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  1. Ill take the Cortland Tarpon 12 please.
  2. Ill Take both if for some reason maddish doesn't.
  3. Ill take these. PM me for payment please.
  4. Thanks. How much for these 2 and the smaller yellow one in the other picture?
  5. Im looking for 2-3 Little Neck sinking poppers for a trip. Any colors or weights will work. Let me know if you have a couple to move. Thanks
  6. LAST TRY - ANYONE....?
  7. Yes lids included. Sending pm. Thanks
  8. Take your pick. Rocks rambler and one of the 20's if still interested.Thanks
  9. Sorry. Yes. Busy day. Didn’t get pics. I will send shortly
  10. Ill Give up a rocks and a 20. Im in upstate NY. Ill get pics in the am.
  11. I Have some 20 oz ramblers. None new but have tops - with stickers and without. Also have some of the rocks glass ramblers and a colster that I don't use. All Yeti. I could use another 30oz. Any interest? Thanks
  12. Its the 4 pc model correct? Model TSRS100M4 Travel? If it is and is new, PM me with payment info. Thanks
  13. Would really like the 10' St Croix Triumph. But will look at anything really. Headed to CR for Roosters. Please let me know if you have anything to move. Thanks
  14. Bump. $30 for Shimano. $65 each for Quantum Reels. $30 each for Quantum rods.