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  1. First time turning a Pikie.
  2. First time turning a Pikie. I think it came out pretty good. 6.5"
  3. Thank you everyone. My cut was pretty centered and my hole is below center I attached a picture to show it. I'll post my next few.
  4. Hello all, I have been working with wood my entire life and have been a fresh water fly guy for years. I salt water fished when I lived in south jersey years ago and when i was on ibsp with bait, plugs and flies. I've recently relocated to south Jersey with the family. So since i started more salt water fishing and i have a lathe I figured why not. Here is my first attempt at turning a Danny. Please critique the shape. The through drilling was the easy part ( can see though the plug). I have a few lips so I picked a danny 2. I think a 1 might be better. It's a 6" plug. I also think I'll do 1 hook instead of my first though of 2. Let me know how i did.
  5. They look great. Add eyes to them. Predators key in on them. I believe it helps. Jeremy
  6. Hello put_um_back, Length 13'3, its classified as an 8 wt. It weighs 9.2 oz. The line weight it is classed at is 500-650 grain Jeremy
  7. Price drop. 425.00
  8. I can definitely do that! Let me work on it Jeremy
  9. Do you have a pic or a link to one Roddy? Jeremy
  10. Thanks guys. Yes the thick end is the head. I though the pics was the other way. The hardware will be here next week.. Ues definitely alot to take in when new.
  11. Hello all, I've been turning on the lathe for about 3 weeks now. Tonight i decided to change pace and turn a plug. I chose a danny style. I don't think it came out to bad for my first try. It's out of a pine 2x2. Please give all the feedback you can. I've always been a fly tyer. Now I'm into plugs. Jeremy
  12. Up for sale is an excellent condition Tfo Pandion for sale with a Lamson Guru reel. It is like new. This is a 700.00 set up. Asking 450.00 obo.
  13. I have for sale an excellent condition Tfo Pandion. It casts like a dream. It includes a Lamson Guru Reel. This is a 700.00 set up. Asking 450.00 obo
  14. Like Local I use Gamakatsu sl11-3h in all sizes for them. Super sharp hooks. I do another bait fish pattern with ss15'S. Jeremy
  15. I use Spro or Sampo.