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  1. Surfcaster732 PM does not work for you.
  2. I'd like to spearfish. Cant PM you.
  3. Looks like image upload does not work on mobile.
  4. MoCo 8-11:30 PM. A lot of small skates, then short 23 around 10:15, then nothing and then got this beauty 32 at 11:00.
  5. MoCo 8:30-10PM. 2 shorts 23 and 20.
  6. Can you catch squid on bucktail? How do you know that they are around?
  7. Is it from surf or a boat? Would like to catch some squids too.
  8. MoCo 5-9 AM flat like a lake, no fish, no bait. Only small skates around. Didn't see anyone catching anything.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ChumSlickJon How many times have you been keyed onto a consistent bite? Are you asking about striped bass? Not too many, may be 4-5 times. And every time those were not keepers 23-26 range, fun but pointless. Got only one keeper so far. At least there are other species around, otherwise surf fishing would be hopeless in NJ.
  10. Found the message. Thanks.
  11. And I don't have permission to write a private message. Why is that?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Sudsy You're young or new to fishing aren't you ? I've seen it happen many times, you will too. Someone has to be a Lookeemee aka Mr. Goodguy type and the next night that spot that only fished about 4 guys max has a dozen guys all over it. It sucks to have found a bite then not be able to fish it because some clown has to open his mouth. Now, do the math, this thread has had 31,500 views since it started 7 days ago - that's 4500 views per day If 1% of the people who saw the post on any one day decide to go there that night that's 45 people. That would be 4 guys on every jetty in all of Deal + Allenhurst on top of the guys that would have been there already - in other words, now you have to go find somewhere else to fish. I saw Atlantic ocean 2.5 years ago for the first time. Surf fishing since then. Have never seen a crowd on a jetty. Saw may be 5-7 people at most, standing and not catching anything, are they there because they heard or read some rumors somewhere? And there is no one at the same spot the next day... Add some rain or wind and there is no one on the entire beach. Anyway, my point is, when I'll decide to take a vacation and to try fishing in another state and will ask for some help, the last think I'd like to hear is: "Help yourself, we have the rules and will not tell you anything".
  13. Miegle nice pictures. Thanks. Two problems, only the first picture might look like made in NJ and the second one, it is really hard to believe that you can find that crowd at that spot at any given time. Surf fishing is tough in NJ, you have to work hard to get a fish. Or that just me, not lucky enough fishing at wrong spot?