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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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    Same as everyone;sit & wait for the Chinese or Indians to replace me.

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  1. Congrats on both! Good way to start out life together!
  2. So cool. I noticed a couple of different stripe patterns on these fish, is that a male female thing, a maturity thing, etc.? A local just sent me some beta on where I can go from shore in Puerto Rico for these. Might not get there in my next trip but it's definitely on the bucket list...
  3. That's a great idea! Dick for you I'd suggest this the entire span of your back; but probably a tee shirt could do the job...
  4. Seems like there should be a way to take a nice reel apart, scan the parts and crank out some strong, light exotic composite product on a 3D printer. There have of course been lower end composite reels, but it seems like a high end one should be within the realm of possibility...
  5. Well, the $2000 one was a replacement for a '51 Gibson archtop. I cry every time I think of what that's worth lol. I was surfing listings for bamboo rods today, I'm not really a trout fisherman but it sure seems like some of those rods held their value!
  6. I guess if it came with a nice center console... Years ago my wife gave me carte blanche to go buy a guitar, as I sold a very high end one to pay for our honeymoon 10 years prior. I tried guitars up to $18,000 but finally settled for one that cost $2,000 which is not a lot for these. It sits in a room upstairs while I play the one I got in a pawn shop for $169 last summer. Expensive gear has always worked out that way for me so I'm happy with my homemade fly rod and used Tioga reels. I doubt I'll ever buy another reel, but might build one more rod...
  7. Absolutely. That's why I originally put it in quotes. My "less fortunate" tenant in Mass, who cost me thousands in lost rent and damage, had 2 Porches in the garage when I went down to confront him. My family and I have been doing a bit of hurricane disaster relief over the past couple of years - we've seen poor; genuinely poor living devastated lives, yet doing what they can to maintain some dignity. I will never have an issue helping these people. But there are also the ones in $200 basketball shoes with nicer cell phones than I have, scamming the free food at Panera. I have trouble mustering up sympathy for them. Maybe I'm just a bad person though...
  8. Winter is a good time to experiment with new material, well new to me. Just ordered a bunch of Icelandic sheep, yak hair and various types of bunny to see what I can come up with. A lot will wind up as flies to give to kids but every winter I seem to come up with at least one fly that works out..
  9. A lot of people view the "less fortunate" as good people who are victims of the more fortunate, innocent like some type of human Bambi. I'm guessing they have never been a landlord. Obviously you can't lump everyone into one bucket - there probably are people like that, honest people in need who will pay it forward or back if they are ever able. But they vastly underestimate the number of people in that lot whose primary "skill" is gaming the system for whatever they can get out of it. Advertise a deal like this and those people will show up from miles around whether they really need it or not.
  10. First I refinish rods that may or may not need it (rewrapping old guides etc. That takes me through till Jnauary. Then I tie flies I'll need next year. Then I tie flies that will never see the water, bizarre creations that look like mushrooms were legal. I ski when I can - if there's snow I cross country ski every night. This year trips to Puerto Rico in December and again in March, so it's one of my saner years. In past years I've put on the neoprene and gone out practice casting in wind in Salem harbor on my lunch hour. And if it's not brutally cold I'll don the 4/3 suit and take my waveski out surfing.
  11. Pretty interesting SAs! Spool retention kind of reminds me of my old Fin Nor...
  12. Guess more states will need to implement ranked choice voting at the Federal level like Maine did. If that happens the GOP will be toast.
  13. Happens constantly here in NH. Small towns with too many cops with no real crime. They harrass kids, parents, whoever drives by. My wife got tailed by a cop from the beginning of one town to the end, then by another in the next town, and then followed to our street in our town. Never pulled over, just looking for a reason. Sometimes they forget who pays their salary.
  14. For my 7 wt LMB rod I use the trusty old Medalist. Got the new version of it and it does me well. Nice in a retro way too...
  15. That's just what I'm going for thanks! I tied the other one thick to counter the bead chain,hopefully the local shop has plastic so I can tie it proper now...