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  1. I’ve had good success using them in the spring around herring runs. Cast like a potato chip, but they catch. I’ve weighted them with nail weights too
  2. 1,2&3 for 150.00 shipped? or just #1 for asking price....
  3. If you find the strap, I’ll take it for 40.
  4. Do you have a lineman’s strap with it?
  5. No scratches on the lenses? Nose rubber good? Rubber over ears is good? If so I’m interested!
  6. If anything below 15000 is US made.....mine is in the 12000s....
  7. Exactly the deal I’ve been looking for, but mine isn’t us . And I just figured out your Promise I’m not stalking you JM
  8. I have a silver vs100 I’d consider swapping
  9. Also interested in other colors and multiple.
  10. Wanna sell the two tattoo separate?
  11. I’m interested in the pencils if you split
  12. Thank you Dennis