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  1. where are they harvesting local grapes from this time of year? does the definition of local get adjusted seasonally for you? you are the only person in this thread implying that food/grocery costs are trending down. And you are kind of also implying that if the rest of us were better shoppers we would also receive a 20% benefit of decreased costs. lol ok.
  2. this makes sense to me. i'm glad you aren't investing all that much time in to each trip, you seem to be looking for fish on your terms which is totally cool. My uncle won't put on boots unless he sees a bent rod. he has bad knees and a ticker and his days of blind casting on sugar sand are over. He can't see that great at night so even though I might occasionally text him during a bite, he won't ever join me anymore.
  3. if i'm not putting something together in back to back trips i am redoing the game plan. I had a skunk thursday night that has me scratching my head. I will probably get out again thursday this week and if I am not putting it together half way through my trip i am usually pulling a 180 mid trip. How long are these "sessions" that one can go 20 or 30 on a skunk? This is fascinating to me. I only fish once maybe twice a week these days, but back when i was 4-5 nights/ week the worst skunking that i had was 7 days and that was because i hit a sparrow on ocean ave and it got wedged under my windshield wiper, i had to remove it. the bad juju rubbed off on me and took a week or roughly 40hours of fishing for it to go away!! @TimS you ever heard of 20 or 30 trip skunks?? thats some major bad juju!!
  4. but don't change that channel ... more at 11 i have to remind my kids all the time that the job of the tv networks is to keep you watching so they can get higher rates for the ads between "spots" fear is a good way to do that. i like to watch david muir like once a week or so and his tone the entire 30 minutes (except the human interest story at the end) is death dying destruction fear pain despair etc.
  5. I will go out once or twice with a light rod because its fun and usually no one is out. however, you see that pic in Tim's avatar? That fish was culled out of a mad dog bite of 20" fish. I am being generous with 20" too. There was a good chance his fish was looking for a striper meal. not saying it's a normal occurrence to see big fish traveling with dinks but ya never know. btw, that fish was taken on a rigged rubber eel even though they don't work on the Cape. Pretty sure it was his first cast with the thing also? @TimS
  6. turkeys caught on mag darters don't count.
  7. this. they were only coming in when the wave would break to feed in the first part of the white water, not in the washing machine. sometimes they are in the washing machine (not usually the conditions i was fishing, it was a touch shallow for that amount of whitewater. ) sometimes they sit in the trough and like the calmer water. and then sometimes you have to cycle through these and just grind through some casts and pay attention to what you are doing so when you get a hit you piece together which variables may have been in play
  8. Had 13 in the dark last night. Out front and back. One over, 3 slot and the rest under. timing waves in the dark was a challenge but when you got it right you knew it would result in a bite
  9. late report from sunday night. found a very fun picky sand eel bite with RichS. only 18 fish landed between us but we were alone, in the cold and dark getting occasional bites and landing fish 6-15 lbs and lost a couple that felt better. fun stuff. not the wide open bites occurring recently but a decent night.
  10. i dont fish days, maybe a sunset or sunrise her or there. this is nj. lots of people and lots of ignorant balloon knots. If you go out during the day you must expect that. if not , then you are kind of ignorant i think. we are not brothers and most guys are so competitive that being top dog is their main motivator. of course people are going to jockey for position and not care about you and what you were doing. This doesn't mean that you should, which I don't but I also can't not comment and fishing by myself most of the time is recipe for me getting my ass kicked. Night time is it for me until my son is a bit older and he and i are doing the milk run together. have fun out there fellas, enjoy the blitzes when everyone is respectful and cheering each other on and try not to kill anyone in the ugly ones.
  11. its a coast lock. its what i use and have been since about '04 I also use crosslocks but coast locks are better
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