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  1. Nope. We had two layoffs. I got scooped up in my he second one. Therefore I’m amongst the first group eligible to be called back. Im still three to six months away from that happening. And two months of unemployment remain.
  2. Yup. Right up my alley. Aerospace, power gen (gas and Nuke), Nuke Submarines, and back to Aerospace. Id hire myself.
  3. I’d just be happy to figure out a way to get a resume to Ct. Better to be ahead of the curve. Between GE Aviation and the upcoming P&W. Machinists in my locale will be looking much better.
  4. Clear coated. Will make sense when the Cypress floors go down.
  5. I’m a cheap bastage.
  6. The piece I watched on WLOS last night didn’t mention anything of the sort.
  7. Another nice piece.
  8. Expanding to near my home in Asheville. That makes this laid off Aerospace Machinist very happy. It’ll be a boost to all Manufacturing in this area.
  9. Well played Mr. President.
  10. As for all purpose all around 5wt. My vote would be for one of the following two options. Sage RPL or Sage XP. Both can be had used under your budget.
  11. ^ Knows his stuff. I agree completely. They fish well above their price point.
  12. Folks are home getting stuff done. I been laid off since June over this attempt to undo Trump. Yard and house is looking good.
  13. I live about 15 miles away. There was 25 ass kissers that attended. Everyone here is tired of the Left.
  14. Looks good. Here’s one to try. Mix up a small batch of Bisquick into a pancake batter. To that add one sleeve of crushed crackers. Ritz or Saltines. I actually prefer saltines. Add in two pounds of ground Hen Clam meat. Mix well. Heat oil to 350. Drop it in by the teaspoon.
  15. Out of Nevada. There’s some fine sipping stuff in these parts. These boys did a fine job. I approve.