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  1. X2! The chip/dent won't be responsible for catching or not catching fish...
  2. Best eelies out there!!!
  3. Im drooling over that popper and the small surfster
  4. Whats up bud, long time since I've seen you post. Sweet plugs, all would sell fast.
  5. Can we see a pic of the hairless terrier, Drew?
  6. Sold! Pm coming shortly.
  7. Hey bud, I can let go of one of mine. It has some hook rash - oldie, you can put a fresh coat of hard as nails and will look new - or fish as is. $170 shipped and insured.
  8. I believe they will continue their online shop, or did they decide against it?
  9. Can you take a better pic of the redhead spoonlip? who is the plugbuilder?
  10. How much for SS gold bottle and parrot pencil?
  11. Pm coming. Thanks for grabbing these.
  12. I'll move aside bud. Cheers!
  13. Thank you for the offer but I just listed these. Price will remain at $65 for now.
  14. t0phtrt - yours! PM coming.