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  1. thanks Lucky...but what does that mean for the current and near future housing market??
  2. we have a bunch for reasons for moving at this time. two biggest are to be closer to family/work and we want a bit larger house or at least a house with more than one bathroom. This is a great time to downsize if you can. We are trying to balance our equation to make the most sense for us. a crystal ball would help.
  3. I think you need to caveat your statement (which i agree with btw) that it refers to day time fishing. flat calm isn't always the greatest condition at night but its nota death sentence to a bite either.
  4. therefore bypassing the appraisal review that would normally occur in a traditional mortgage?? no way my house would appraise for the offer we accepted.
  5. i think you are missing a piece of the puzzle...and this is one of the main reasons i posted this. ok lets say you get an extra $40k for the sale of your house. (call it 15% above market) you rent for a year at $2k/mo at the end of your lease the market crashes and overnight houses lose 20% value. so now the $300k house you were eyeing is selling for $240 k. by renting for a year your net gain is actually $60k (devalue of new house) + $16k (leftover from $40k over market profit from sale of your house after paying a years rent ) = $76k Or am i looking at that totally wrong? Of course if it stretches for yearS and the market correction is only a few percent instead of 15% + then that equation is not so pretty.
  6. thanks GIlbey. My Wife is a licensed agent and her strategy was as you stated. list low with a "coming soon" announcement a week before the listing goes live during an open house. As soon as the coming soon announcement was live my wifes phone was non stop. most just trying to get their buyers in to see the house before the open house. we allowed one early viewing 30 minutes before the open house and coincidentally that is the buyer we are now in attorney review with. his final offer was 17% over listing. there were 45 agents that showed up for the open house. we had 12 offers before 8pm that night (a sunday) and 15 more on monday morning. just seems nuts to me.
  7. So what's the thinking here? On a bubble because low rates and low inventory but rate increases will cool things off OR low inventory will keep demand very high until more single family homes are built and the bubble won't burst but slowly deflate back to "normal" OR a recession slumping into depression will cause foreclosures and short sales flooding the market with cheap inventory and will cool things off very quickly. We just listed our house and within 48 hours of being on the market got a cash offer $71k over asking. Our plan is to rent for 12-18 months in the town that we want to move to and see what happens.
  8. definitely a choopy 2h and likely a color he only made to sell at asbury and/or berkely flea markets. his darters were very underrated, they worked everywhere for me.
  9. "till he wasn't"
  10. now now, no need to get hostile every time someone reminds you of your tog whiff. besides, you can and should be funnier. now fgf
  11. nope. its a 10" tall pile i hit with the mower. you would have to have bad eyesight to miss the white plastic, like bad enough to mistaken a 12lb tog for a 20+ kinda bad eyesight
  12. A good size bear **** on my front lawn about once/month (not during winter though) the March and April dump always has white kitchen garbage bag pieces mixed in it.
  13. yours was not that big. sorry.
  14. we still do a pre employment drug test, they just don't test for the ghanja
  15. Same here, fond memories of mid night mass at my grandmothers church in newark . entire procession walking around the church at midnight, bells tolling choir singing all while the hood rats in the park across the street were laughing at us. my grandmother will be 98 in a few months (if she makes it) I got to sit next to her at the table yesterday and walk down memory lane with her a bit.