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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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    Same as everyone;sit & wait for the Chinese or Indians to replace me.

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  1. I've only tangled with JCs in that size once, but 30 lb. on a Cortland Magnum (eventually) handled it on a 9. While they don't have the speed of some fish once they get moving they're gonna take line and you're not going to stop them. I had 200 yds of 30 lb. greenspot and I got down to about 3 wraps on the spool. So I'd agree you want to know you have at least 300 yds if you're messing in that league. I too would probably strip it off and spend the $100 to make sure you have what you want.
  2. Son is at JMU so a down year here but would love to see Maine do well in this. Get past Weber and take out the Bisons!
  3. Damn guess I can't host the Grammys. Again...
  4. My God wants me to take pleasure and rest from the gifts He has given us. Never do I feel more in awe than when standing at the edge of the water, looking seaward. "Better to be fishing and thinking of God than to be in church thinking about fishing."
  5. Not sure I’ve shared this story of early career with yoose yet, it’s a flyfishing tale of sadness that I probably should have learned a lesson from, but of course didn’t. The first fly rod was gifted to me from Dad’s friend I think in 1967 or so. To me it was just a fishing rod but I did eventually figure it out and loved fishing and a year later another gift came. All I really vividly remember was it came in a leather case. I fished with that too and got tinkers and pollock and was happy. I was 12 and I fished every day and had a BB gun and an 8’ pram – how could I not be happy? Off season I was really into skiing in the hills behind our house. I would climb up and ski down all day, which is funny because that’s still what I do, but I digress. I skied and skied and skied and then in 1968 this French guy won a ton of medals in the Olympics and life was going to get bad, although I didn’t know it. I wanted to do that too, and I found a long hill where I stuck sticks in the snow like the poles in the courses and practiced skiing around them for hours on end. Every day. And on the edge of that hill was a house, and in back of the house sat someone who must have been hand picked by the devil himself; Donna. Donna was 14 and I really didn’t know her because she was on the high school bus. But after a few weeks of me being a constant presence on the hill behind her house she came over to talk to me. “Did you see the Olympics – those guys are SOOO cute.” Hormones suck they really do. I wanted to become a ski racer and now here comes this Donna and she wears perfume and has other developments I’m not seeing in girls my age and just like that I’m no longer climbing this hill so I can get to the Olympics. This was my first crush and it fell into obsession before I knew what hit me. If I wasn’t in school I was skiing fake gates and as the courses became more and more complex I ran out of suitable sticks – what to do? I knew deep inside that mastery would win me something much better than a stupid medal but I needed more gates. What WOULD I do? I’m probably not the first person who ever exercised bad judgement under the influence of whatever that perfume was and whatever was under that ski sweater, but I might be the first one to put fishing rods in his Dad’s table saw to make more slalom gates. My brother’s little glass rods were perfect like they were but I needed more and realized that rod the guy gave me in the leather case - I could get 8 gates out of that at least. And so I did. It wasn’t 2 weeks before there was a second person watching me run gates, but it wasn’t a good thing because that person had an arm around Donna. He was Jackie and he never put a ski on in his life. They liked watching the little kid trying to become a racer though. A little kid, yeah welcome to reality. I got a glass rod the next year and forgot the incident for a couple decades until my parents were moving, and in helping clean out the workbench I happened across a beautiful cork grip with a stub of cane protruding from it. The letters “Orv” were still visible. She married Jackie the year they got out of high school, so maybe I dodged a bullet there. I never skied in the Olympics and sure wish I could afford an Orvis cane rod now, if they even make them anymore. Damned hormones.
  6. I'm heading to Puerto Rico next week and going through my gear I can't find anything I can justify upgrading! Can't even come up with any flies I need to tie I've stockpiled so much over the years. That said I'm thinking an actual store bought stripping basket just to see what that's like. Neoprene waders are starting to stink too...
  7. Great story, great writing too!
  8. A guy gave my Dad a fly rod for me when I was 12, had no idea what it was. Couldn't keep a seaworm on the hook and the floating line kept me out of the reach of flounder, so that was year one. The next year I saw a picture of a fly so I "tied" one on a snelled flounder hook connected to the line with about a dozen overhand knots. Finally got a tinker mackerel and that was it. Didn't catch a freshwater fish on a fly for at least 10 years, we lived on the ocean so it never occured to me to try it....
  9. Yes you do! I had a pretty sparse season elsewhere but Great & Little Bays really salvaged the year for me.
  10. This is the perfect choice, much in the vein of Scott Pruitt, and now Andrew Wheeler at EPA. Trump has nothing but contempt for the UN, as with the EPA so he makes his statement by appointing people unfit for the position. This is what he does, it's his HR middle finger.
  11. I'm over 60, white, male and due to about 25 years working for west coast companies my tolerance for the diversity slide set has worn a little thin, but why is that? Personally I think it is because the push towards diversity began with not a lot of substantiation - diversity was really not a means to an end, it was the end goal, and I really didn't see how that made business sense. Now I view it in a different light. For a lot of jobs (depending on where you live) the available talent can be pretty thin, especially among younger workers. Like them or not these younger workers have pretty strong opinions about what they want their work environment to look like and a diverse workforce is what they want. You know, in addition to beanbag chairs, ping pong tables and a 5 hour work day (only semi-kidding). But the reality is that if they are talented they can choose where they want to work so if you're going to be able to compete for the best talent then having a diverse workforce needs to be a means to that end. They want to know about the plant's carbon footprint, healthy eating choices and all kinds of stuff I view as fluff as well, but as my older workers retire if I want to groom the next batch I have to buy in. 3 more years to go and I'll be living unplugged at my lake house, thank goodness...
  12. “A key question for future research might be whether certain personality traits, such as narcissism or a drive for dominance, might be related to both muscle-striving and inegalitarianism.” This is the funniest thing in the OP; they seriously think a future study would be needed to ascertain if there is a relationship here? Glad I'm not writing tuition checks to that school, how many psych teachers does it take to look up "narcissism" and "inegalitarianism” in the dictionary?
  13. I only fish largemouth bass in fresh water, so my knowledge is limited, but what would be your target market for this? Aside from gimick fishing I always viewed tenkara as something that might be relevant for brook trout in small streams but little more, and if you're going to go for more than that it seems you'd be looking for at least the potential for a large fish, no? Or is this the solution if you're fishing small fish that are at a greater distance than you can get to with a tenkara rig? It looks liek you put some good effort into it, just not sure how much demand there would be...
  14. I don't live in any of the affected towns, but it seems like a 13 mile line designed specifically to benefit the towns it is going through is a lot different than the scope of Northern Pass.
  15. A place I have not fished yet, but my inlaws - who do not fish, went down to the Stella Maris Bonefish Club before they added the "Bonefish Club" part to it :-) Once they did that my wife ruled it out for the family, but I will say my inlaws who just wanted to chill on the beach really enjoyed themselves. Supposedly the fishing is good as well, worth some time on Google perhaps...