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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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  1. I would think you have it covered with those rods, at least for stripers/blues/etc. Like Makomakoman said, focus on the line. A line that suits you will make an outfit feel great, one that does not can make a great outfit suck. I like throwing the Wulff BTT in an 8 weight on my 9 weight rods and the 9 weight BTT on my 10 weight rods. I tried several Rio lines and for me they didn't bring joy; there's no 1 size fits all. I threw an Airflo 10 striper line on a Scott Tidal 10 weight and that felt easier than my 8 weight, that combination for me was awesome. Unfortunately it's hard to demo lines and given the cost experimenting can be expensive.
  2. It's your future comb-over
  3. 67 in September. I ride my bike up the hiking trails on Mt. Agamenticus 2-3 times a week. Riding up I feel like I'm 97, riding down I feel 17 and waiting in the ER after I crash I feel like a 66 year old who needs to grow up. My wife only sees that last one.
  4. Do you have a fly called "the olde avenger"?
  5. Key word being "good". We sold in October, hit a home run on that, and downsized. I expected a good bit of work required, and since absentee owner marked every disclaimer "Unknown" I did not waive inspection. Inspector had a good reputation but most of what has cost me $$$ was not picked up. Report said things like "Recommend having an electrician look at it" "Recommend having a plumber look at it" etc. I'd need to hire 3 or 4 more inspectors. I think it cost me like $800 and was not really worth it. What it does do is give you an out on the P&S if you decide not to buy though. Does OP already have a rental lined up? That seems to be the hardest part around here...
  6. I stopped by an upriver spot this afternoon, just to look. I met a nice young man of about 11 who got his first striper yesterday,a 25" fish. He was fishing live bait and was really proud, made my day. His Dad said they've gotten a few shad as well. Blowing like snot so I'll hold off on the flies till tomorrow, maybe hit the trout streams one more time tonight...
  7. Water clarity was the best I've seen in a really long time. A bit concerned over water levels, however, which in my neck of the woods were surprisingly low. Might wait before I put that new prop on lol...
  8. I grew up boating there, still fish there sometimes. Things are generally well marked. Spend some time on a low tide where the 3 rivers dump, many have grounded out trying to "cheat" there over the years or just not paying attention. I put a few years in on the Mac as well, your new area is much more to my liking.
  9. They're all over the shallows in Norway too. Not overly into flies, they follow but have other things on their mind. I'll leave them alone and go home to tie up some leeches
  10. Still there!
  11. I love retirement, but I waited until I was 66 (kids in college). Health insurance is important, know the costs before making a decision. Also get a good understanding about what retirement might mean in terms of getting loans etc in the future. You're young and it's impossible to know the full future. Line up some mental challenges. I started online music theory courses, something I've always wanted to do and the discipline of taking 2 hours in the morning to dedicate to it keeps the mind active and sharp. There are all kinds of cool things to study; boatbuilding is another potential on my list, but definitely add something that you aren't doing now. A good additional idea is make sure to leave the tv off as much as possible, I think it's the worst thing to introduce into retirement.
  12. Not just Maine beaches. Doing our retirement due diligence we looked at places near beaches from SC up to Maine, it's not really feasible for most of us. Add in flood insurance depending where you look and fahgetaboutit. What it will look like in 10 years (or 20) might well depend on whether predictions of sea level rise come true. If they do my guess is you'll see a lot of rich people looking for government bailouts, but I digress...
  13. I got one of the bastids trying to bed into my scalp a few weeks ago. Could have been on the couch from the dog or cat who knows. I stopped on my mountain bike ride this morning to check out a promising looking stream, 2 deer ticks crawling up my leg when I got done. Usually I don't get many when I'm up on the mountain cos I'm riding on rocks and don't get off. 2 sided tape just below the shin guards will be added next ride. The key for me is an obssesive tick check immediately after riding or fishing, first outdoors to check for externals then indoors pre-shower. I've only ever had 2 deer ticks, 1 in Cali in the armpit that burned like hell so easy to find, the other looked like a new freckle on my belly that's how small they are. One of those little beard combs run through your hair will find them if you're particularly OCD (I just use a regular comb cos I'm just slightly OCD).
  14. Agree. I had light colored pants tucked into white socks, so I could see and remove quickly, but permethrin clothing sounds like a dang good idea.