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  1. How much for these: second row #2 and #3, third row #10, 4th row #6 and 6th row #4?
  2. Bottle if you decide to split, glws.
  3. Would you sell just the blue and green?
  4. Very interesting. Beautiful pack of dogs you have, but I like him the most.
  5. Would you consider $45 for lot 3?
  6. Marc, I’m interested in the bottom one - is the lip stamped?
  7. Any more? Seconds, just in case.
  8. Wow Jamie! Very impressed. That watermelon donny...
  9. Andrew, I had a 6" Sr pencil in this color that did serious damage until I lost it to a good sized fish. Those are fishy!
  10. I need to try this out!!
  11. Gorgeous Malinois!!
  12. No rattles? $30 shipped?
  13. X2! The chip/dent won't be responsible for catching or not catching fish...
  14. Best eelies out there!!!