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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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    Same as everyone;sit & wait for the Chinese or Indians to replace me.

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    Seacoast NH
  1. Went out front for some lunch action today in Beverly, the water was black with schools of pogies, stretched from Jubilee to Salem Willows to Lynch Park. I couldn't get a fly to sink without snagging a pogie for most of time, when I did there was a schoolie waiting to eat it, but they were pretty small. Went back to a different spot for the drop, no pogies but back to the mid-high 20s fish. Just couldn't believe the numbers of pogies though, wow...
  2. Looks perfect, gonna order up a batch for the fall run!
  3. Cool! I've switched to a short shanked tarpon hook and have similar results, better than the standard 3407 length shank. I was looking at one kind of circle, maybe an Owner mosquito, and it looked like it had an offset that might impeded it swimming straight. It was a small hook, was going to use it for shad...Are yours offset?
  4. Haven't tried tying flies on circle hooks yet, but a lot of my flies do have mashed barbs. Oddly the only fish I've had take flies deep tend to be the sub-20" schoolies. In areas I expect to see those I do use barbless though. Do people tie on circles?
  5. I avoid articles like that lol. I do remember the pig out days when we'd go to a popular Kennbunk river and catch 100 fish in an outing, all schoolies, all "C&R". We just didn't think about post release mortality. After a while we swiched to cutting off flies and poppers at the bend. Now if I get 5 schoolies in a spot I leave. I also stopped fish selfies for the most part, I think especially with this warmer water even that short duration is too much. I've been pretty lucky lately, getting into a nice population of 26-28" fish, release several keepers in 2 weeks, none came out of the water. With schoolies they seem to get more aggresive and sometimes will get that fly past their lips - if it ain't lip hooked I don't even try to get the fly, I just cut the leader, although it doesn't happen that often. The hooks I've been using seem to rust really fast so hpefully that helps. I'm not going to stop fishing, but I will try to put the odds of survival in their favor...
  6. 20 kts was the marine forecast, it was pretty absurd. To give you an idea, 99% of the time I'm throwing 80-85'. I literally could not hit 40' in this. You could go to the other side of the mussel bar and probably roll cast 400', but it was low tide so it would be into mud. My usual rule of thumb is if the wind bends a 9 weight more than the last schoolie I caught it's better to just stay home!
  7. Love that scene, got my first flyrod fish in a similar situation when I was 12. In my 60s now and macs still make me smile. Just happen to be headed down that way today to visit family, and there just happens to be a 4 weight in my car, hmmm...
  8. I'm just over in Newfields, but have been driving to Mass for any decent stripers I've caught this year. Not huge even then, but consistent 25" - 28" fish. Up here it has been awful, even my friends wth boats in Great Bay are not having a great season. OK so that said, there are spots around Peirce that are good too. Google "Striped Bass In New Hampshire" and you'll see an article in Fly Fisherman magazine that's pretty good, I've gotten fish at most of the spots on there. When I am catching here i's mostly 4" or so flies with some craft fur or marabou in the tail fished really slow. Most effective for me here has been olive over white and all olive for when the water is roiled up or it's dark. Don't give up though, we're all struggling a bit this year. When you get enough posts PM me and I'll tell you where I've been getting at least some action...
  9. How big is the lake? The lake I'm on is 273 acres, most of it is less than 10' deep. I catch a lot of LMBs but I would say for every 3 small ones I'll get something over 3#. We don't have many other types of fish, a few white perch and a couple pickerel so not much competition for food.
  10. Wow cool site, saw a couple possibilities. Someone will ask me "How do you do that?" and I feel bad, I have no idea how I do "that". Think I can find him a good birthday present here...
  11. OK I need help (lie down on the couch). Been trying to teach my cousin to cast a fly for about a year and I am just a total failure. I can throw 90' with 2 false casts for hours but I'm not good at explaining/teaching. And having done it forever I've probably incorporated inefficiencies that I somehow have optimized. Took him out today, forecast was for "breezy". 20+ kt. winds right into the right ear, ugh. I felt horrible. I didn't cast for a long time myself, got him getting maybe 30-40', and then just as he asked me what to do if a fish took it I made one cast and was on a 27" striper. I felt bad because yesterday these fish were all within about 40'. So I need to get him a proper instructor, one who knows how to do it. I can set him up with an 8 weight or a 9 weight, whatever line is needed. Beverly to Plum Island is ideal, anyone know anyone, or better yet are any of you guys casting instructors? Thanks, his earlobes will last much longer this way.
  12. Once it shows up I stay out of the woods and at my camp I skip the "mosquito hatch" at 8:45 and drink on the screen porch instead. I've seen it up close and it's probably an overreaction but I won't take the chance
  13. Very cool - crab fly?
  14. Got a small keeper on the bottom of the tide from shore and missed a couple pretty solid takes, but I give- what's a white chin?
  15. It's rare that I watch a movie, but even just watching ads for them it seems like just a search for peddling different takes on violence. Good guys, bad guys, avengers, vigilantes, soldiers, good cops, bad cops, rogue cops, whatever. The thing is, I think attributing any type of conviction or position to these people is giving them way too much credit - they are in it to make a buck and that's it. Whatever slant they think will bring peple in, either from quality or controversy, is what they'll go with. When I started my career it was in the game industry, and even then in the 70s they would bring in kids and shrinks to watch them play tigure out how to "get to them". Things are way more advanced now, in general there are no scruples involved and of the bunch I think this industry is the bottom of the barrel. Their only conviction is making money.