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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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    Same as everyone;sit & wait for the Chinese or Indians to replace me.

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  1. Blue and white for me. I don't actually have any, but I got my first tarpon on that fly so it'll always be my favorite. I should tie some now that you mention it...
  2. I have boxes of flies, especially now when there isn't much to do, but really could go a full salt season from Maine to Puerto Rico with a few basic materials; - Craft fur in white, olive, chartreuse and black - Size 4, 2 and 2/0 hooks - some kind of flash (I'm not picky) - mono thread I think I went 2 full years using just hollow tied craft fur flies in the above sizes. You could substitute bucktail for the craft fur and tie bucktail deceivers and do just as well. I must carry 10,000 different patterns it seems and 90% the time that's the fly I tie on. The others will catch too but I must admit I tie the more complicated ones for fun. I think the material list above could probably be had for well under $50.
  3. The news today said if you can get a documented negative Covid-19 test you can in effect use that as a "passport" in Maine.
  4. I guess I'm just an old English major, I prefer the print. A career IT guy I look at screens all day and love thumbing through current and back issues at night. I subscribe to Tail and Angler's Journal, the latter is not really a FF magazine but I like the non-FF articles as well as the FF ones. I find the writing high quality and reading about guys who dig bait for a living, for example, is sometimes more interesting than another way to imitate a chironamid nymph. I hope they last at least a few more years, until I've lost the 50 pairs of reading glasses I have stashed around the house...
  5. Craft fur minnow, olive/white " ", blue/chart. SF baitfish in midnght blitz Peanut SF high tie white Gurgler These have worked for me from LMB to tarpon.
  6. Last evening I was fishing in a local marsh and a lot of fish were flashing under my flies, following but not eating as well. I put on about a 4" craft fur fly, chartreuse and blue with a tiny bit of flash and fished it deeper and really slow, wound up with 10 or 12 after that but no real size. None of the flies I usually use at that spot could buy me a strike though.
  7. What would your opinion on this law be based on above? Would it be different if a person refused to get tested? Why? "Georgia was one of the 33 states to enact HIV-specific criminal laws under the Ryan White CARE Act, and Georgia’s HIV criminalization laws are still in effect today. These criminal laws have two primary parts. First, the law states that reckless conduct by a person living with HIV is punishable as a felony with up to 10 years in prison, even if HIV is not transmitted.[24] Georgia defines reckless conduct as engaging in any of the following acts without first disclosing one’s HIV-positive status: engaging in vaginal, oral, or anal sex; sharing needles or syringes; offering or agreeing to engage in sexual intercourse in exchange for money; soliciting another person for sodomy in exchange for money; and donating blood, blood products, other bodily fluids, or any body organ or body part"
  8. Very sorry for your loss, so sad. It's different in every state, probably every county but a lot of people are not getting necessary care, some because the hospitals won't take them and some because they don't want to go to the hospital.
  9. Since I'm only 1/3 of the way to shoulder health (best case) I should not fish, but of course I am. I'm finding that using the head section of a Sonar Sink tip fused to braided mono lets me at least cover the salt marsh creeks. That setup also lets me use my left hand to cast - fewer false casts = less coordination required. It ain't pretty casting but I'm not making videos either. For me the cutoff point for actual fly casting seems to be a 7 weight; I can cast that rod with my injured shoulder with no pain for an hour or so. The 8 weight leaves me a little sore so I listen to my body and attempt lefty with the sonar head. Anything higher than an 8 I can't do - the 9 hurts my shoulder and I just can't seem to manage the heavier rod left handed despite spending years trying...
  10. Who says "Starość jest do bani"? My Babci and her sister spent like 20 years going out to the Polish Club every night. It was about a 2 mile walk each way, they would walk there, have one highball and one cigarette, then walk back. Both outlived their husbands by more than 40 years, well into their 90s. Those hunky ladies know something about longevity!
  11. Man I remember we used to get blues like that up in NH & Maine, wish they'd come back. Nice fish, great pics!
  12. Wow we're a hard livin' bunch here!
  13. I was at my house in Oxford county, socially distanced, throwing my 7 weight or at least trying with a honkin' wind in my right ear. I was able to get it out OK, got a couple LMBs on a bunny leach, but it was a lot of work. Nothing coming up for gurglers yet, water still pretty high and cold. Very much like the 8 weight in the salt earlier in the week there were some really ugly casts where my cast coincided with gusts that seemed to come from nowhere. I was thinking of buying a windsurfer, when I did that back in the 80s any time I went out it was a guarantee of no wind. Reverse psychology against nature, it's only silly if it doesn't work...
  14. Another fan of the Wulff BTT, one size under the rod rating for me (so an 8 line on a 9 rod). Beautiful casting line on every rod I try it on...
  15. I'm 64 and got a grade 3 AC separation on my mountain bike on 4/21, my 3rd or 4th on that side. My neck clicks worse than my shoulder from similar crashes. At your age I would at least have it checked out so you don't wind up with worse issues later, and as mentioned do exercises to strengthen all the areas involved (which are more areas than we would assume!). EVS also makes a nice shoulder brace that is popular with motocross guys, I'm looking into one myself for comfort and future protection. I saw them on a popular auction site for around $35...