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  1. Officially out of control. Will be adding dividers as soon as I can decide how I want to accomplish it.
  2. Doctors have pills to fix that.
  3. Frank honestly your decades long man crush on Tim is embarrassing. Give it a rest.
  4. Years upon years of far too much leeway. Tim nailed it finally. I'd guess the end of the rope is near?
  5. Send em all to Epstein Island. Heck take Frank along and use him as a Piñata daily.
  6. Last night's smoke. Not Cuban not bad at all.
  7. Her entourage recently rented my brother's camp in Rangeley for ice fishing. He sent me this picture. I'm certain she was in fact there.
  8. Tad chilly but nothing drastic. The current situation does not suck.
  9. Made and bottled in Lewiston, Maine. We referred to it as "the dirty Lew" .
  10. That'll likely be a recurring giggle for some time. Much appreciated.
  11. The absolute only part of all this that pisses me off is as follows. If we're gonna save an Oil producing country. I want my gas at .35/gallon.
  12. You'd have gotten a twofer with a can of pepper spray. And the LE's would have given you a high five. Next time go loaded for Bears.
  13. I want all the wasted funds back in the till.
  14. Let's put the Hooker out there. At this stage what do we have to lose. Clown show.
  15. Seriously now. Settle down mouth breathers.