to.. I’ll look into it.. Thanks
  11. Receiver and speakers were seldom used. Model VSX-519V-K . Kenwood speakers KS-203HT. All are in perfect working condition. Remote also included. I will refund all money if there is ANY problem within a month after purchase.. Located in Manhasset, Nassau County. Can meet local if necessary. $ 100
  12. No way...he sets up shop around 730pm
  13. Im wondering if this is just the swimming section of the beach? If you walk east beyond the boundary flags then it is no longer Tobay property ...
  14. Thank you!! ..chips are like new condition.