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  1. Very sorry for your loss.
  2. 8 bass and two blues inside last night 6pm-11:30pm on jigs and small swimmers. the bass were cookie cutter 6-7lbers just short. the best part of my night was finding a new spot. been fishing the area a long long time and a new spot is something that gets me very excited especially since i was able to use relatively light tackle.
  3. my kids are doing better with this than my wife!! My daughter and son have each other and except for a couple times a day at most they are each others best friends and playmates. they are 7 and 4 and are doing well with at this point. short memories and all that means that this is becoming normal for them. last night my son told me he missed his one friend in pre school ( he only has one friend) they have stopped asking to go to the park or the beach or any place else that may not be a good idea. they look forward to our time together and their own time together more than pre covid. especially now since they are playing outside almost all day when the weather is nice. kids their age are flexible and resilient at the same time so they will be ok
  4. i learned how to cast conventional on a stock 155 and 20lb mono. if you can become proficient using that you can cast any conventional.
  5. so bill gates and other world financial leaders and governments are trying to control the population by introducing a fake novel virus to get us all to take a vaccine that will kill 15% of us? is there more?
  6. i'm gonna get 25-35% more work done today!
  7. what am i looking at here? I pretty much do something stupid every trip. sometimes it's very minor, sometimes more severe. thankfully the hospital hasn't been involved yet!!!
  8. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  9. Wild. got 2 hours to play with some of the locals. missed a couple of better fish, was still lots of fun.
  10. how's it coming along Mick? I'm looking forward to one concise theory that ties it all together. Hopefully soon before the human race crumbles into oblivion. thanks for this
  11. i did that a month ago. sut them down and made ham steaks and froze them. easier for me to deal with ham steaks than a whole 9lb ham.
  12. Hello??
  13. Surprisingly you were doing it wrong
  14. where is the thread? DM? i feel so left out.
  15. a guy who works for me lost his **** on 3/12. we had a couple positive confirmed cases in the place and he just lost it. had a complete mental break. I didn't want him back but HR said that if he wants to come back he is welcome. it took about a week but he is marginally better. I mean he is still bananas but he has learned some things that help him cope like tai chi and some weird cosmic type music that he listens too all the time. He doesn't pose a threat now but he is way loopy and i doubt i will ever see the guy he was before this again. strange times effect people in strange ways.