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  1. Years ago I was in the same situation. I traded my car to a bigger one and surrendered few months old sticker. I presented my registration documents and was told to update my records from the computer and they gave me a new sticker. You got to give em a cute smile, ask help politely, with positive vibes.
  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing!
  3. VBFPier rumored to have produced king mackerel this summer, RudeInlet for basic species, Sandbridge, & BBNWR for possible red, cobra, rays, shark, Spanish mackerel & basic species. Marinas for last minute charter walk in. Have fun!
  4. The smaller the bulk of the spool the better, the brakes works effectively if there is less mass in the spool to stop. That is why I advise not to spool the line to much. you can try half spooling it and see if improves your distance. Now that I looked closely (& apologise) at your reel setup, I think its in the heavier side. I recommend a Daiwa coastal reel spoiled w/ 15-20lbs braid of your choice. Even the 50bucks Abu baitcaster will do the trick just wash it every outing and will serve you well. Swimbaiter is spot on his suggestion ns but I rather half spool the reel than putting tape on it. Good luck.
  5. Loosen the spool a bit, start with full 8 pins brakes engaged and work your way down. If that doesn’t work, I would use 15lb braid for the lure you’re using. Don’t overfill the spool and use finger nails to thumb the sidewall of the spool. good luck!
  6. The rod rating for prevail 12’ is 4-8 ounces of lure, bait & weight. If you are throwing less than 5 ounces you are not using the full potential of the rod. Throw out at least 5 ounces and make the rod bend when casting. Get rid of your 20 pound leader and replace it with 3-4 feet 50-60 lb fish finder rig or top bottom rig. If you can only cast 3oz and less you are better off with 10-11 footer medium rod & a 30lb braid. Practice Brighton cast or Hatteras cast. If you can’t do pendulum or Off The Ground cast. Good luck mate!
  7. Is there any reports of the virus in eastern MD or VA? Careful out there and use mosquito repellant products! I didn’t mean to spoil any plans but rather raise awareness. Tight lines....
  8. Get yourself a Greenland paddle and take kayaking slowly if you have injury.
  9. Took me 10 minutes to land. I tried to stop with my thumb, bad idea, almost burn my thumb with mono line. Took a quick picture and release without measuring I'm guessing up to 40". The drum action early spring is the best I got both my kids pumped up reeling 25" to 28" black drum.
  10. If Fishingman rescind his offer again, I'll take that other one! Excellent reel, got mine tested over the week end out of the box and wanted another one. Thanks Mapluggin!
  11. Perhaps I'm one of those person. Thank you if that was you! I got offered bait by couple gentlemen one with a pickup truck and his wife the other with his Dad on a jeep wrangler. You guys are so generous! I'm not used to seeing folks with large cooler half filled with bait :). The first thing that came to my mind was to use it as a fertilizer. I'm so happy with the fish bites strips, a pack of frozen bunker, fleas and work my way up to the food chain :). Caught a bunch of blow fish, the nasty looking ones, a dogfish and a good size kingfish then left before low tide. There too much grass in the couple of holes I picked at short cast. I was in obx auto parts store parking lot trying to reload my car with Freon gas, the was car running when the wind blew my door shut leaving my cellphone inside. Since then a key in lanyard, and that habit of unlocking all doors and opening windows enough to reach the door locks works well for me.
  12. I am sorry to hear your experience. Is your order a specialized one that is build with carbon fiber materials? I do admire your patience though and waited that long. Like you I was eyeing that new scupper pro14 but saw kaskazi kayak online, gave my offer and got it. There are better boats out there so keep your eyes on other options. Thank you for sharing your experience/warning.
  13. I’ll take it $225 shipped to 20878.
  14. That'll slow down the bite down south a bit.
  15. If you are comfortable with overhead cast, try making that straight arm to be your pull arm and drop the push arm to your shoulder. That way you get that push and pull technique that Tommy was talking about. If that doesn’t help, add your knees and bend them both during power stroke. The idea is to use your body weight much like the fulcrum catapult.