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  1. I have one and it’ll never leave. Call the guys at Kittery Trading Post. If anyone has em it’s KTP.
  2. Having a decent rapport with the Mgr. of my local ABC stores has paid off. I am unable to stay away from this stuff. Gonna be sad when the inevitable last pour happens.
  3. please send an email address for pictures

  4. Pictures of the accessories please.
  5. I’d be happy to own these.
  6. How about an even $25 so I can contribute to your next book purchase?
  7. I’ll take em please.
  8. I believe I have the step by step instructions to Jim’s Pollock in my tying room. I could make a copy of them and mail it out to you. Or post pictures here?
  9. I’d love the recipe to tie some up.
  10. Drooling over here. One of my inspirations to tie classic wet flies.
  11. Jesus this joint is circling the ****.
  12. The Winston micro Spey isn’t gonna be in your wheelhouse. Good luck.
  13. Your very welcome. And thanks for the time and consideration.
  14. Excellent. I’m gonna make your day. Many years ago after losing my wife to cancer. Like 2007. A group of strangers here on SOL had a fund raiser on my behalf. I’ve never forgot that kindness. And since then I’ve tried to pay things forward as best of my abilities. A short time ago I was gifted an older Renzetti Traveler. For a right handed person. It seems like passing this Vice to you on the house would be appropriate. It’s a little tarnished from sitting. But it still functions as it should. If you can hang on until Saturday I’d be honored to send it your way.
  15. What handed fly tier are you?