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  1. i think it's a squirrel hake. not sure that they "sleep" most of the ones i have caught were from the beach at night in late fall early winter.
  2. thats a hickory shad not a sea herring.
  3. definitely YOY sea herring. there was a spot i used to fish early/mid spring that would see millions of them for a few nights. bass would go bananas for them.
  4. i watched this fish rise 3 times before i finally decided i should try to catch him. waded out to the spot and second cast it ate a jig. 18" holdover, very pretty strong fish.
  5. if anyone else posted it i would say yeah sure, but coming from you i assume that there is something wrong with her/him/it.
  6. it may have been discussed prior but what is the religious reasoning by "them" to not get vaccinated? this is different from anti vaxxers worried about autism, but where does religion come in to it? no needles at all or only vaxx?
  7. i don't have anything to offer, just want to say that it sounds like a great trip and i look forward to reading reports.
  8. Way to go Erik. I enjoy bowling even though I suck at it
  9. yup, abuse of policy is determined by managers discretion. i let my staff know that my line for abuse is a "few" fridays or mondays in the same month. Hasn't been a problem yet and the policy is 3 years old, except for the first year it was implemented, one of my survey guys took 5 mondays in a row, i verbally warned him after 3 and then wrote him up at 5, he quit the next week. millenials
  10. this. my company has "unlimited" sick time and 20 vacation days. I tell people that i don't care why they are taking a sick day but they can't take them in advance, if you try to schedule a sick day in advance then it's a vacation day and i will mark it accordingly. if you take 3 or more consecutive sick days you better return with a note from a doctor that states you can return 100%
  11. nice fish. I had that mister twister hat when i was 9 or 10 circa '82-84. i HAD to wear when fishing.
  12. yup that one drives my wife nuts. especially when uttered in a faux soothing voice.
  13. yes. i don't have time for 2' rods because i almost never sit and jig , i am walking and moving a lot. the 5' ul allows me some versatility in jig size ( i also like pimples and other jig spoons) so i only have to carry one rig with me when bouncing from hole to hole. I like to jig the pimple or spoon first in a hole then go down in size and then back to spoon before i walk to the next hole or drill a new one. especially if i am moving a tip up that has been sitting there with a half dead bait for awhile.
  14. if you are fishing a body of water that you know well from a boat and can find contour features while standing on the ice then you really do not need a bottom machine imo. Although i own plenty of tip ups and do set them i prefer to jig with a 5' UL. I like to drill lots of holes and i like to move around. it helps keep me warm and engaged. this is what you will need if you want to fish like me; sled auger (i use hand auger and have no problem drilling 20 holes in a day (depending on thickness of course) ice scooper ice picks for safety, wear them around your neck. 1/2oz lead attached to a alligator clip bait for tip ups jigs wax worms or mousies for jigs (i have used tiny pieces of redworms and they work ok) I also like power bait honey worms. i think thats the basics for the fishing part. It can get pretty boring if you are solo and the fishing is slow, it's another reason why i don't mind drilling lots of holes.