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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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    Same as everyone;sit & wait for the Chinese or Indians to replace me.

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  1. BTW how big are your pockets? Kind of kidding but I got a couple fishing shirts and they definitely hold a bigger box than my usual stuff. I got a magnetic soft sided box from Orvis that fits, as well as a couple of grey Sci Angler boxes that also fit, and there's room for a spool of leader material to boot.
  2. I've done real well at various kitchen outlets, the Container Store, a couple at hobby stores. Butter dishes, soap dishes, etc. Glue in foam, make slits and go.
  3. Similar with tele, started when 1st kid came since I knew I'd be on green trails for a while, might as well learn something new. But tele on ice sucks so there are days when I wind up not really enjoying myself but surviving. Similar with fly fishing. This is the first year in over 50 where I found myself just not enjoying being out there in the conditions I was in. Now granted those conditions sucked and I probably would have been better served drinking beer, but I am wondering if using something else would have made the experience better. Plus I get to buy a whole bunch more stuff and make my wife crazy...haha!
  4. The only thing I've used other than a fly rod was a dropline in 1966, but it's just because that's all I've ever owned. I got my son a spinning rod this summer though and watching him cast out 150-200' with no effort got my attention, even though I got the only fish on a fly lol. I admit I have been eyeing it the last few windy days out, and reading Angler's Journal has me curious about other equipment. Pretty sure I'll give it a try in surf next year. I found an old bait casting reel under my camp years ago, couldn't do much with it but I do feel an itch to diversify.
  5. I tried to go out with my 8 weight fly rod yesterday, not the brightest move I ever made. I got a few casts off but quickly realized it was a fool's errand. Maybe it will drop a little later in the week. I'm OK up to about 15 but over that it's just not fun...
  6. Fishing the shore in NH and Mass this was one of the worst years I've had in a long time, but anytime I was in a boat it was great. Spots that have been great for decades didn't really weren't productive. After last year I thought it would be different but you have to adapt. I did like the juvie bonito showing up, supposedly up to around 16" a little south of us so that will be fun to watch ongoing. Almost November, my line's all tangly, my waders have leaks and my car smells like wet neoprene soon it'll be time to clean another season off me. But not yet.
  7. I stopped at Plum Island in quickly fading light last night and picked one up on maybe my 5th cast. Schoolie but still felt good to have life on the end of the line. I suspect they are still around in NH given water temps but not for long. I think I'll keep it up until I get a week of skunks.
  8. I've always been very stubborn about using the weight line specified for the rod blank, then a week ago I accidentally packed the "wrong" reel with my rod and had to overline it. I quickly realized that maybe I've been working too hard to get the longer casts with the heavier flies, especially with my 9 weight. I'll be throwing a 10 next season for sure... And I know...casting lessons, etc but honestly I'm old and have limited time for that, for me 90' is fine. The heavier line just makes that easier to get for me...
  9. Beaches I fish a usually marked by a long section of shallow water that then drops off. I try to at least retreive 6-10' beyond where it goes shallow although the point where the two meet is usually my best spot. I have had fish hit a fly literally in the sand at the end of an end of day retrieve, but that's a rarity for me...
  10. There was, I thought a pretty good explanation of it in Bernard Lewis' book "The Crisis of Islam". I'd recommend looking there,, Pats and Sox playing so that of course takes priority. It does indeed go back further than Crusades, Inquisition, etc. I don't believe it will ever be resolved though it may go underground for a while. I suppose it did for a while after the fall of the Ottoman empire but anyways natural enemies and violence has always beena part of it.
  11. Respectfully I don't think I described them as aggressors in this incident , but I'm not going to look at them as victins by a long shot since their whole existance seems to be to incite violence. I'm actually surprised anyone on this group is unfamiliar with them since since they are Trump's foot soldiers but if you really aren't it takes looking into. Your statement of "don’t assault people because you don’t like their clothes, skin color, sexual preference or religion." pretty much sums up their mission statement. They are not interested in marching, obstructing traffic, wearing dorky hats (well maybe depending on definition) - they are interested in violence and very good at ensuring it happens. Fact is just as I do not believe there is any such thing as a "Religion of Peace", I don't believe there is any such thing as a "Political Party of Peace" either. If I look at the two "major" religions; Chrisitanity and Islam, both have the ultimate goal of destroying the other and in both there are factions for whom the ends justify the means and their means = violence. I believe in our 2 party system we see the same thing - less pervasive right now but it's there on both sides and neither party really does anything to discourage it. My concern is the belief that from here it can only get worse. I think the antifa guys, well honestly I don't think they have what it would take to become a Weather Underground, but I think there are probably others out there who do and who can emerge. Denying ownership of the polar fringes, as partisans on both sides are doing, while continuing with the level of rhetoric you see in press, in speeches and places like this group, is just giving them a green light with a wink/wink/nod/nod. If that's what people want well it is what it is, but either side pretending to be innocent victims (and using it to justify their own violence) is just BS in my book. Oh well gotta go to work now...
  12. Oh the poor Proud Boys must have feared for their lives on that one lol. Victims. I'm pretty sure I didn't portray the hipsters as victims in that, just as stupid punks who got themselves beat up. That said I do wonder if when you describe the Proud Boys or any of Trump's fine people as victims if you can keep a straight face doing it.
  13. Supposedly the incident was triggered when an ill advised hipster knocked off one of the Proud Boys' MAGA hat. If a MAGA hat doesn't tie you to the leader of the GOP I don't know what does. The Proud Boys will be Trump and the GOP's equivalent of the right wing paramilitary AUC and AGC in Columbia if they get their way. But this is about antifa and the "threatening note" so I digress. I'd say the "threatening note" was a hoax. If the Proud Boys were all assembled in one place, a club, to celebrate the anniversary of a political assasination, it seems they would make a pretty easy target for a group truly bent on violence. Think about how that may have gone if instead of "Antifa" the group in question was the Weather Underground. We wouldn't be talking about a little street fight, likely we'd be talking about much much worse. But that didn't happen; just 3 little punks on the wrong end of a beat down. So I'd say either the note was a hoax from the start or whoever wrote it wussed out at the last minute because if they wanted to escalate their chance was there. Either way it's a pretty big stretch to see them as much of a threat to anyone.
  14. In much the same way the "Proud Boys" are the military wing of the Republicans ? In an earlier thread about Dems getting control I saw lots of people here posting pictures of firearms, which seemed to me to be a bit overdramatic, but I think there are just people whose default behavior is violence or at least the threat of it. Hell our government uses that tactic to get its way internationally, so I guess maybe it's as American as apple pie. It's hardly confined to one party.
  15. I got into a blitz a week ago simar. I was using a floating fly and tney eould savagely hit it with their snout but not eat. Drove me nuts, tben my running line got tangled. As the fly sat dead on the water while I took the tangle out fish on. Almost like they stunned the bait and then ate the ones that weren't swimming.