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  1. Keep the BSB alive on the stringer until you are heading back. Then slice under the gills shortly before landing while they are on the stringer/in the water. Transfer to cooler. Don't know about RI, but you are not allowed to put stripers alive on a stringer in MA.
  2. +1 on Revo 13. I am the same size as you and fish only in the salt. It is stable as hell. And it looks and paddles like a regular kayak, unlike many other pedal kayaks that are essentially tugboats with lawn chairs strapped to them. And try to do a demo in the water, pedal AND paddle the kayaks and see for yourself.
  3. Like I said, there are many other articles. Here are a few more. There is a lot of research backing this up. I'm sure more studies will be published soon with more legalization and users coming into play. Yes, being a good parent should, in theory, prevent issues such as this one. But it's hard to detect a smokeless THC vaper disguised as a USB drive, or a pack of harmless looking edibles. I'm not even mentioning the potential for driving impairment - I'm sure many people will bring up "but texting and alcohol are worse" arguments. There has been decades of PSA's and campaigning to educate the public about driving drunk or and recently texting. I have not seen anything on driving while under the influence of marijuana. Was no money allocated for such a campaign? The thing about Public Health is that is about the public as a whole - something larger than yourself. I think the majority of pro legalization people are thinking of personal use with a "what's the big deal if I wanna get stoned" attitude. But the impact on society will be much larger and will probably be recognized many years from now.
  4. I’ll just throw in my 2 cents: my concern with cannabis and related products is specifically regarding children and teenagers. With vaping being all the rage right now, transition to vapers with cannabis is basically a given. It has been scientifically proven that cannabis harms young human brain permanently. Here is one article and there are many others: So, what’s more important, our temporary indulgence as adults to get stoned or the health of young people who are the future of this country? Sure, teens abuse alcohol, cigarettes, painkillers, and other drugs too. But why legalize another option that is easily accessible to them? The THC vapers are virtually undetectable. I don’t think the people of MA were given the full story. And billions of dollars of cannabis lobbying easily swayed the voters. Make no mistake, this is not about personal freedom, it’s all about money and lining the pockets of the big investors.
  5. As a Revo 13 owner, I wouldn't consider that an "upgrade"
  6. I'll just throw out a different suggestion: if you have never been on a kayak at all, you may consider renting a couple of different models (maybe ones rigged for fishing) for test trips, before investing in a kayak you may not end up liking. It's even possible that you may dislike kayak fishing, period. Many shops will let you demo for a small fee that they would waive when you purchase from them. Just a suggestion.
  7. I'd think that it may not work as well with macs. They seem to be more fragile than pogies. I've kept pogies alive on a stringer for many hours - they are hardy. Macs may need a little more protection from bouncing around and getting squashed. PVC tube with holes works well for macs, so still no strong reason to get the bait well (cost, weight, takes space, dealing w/ another battery, etc.)
  8. There’s also the statistical fact that most deceased kayakers are found separated from their kayaks, not tangled up around them.
  9. Total thread hijack/digression, but I couldn’t help sharing this freaky practice of harvesting horseshoe crab blood for medical testing. Fascinating, in case you didn’t know the scale of this operation.
  10. Never had much luck with them, but a lot of people swear by them for fishing at night, probably more so from a boat or a kayak. They are expensive, pain in the neck to keep alive and deal with.. Most bait shops will carry them, just bring a bucket with holes on top cover and some bagged ice inside. If you put them on loose ice, you'll need a double bucket, so the water drains from the inner perforated bucket to the outer bucket, otherwise they "drown". And bring a scotch brite pad to handle them while fishing; they are extremely slippery. PITA...
  11. It’s poor customer service that will cause that. Like putting out advertising luring people and refusing to honor it. And Bass Pro is a corporate operation; he’s not hassling a mom and pop shop. I personally would have just given up and moved on, but everybody is different.
  12. That’s pretty lame. Good luck to BP in keeping their brick & mortar stores with this kind of attitude.
  13. You can also ask them to throw in a cart or some other accessory worth $$. My local dealer did that and it wasn't even a demo model.
  14. I did something stupid today and almost burned my house down, so just posting this as a PSA. I own 3 12V batteries that I recharge and use with my kayak on a regular basis. So I’m used to handling them. I had this 10 year old 12V battery that had come out of a Verizon FIOS ONT box that had been sitting on my basement floor. It had expired (ONT was beeping saying so), so I had replaced it with a new one years ago. As part of basement cleanup, I threw in a bunch of stuff in a clear heavy trash bag along with this old battery. As I was moving the bag around, I noticed a flash inside and a small flame. I quickly took the battery out and put out the fire. A metal scrap shorted the battery terminals and started a fire inside the bag. This really fraked me out. What if I had just left it in there and went upstairs or if what if I had used a black trash bag and did not see the flame? These things are hazardous, take extra care to make sure the terminals are protected and nothing conductive can possibly fall on them to start a fire.