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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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    Same as everyone;sit & wait for the Chinese or Indians to replace me.

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  1. I start out in small, shallow coves just inside river mouths. Most have a dark mud bottom, so if the sun actually shows they watm up pretty good.Mostly fish the drop looking for that flush of warmed up water. For these places 3-4" flies mostly olive/yellow/white combinations have gotten love. Once I get these guys for a week or so I'll go up in the marshes with these flies plus some slightly larger deceivers in similar colors, gurglers, whatever. Seems early season marsh fish aren't real picky...
  2. Call me selfish, but if I'm retiring and moving onto a fixed income and my property tax (which is not fixed and always goes up from my experience) is already $20k I'm getting the hell out of there too. Every time the middle school has to add bathrooms and locker rooms for a newly discovered gender I'm going to get something else cutting into the money I saved for retirement. Let this kid work another 35 years or so and see how he feels about it then.
  3. Just took a deer tick off on my nightly check. Might have got it walking the dog or maybe she or the cat dropped it in the house, they can be tick taxis. With pets it's good to do a thorough check every night.
  4. You're making me consider hauling my canoe down from Maine! I tried my floater last year and wound up with a smallmouth bass to my surprise (on a Crazy Charlie no less). Maybe I'll try the kayak this year...hate fly fishing from it but...
  5. Made some more casts in a river popular with Unskunk and myself, nothing seen except more cormorants that I've seen in one place ever...soon...
  6. There is a very good presentation on Youtube called "Successfully Shad Fishing the Merrimack River" that will give you some good info on this. I'm not posting the link because most of what is in it would definitely qualify as a spot burn (not that 'Mac shad are a big secret). The presentation features several spots. In the easternmost of these (I think it's the first one he describes) once the tide gets to where I can backcast I've found a full sink hangs up too much. I use an SA Sonar sink tip III I think it is, but cut the floating running line off and replaced it with braided mono. That, coupled with flies with small lead eyes has worked well for me. With a fast sink I was hanging up on too much smeg, Lord knows the 'Mac has no shortage of it lol!
  7. I always hit the craft stores first, but lately I can't finda good source for long craft fur; it's all that 2-3" stuff. Anyone have any luck on that stuff?
  8. My doc doesn't stress about tick bites and neither do I. I do a check daily to make sure I don't have one in for the 24 hours. My sax player got it and got the face paralysis thing, not good for a sax player! Honestly I worry a lot more about mosquito borne illness because it happens quick, is prevalent where I live and is way worse if you get it. Most of what I see in NH and Me is dog ticks until fall.
  9. In the 'Mac at least it has been inconsistent for me with flies. Sometimes they hit on the swing or right on the first strip, other times I have to just let the fly hang there in the current for what feels like hours. And the guy on spin gear are getting them with a completely different retrieve. It can indeed be frustrating...
  10. Great job getting those pictures! I can't think of anything more addictive than tarpon...
  11. I took a ride to a N. Shore trout pond Monday just to watch, and was talking to a guy about sea runs in the 80s on the N. Shore. Oddly enough we both got them at the same place, in the stream for me and in the harbor while smelt fishing for him. That was a long time ago though and there has been a ton of development around the brook that fed it, so I doubt that small population survived...
  12. Made a few casts in the 'Mac on the way home today, water was a little high so I only had 20' max backcast room. Not as much smeg floating down the river as I've seen in the past but several new strainers along the bank. Nothing caught or seen casting was a PITA but it was nice to feel the sun and that little leak in my waders I'd forgotten about...
  13. Fished it today, felt like a decent tide with the upper stretches draining. Didn't see much and the water still felt pretty cold. Nice to have my waders in the water though!
  14. Since I fish pretty much every work day on my lunch hour, plus laregemouth on the weekends I'd say it falls somewhere between 130-150. That probably seems like a lot, but most of those days I'm only fishing an hour or two at the most. I'll probably fish about the same this year if life cooperates....
  15. For the 'Mac I like my 7 weight and sometimes an 8 because it seems like I'm always dealing with wind there. Tides are important in some spots because there are only a few where you have any backcast room from shore. With my 8 weight I have some shooting heads that make this at least a little better. Otherwise you're fishing sub-optimal tides with fewer hookups. The flies I've done best with are very small clousers with a gold body, white marabou or bunny tail and red marabou or bunny wing, but I've got them on brown and tan bonefish flies too. I should probably drag my canoe or tin boat down sometime, it would be a lot less frustrating...