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  1. A week ago I found out my supposedly waterproof phone in the supposedly waterproof case was neither. I left it in my pocket wet wading and it didn't last 2 minutes. I replaced it with a phone that I know is not waterproof and when I went out to make a few casts yesterday I left it in the car. No possibility of pictures and no buzzing for notifications or extended warranty calls - it was magical. The easiest resolution to this discussion is "just leave the phone home". The whole "if there is no picture it didn't happen" crap only supports the cell phone industry - the more corporate brainwashing we reject the better our lives - and apparently the fish's lives, will be. Just a thought.
  2. We hear them singing every night, in 26 years we've been through 3 dogs and 3 cats with zero negative encounters. Haven't heard of any other cats or dogs in this area disappearing either. The singing is calling each other or staking out turf, no coyote is going to call attention to a kill so other packs can come over. When they hunt in packs (which is not the primary way they hunt) they run deer down in groups, but it's not like they develop an attack plan in advance. To read some of this you'd think they're saying "Herb, you go make friends with that lab for a few weeks, then gain his trust and Bill, Fred and I will be hanging out in the alley waiting". Geez it's like "The Secret Life of Dogs". Keep your pets away from wild animals, that's all you need to know. They will definitely kill a dog, but it's more likely to be opportunistic than a meticulously executed sinister plan. Here in NH it's open season year round so no need to rationalize hunting for them, although killing one of the 2 alphas can actually result in the pack getting larger. There's plenty of science out there to read if you look for it. Searching "Eastern Coyote Myths" can bring you some information too.
  3. I use two flies for about 90% of my fishing; a pink over white craft fur minnow and an olive over white craft fur minnow. If one doesn't get them the other usually does.
  4. This week has been tough to get out, which is too bad because I had been doing pretty well. I did get out to one estuary spot, at what is considered the "wrong" tide. Got a few up to low 20s but then got a nice hen shad that was much bigger and fatter than the schoolies. Seems when I go out "shad fishing" with shad flies I never catch them, then once they drop down I get them all the time on craft fur minnows. It's funny the resemblance they have to baby tarpon, I'll never complain about catching too many of them, except for the hand stink from releasing them.
  5. We had a presentation from a coyote expert in my town 2 years ago (NH). She said a coyote will not only befriend a dog, they will sometimes even breed with them. Neither of these things should be encouraged, but the concern seemed more out of disease, etc. The luring of dogs off for pack attacks was described as very rare, as despite living in a pack coyotes tend to hunt individually and mostly eat things like mice, etc. Not to say they won't run down a deer, but it's less common than people say. So that's what they told us, they had lots of info about how coyotes limit their pack sizes (I think to 7), etc. They were clear if the coyotes are interacting with dogs get out there and scare it away with banging pans, etc. We have a pack out back I hear every night (they are calling to each other, not celebrating a kill), my dog and cat seem to ignore them mostly. The fisher cats cause me more concern than the coyotes even though we see them less often.
  6. I like this option a lot as well, especially fishing over the edge of a channel. How deep is the water you'll usually be fishing and how much current will there be? In relatively shallow marshes for example I use a Cortland Big Game taper that sinks really slowly, but the water is pretty shallow. Go out front and I like some more sink rate to it, like the I/3/5.
  7. Got one just under slot in NH marsh Friday. With the incoming tide it gave me a good tug on an 8 weight. Nice to see backing this early.
  8. I've reached an age where some of my favorite jetties are in my rear view mirror because what I went through to get out on them when I was younger just can't be done anymore (by me). So now I fish more often on what I guess would be called "groins". The ones I fish I've fished since the 70s so I have a pretty good feel for what tides are worthwhile and which lines are best. For one the water is relatively shallow for about 70-80' then you reach the channel; I like this one with an intermediate line, let the tide swing it into the money zone. At high tide the tip is underwater so I don't fish it then as it can mess up the line and also complicates landing a fish if they get in there. The other one is a lot deeper and I like a fast sinking head with braided mono. That one only fishes well at high tide. Footing is everything though, I've broken a few rods falling on the ones I avoid now and that was when I was in my 30s.
