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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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    Same as everyone;sit & wait for the Chinese or Indians to replace me.

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  1. This weather pattern has sucked. If you're losing time, grab a gallon or so from US Composites, they have a low odor epoxy resin you can use indoors. I epoxied a surfski in my basement in the winter, absolutely no fume issues. Keeps the productivity up, at least with sealing...
  2. Timing is everything. I just got a rod for free (Company rewards/recognition program) a Fenwick HMG 8' 4 weight. Took it out on our lake today to try to catch largemouth bass on it. Disclaimer; I haven't fished anything less than a 7 weight in over 50 years. So, how far should you be able to cast a popper with such a rod? I struggled mightily to get like 40' unless I put like a panfish popper on. On the backcast I felt nothing; it was like trying to cast yarn with no rod. I got it to fish brookies in Va. with my son, is small stream fishing all these light short rods are good for? Before you go off on my casting i just finished a build on a 9 weight and threw 100' with 2 false casts, so unless there is a radibcally different kind of cast I don't think that's the issue...sorry if I hijack...thanks
  3. Mine's a Lost Tip, i's an intermediate sinking clear tip.
  4. It's just hollow tied craft fur, topped with baitfish emulator flash. It's been killer for me this season. Here's one I used for juvie tarpon that hasn't been hit and run :-)
  5. Sometimes it's a hat, or a favorite fishing shirt that brings us mojo, I have a new one. I went out Wednesday and got into 3 pretty nice size fish on a flat, and was jazzed to go back Thursday for a repeat session. I tied up a couple more flies identical to the one I was using, which was kinda beat up and Thursday morning took them donwstairs with me. I was loading stuff in my car and put the flies on the roof for a second, and got a distracting text from work. Headed for the office but had to get gas 2 exits down the highway. When I did I saw one of the flies hanging from the rear wiper blade, so I knew what happened and was down one fly. Didn't actually get to go Thursday due to stuff, so fast forward to Friday driving to work. On a busy road I see a tuft of white and since traffic was light I pulled over to investigate. There it was; run over multiple times but still pretty intact. Never thought I'd see that fly again. It looked like crap, but how could I not feel good mojo from it? I went back to the spot I was fishing only to find that in one day a "No Trespassing" sign went up blocking access, that's not good mojo and I wish bad karma on the perpitrator. Undaunted I went to a spot kind of adjacent. The wind yesterday was horrendous, enough to knock me off balance but I had that fly. I struggled to get 60' of line out, and on the second cast I was on. And on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th cast too! Casting just was brutal so after the 5th fish I left, but I think being flattened repeatedly by Michelin radials gave this fly superpowers. My new mojo fly.
  6. When it's too cold for my Wulff Bermuda I use my trusty blue Cortland 333 intermediate WF. It shoots well and doesn't coil at all. Just changed over to the Wulff last week though and it's behaving well now that things are a little warmer. Seems like there is about a 3 week window between the arrival of stripers and being able to use the Wulff...
  7. I can't think of a spot there that didn't give me a striper back when I lived there but it has been a while. The real trick is parking so have him out just before sunrise with the assumption that any piece of salt water he sees has stripers in it. Most of them do, especially at that hour.
  8. I don't know Roccus7 but I doubt very much that was his point, and I agree with his assessment of the analogy. If tarpon had food value the restrictions found in Florida would have been much harder to put into effect because more people would mobilize against it. Sadly to many people fishing = harvesting. Look up some ads from NY party boats, decks full of dead stripers in their ads - the people for whom those ads are effective would probably not care about restrictions on fish they can't eat - but mess with their freezer and they would come out in force. If you mae a law that said albies can only be C&R nobody would care - that would be more similar to the tarpon I think. I'd be happy with a strictly enforced slot, mandatory circle hooks for bait and single hooks for everything through the whole range.
  9. Nice. My 20 yo daughter was there with a ticket she won in a bet. Drove in alone and only got lost for a couple hours ("No I don't need your GPS") lol. Rough night but great experience..
  10. I took a couple pics the first 2 weeks of the season and a couple tarpon pics over the winter, but then I decided to stop carrying my phone with me at all when I go out. I think I got this pavlovian conditioning that if it vibrated I had to check it, and that was interrupting my fishing, so now I leave it in the car. I have to say so far the results have been very calming. I don't do instagram but I do like seeing pics of flies people are tying that come on a FB group I can't remember the name of...
  11. Stop for an afternoon pint at the Salt House too, take it over to the wall and look down into the stream there, not pristine but you'll see trout in there, and eventually salmon upriver...
  12. And then there are the things you just can’t practice on the lawn. My lunch excursion today went to my favorite striper spot, which is only rarely accessible. 2 mussel beds separated by a 200 yd. x 400 yd. flat. You can only get to it 1.5 hours before low and have to get off quickly when the tide turns as the accessible bar disappears quickly. A 2PM low tide is perfect for a long lunch even though it doesn’t happen that much. Anyways on this tide it’s thigh deep and perfect for the BTT Ghost Tip where the flat drains to the ocean . On my 4th cast I got a mid 20s fish, which is as small as they come on this spot. Unfortunately a couple guys in boats saw it and quickly motored my way. Next cast brought a bigger fish, high 20s so I’m in a good sunny mood. Then the practice part… I have some nasty eczema that flares on my hands and when it does it’s bad. Today it’s bad, so I had to wear a full glove on my casting hand. I was casting fine with it, but cast 6 brought a bigger strike. Much bigger. I strip struck and gave it a couple side jabs, so I felt good and it wasn’t long before the fish was taking line going across the shallow water. No issues there until it decided to run right back at me. No way I could reel that fast, and I couldn’t strip that fast with one hand, so I had to use 2. What I hadn’t practiced, and I’m not sure you can, is finding the line with a fully gloved hand ☹ I must have looked like the biggest spaz on earth on that flat, grabbing in all directions to try to find the loose line. 15 seconds was about all it took to lose a really nice fish. I have to admit it was fun having it on, but I’m bummed as I’ve had multiple 27”ers lately but this would have been the year’s first keepah. Seems like as many things as you can practice there’s always that one thing you didn’t lol.
  13. If I'm going to lawn cast I cut an old fly at the bend, one that represents what I expect to use. If I'm getting ready to go tropics I probably want a decent size tarpon fly or even a crab fly on a tapered leader so I can practice turning it over in the wind. I found that if I practice with just yarn or just a leader, when I put on the much heavier fly and longer leader my backcast will tend to drop more than it did with yarn. Plus my cat really likes retreiving stripped crab flies...
  14. Ditto. As if I'm stupid enough to answer their spam to get a card to friggin WalMart...
  15. Like anything you have to define what you're intending to practice before deciding how. Last year when we were invaded with little micros I used that to practice strip striking. This season I'm practicing fishing with leaders designed for the flats instead of my usual 4-6' of 20 lb test. I practice tying knots here at my desk while doing teleconferences. Then when the season ends I like to go to a couple nearby flats in winter conditions to practice trying to cast into nuclear winds. That last one is the only actual casting practice I do per se, but on weekends I throw poppers to largemouth bass which really I look at as practice for fishing mangroves.