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  1. Mojo! Once a plug catches its got mojo! Some of my older beachmasters don’t look anything like they did new, but they still catch. Not sure it’s the “patina”, I think it goes way beyond that.
  2. Payment sent!
  3. I can do that. Please send pm
  4. 67.00 for the 3 jrs shipped PayPal?
  5. Great if...
  6. Pearl white
  7. I’ll take these
  8. Just the Gibbs needles left, price drop to 22.00 shipped for both.
  9. Sold. PM coming
  10. I appreciate the offer. I could do 70+7 to ship.
  11. Deal
  12. Best I can do is 50+7 to ship. I’m already losing money at asking price. Thanks
  13. Lot 1,2&5 sold
  14. 50+7 to ship
  15. If all else fails, possibly.