  9. LOL that's hilarious. Whitecaps were almost to the point where I could surf my kayak on our pond yesterday. Flat, yeah.
  10. I had one rocket out of the water less than a rod distance from me there, I was fishing alone, scared the crap out of me. Had to clean out my waders after that!
  11. I spent a day in the cath lab when I started with my current company, they have this down no worries. A while back in Europe they were also moving towards drug eluting balloons for the legs too. When you watch the screen and see the dye constricting at the blockage before, then see things open up and flow it's pretty amazing. You'll be glad you did it.
  12. Ah got 9 tonight, wading wet. After missing a few hits yesterday got my nerves settled lol. One dink, rest 16-18".
  13. Wish I hadn't either, I love the occasional sea run dinner. This is from the source of a lot of NH "sea run brown" fishery, the question is whether stuff clears up after they head out into the estuary/sea. I'm jealous of that one you got though!
  14. It's the polite thing to do! Down here in NH we have signs declaring them as C&R currently due to some serious pollution issues (but I see OTW mag is going on about them)
  15. I was late to the party this year. Went out yesterday just before high tide in the NH marshes, mostly to work on training my dog to be a fishing dog. I had a couple swings and misses where fish tried to grab the fly as I started a backcast, that was i saw one caught that was it. Back today, got on the board finally. A bit windy, not ideal conditions, but got what I needed. Now I need to train the dog to stop diving in the water to retrieve the fish when I get it to the bank, sheesh.
  16. I've been in a lot of training classes where they say "there are no stupid questions", I'll now prove that to be wrong. I was gifted some Orvis stockingfoot waders, they look barely used. The booties are made of neoprene and I find that when I get out of the water my socks and pants are soaked right to the level of the booties. No residual water in the waders though. My question is are these supposed to have some type of membrane like Sealskins? It seems like over the course of an hour or so water just penetrates. I'm just using my Sealskin socks with them now, but curious if this is normal? Obviously I've never had stockingfoot waders before lol... Thanks!
  17. Just heard from my son, who was driving today from Charleston SC to Harrisonburg VA via NC. He had absolutely no issues getting gas once he left Charleston and did not pay $7/gallon or anything absurd like that. He did say Charleston was a C H ! t show, but given the number of cars in that area that's no surprise. No shortage, just rude behavior. Filled up in Charlotte NC without issue. Panic and hype. Since Koch Industries is a majority shareholder in Colonial Pipeline I'm surprised their security wasn't better, but I'm sure there's a reason....
  18. I find "narratives" that are spewed by either side are generally self serving. There was one writer/blogger/whatever I read a few times who was a professor of gender something or other, so someone who's paycheck depended on the existence of whatever it was she was writing about and teaching - she found it everywhere she looked, as large a leap as was required. Bottom line for me is if you look for something to be outraged about you will find it (or create it). If you look for "enemies" you will find them (or create them). It's like being over 50 and checking your body for "symptoms" - you're gonna find things, but it doesn't mean they are actually significant. Without narratives there are a while lot of talking heads, websites, tv channels that would have no reason to exist. The shame is that people often accept their rants at face value IMO.
  19. I don't pay a lot of attention to Texas personally, but I believe the Legislature had a role in setting them up for their problems. If people in that state were not happy with the result that's why we have elections. But I didn't follow it particularly closely. I find this one especially interesting because of the IT component of it. I spent 6 hours drinking beers with a Trump fan Saturday, much of it focused on loss of personal privacy via technology, this kind of plays into that. And no, I don't have any difficulty drinking beer with Trump fans. When we cut through it we agreed on about 90% of ****, which I think is probably more common than not but doesn't make for fun banter on social media.
  20. What one can afford is more a factor of class than race, no? How is an expensive restaurant different than a company building high end boats, or cars or anything that wealthy people buy? There are lots of people with money, not all are white.
  21. Excellent thoughts. WRT to contracts it would seem that would be a part of any due diligence or one would hope. Pre dot com crash I was responsible for designing an incubation process for spinoffs for a software company and this would have been part of that, com crash. But man I'm with you on the drones - I want one just for the scumbags making the extended warranty calls and fake paypal invoice emails let alone these dirtbags. Unfortunately my kid has to drive through SC/NC/VA tomorrow to get home from my daughter's graduation. Told him set the cruise at 65 and top it off at every station you see open.
  22. So is Miss GED advocating that the government should take over pipelines owned by Colonial Pipelines to keep them secure? Because that sure doesn't sound like capitalism to me. On another note, I saw an interesting article on BBC, this part caught my eye; "The simplest way to protect operational technology is to keep it offline, with no link to the internet at all. But this is becoming harder for businesses, as they increasingly rely on connected devices to improve efficiency. 'Traditionally, organisations did something known as 'air gapping',' cyber-security expert Kevin Beaumont says. "They would make sure that critical systems were run on separate networks not linked to outward facing IT. "However, the nature of the changing world now means more things are reliant on connectivity." I found this part interesting because you see things like that last quote, but you never see anyone go deeper into the analysis. Exactly what does 'the nature of the changing world' mean, and why does it need to be blindly accepted even if it exposes critical infrastructure? And what 'efficiencies' exactly are requiring more connected devices? OK so I work in IT, and we block our manufacturing systems from the internet. But one answer to the above is that connecting them allows companies to gain "efficiency" (and thus profit) by outsourcing the systems support to "managed service partners" (a lot of us have other names for them but that's neither here nor there). So if a private company is leaving their networks vulnerable so they can make more money is it really up to the government to cover their @$$es?
  23. I know a hundred kids who would jump at this type of job. Some used to live in NH seacoast but have moved out west to work as guides, etc. and even in bike shops. Given the focus on things like kayaking since Covid hit you're in a great place!
  24. Same here. If I use my older single pivot bike I'll sometimes add 15 PSI to the rear shock to minimize any bob, but never bother touching the front. Our rail to trail is flat, smooth and boring but there are a lot of side hits to be had that can make it fun.
  25. Actually my kids have worked in the biz, I know exactly what they work for. Restaurants are one example of small businesses not being able to get people, they are not competing against each other - they are competing against every other business looking for people. Have you considered that perhaps your intro statement "servers do not work for salaries they work for tips." could be what makes those jobs less attractive? Your perspective is that of the small business owner who feels entitled to cheap labor and wants that entitlement built into the system. Indeed I will retire amigo, and I will retire quite well off by some measures. You don't get to that point without a ghost of a clue buddy. I suspect you have never worked in a large corporation, it's a bit different than hiring high school kids for your seasonal gig jobs so you can winter in Florida like some in our area do. You can say that's not an apples to apples comparison - that the small businesses work in a different environment for a different labor pool, and to an extent that is correct. What is not correct is that the way those small businesses operate does not have to evolve and change with the times to survive. I suspect some employers will figure that out and flourish while others will not and instead look for others to blame. I'll add a question for you Little - how much time have you spent talking to the people in that labor pool? I've spent a lot - as recently as last night. They consider the restaurant industry to be one of the worst options. In addition to the no salary work for tips you mention they do not like the work environment, the nature of the work in general. In Portsmouth most jobs offer no parking and it's not easy to find there. The kids I've known who have or do work in the industry, my own included, found the money they made and environment better in Newburyport. In many cases for the younger ones the parents prefer them to not work in that industry. What I heard last night is they can make as much or more money doing door dash with a better work environment. If you expand beyond that industry and look for example at the seasonal jobs at Hampton Beach I can tell you that a lot of parents I know in my SAU look at that as a place they keep their kids away from. To say all of that is the fault of unemployment payments seems disingenuous.