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  1. What I’d do is get a conventional reel and rod for jigging bucktails and a spinning set up for casting lures. I use 7’ tiger lites for both, cheap, functional and reliable.
  2. That should provide a nice "uplift" to the kayak
  3. Why not do a demo on the water and then decide? My '15 Revo doesn't have reverse and it's not a big issue for me, even though I mostly troll around exposed rock ledges. In a problem situation I usually use my paddle, meaning pushing the paddle against a rock that I don't want to crash into. A few times I had to use the butt of the rod to push the yak away from a rock. Not a problem for Tiger Lites
  4. Need a semi dry top. Have gotten away with other jackets over the Kokatat dry pants but it’s time.
  5. Maybe the reason we don't see too many black kayaks is that the plastic may get too soft absorbing the solar heat? Just a theory... These new kayaks are turning into SUVs of the sea. Unnecessarily big and bulky with lots of varying colors and protrusions to make them look cool. Kayaks should come in basic colors and be simple, functional, and sleek. I know some people love their barges for back water, which is great. For the ocean, K.I.S.S.
  6. Did someone say this guy had a heart attack? That sucks. I kayak fish by myself quite a bit and always wonder if something like that could happen. This guy wasn't being careless, he was just unlucky. Not everyone has the opportunity (or willingness) to fish with a buddy. I guess the reality is that life is short and anything could happen at anytime.
  7. How do you gauge the horizontal distance of the fish or structure from where the boat is? Is there some kind of scale? Or do you make a guess and just head in that direction?
  8. The reason why a lot of name brands sell dark roast coffee is that it's easier to conceal the fact that they use low quality beans that were roasted a long time before they get to the store shelves. I prefer medium roast that is brewed dark (less water), so it's strong, but not bitter or burnt tasting.
  9. I buy green/unroasted coffee beans online from a company called Sweet Maria's. Costs about $6/pound. I roast them in one pound batches in a "whirley pop" popcorn popper on the stove. I fitted the top of the pot with an old drill, so I don't have to turn it manually. Takes about 12 minutes and creates a lot of smoke, so you need a good exhaust hood or do it outside the house. And once you have home roasted coffee, you will be hooked. Everything else will taste like garbage. Good winter activity as well, until the fishing season begins
  10. That worked really well with the opioid crisis. People can totally be trusted to be responsible users of any drugs. There will be no overdoses of people from all walks of life, no time taken by law enforcement and EMTs, hospitals, no heavy toll on society, no breakdown of civilized life as we know it. Which prompts the quesion, why legalize one drug and not the others? The only variation is the level of high.
  11. What are you basing this on? If someone told you about the current opioid crisis 10 years ago, that regular prescription medicine would push addictive painkillers onto the public and cause tens of thousands of ODs, would you have believed them? When talking about cannabis, we keep imagining the stereotypical chill guy smoking a joint and minding his own business. But this now comes in many concentrated formats - smokeless vaping (already cause of 2 fatal MA crashes and an epidemic among young children), edibles, juices, etc. You think that the same public who got hooked on painkillers so easily won't be tempted to try a cannabis gummy bear? And will they not want more and more of it, fistfuls of it, once they get a taste of the high? And will some of them not get in their car and cause accidental deaths? Yes, alcohol is also bad when abused. Doesn't mean we need yet another abusable substance in public to make things worse. Regardless, it's the law of the land now. I'm just complaining about certain aspects that could have been discussed and planned better before it was put on the ballot. I don't think the public was given the whole story.
  12. Liquor stores or bars are not banned, because they are heavily regulated/controlled where, for example, an establishment that serves someone who's already had too much to drink would lose their liquor license. Years of pain, suffering, and tragedies have taught our society to keep up with the heavy regulation and law enforcement. Why can't these lessons be applied to cannabis? Everyone seems to be caught up in this myth that while, for example, it is generally considered a terrible choice to drink (or text) and drive, it looks to be somewhat acceptable to get stoned a bit and drive. Shouldn't they be equally unacceptable? Where are the PSAs about this? We could all acknowledge that people have been buying drugs from dealers, pretty much everywhere. If your argument is to then legalize the drugs (since people are buying them secretly anyway), then why we are also not legalizing heroin and cocaine? They are also plant-based. They are also used medically. What is the difference? More importantly, who makes the decision as to why one plant-based drug is acceptable whereas the other one is not?
  13. You would think that civilized humans would learn from past experiences, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Not when billions of investing and lobbying dollars are involved. Vehicular crash fatalities don't all occur in fast highway speeds. A stoned driver (not necessarily smoking, but maybe vaping, consuming an edible, or some other seemingly harmless format) on his way from a dispensary is perfectly capable of killing a kid on a bike at a 20 mph speed. Which is why most towns in my area have banned (no moratorium, straight ban) dispensaries. Minimize the risks, what else can we do? For the past 40+ years, the risks of alcohol DUI has been drilled into our heads. No such public awareness or education campaign with cannabis products. It is as if they are harmless and magical, with no unintended consequences whatsoever. It was irresponsible for the legislature to put the ballot question out without such a campaign. Too many pockets were lined with cash. I'm sure the mistake will be address after a few thousand deaths.
  14. You’ve probably heard on the news: 42 yr old woman driver plowed into pedestrians and killed a 5 year old in Revere. Was vaping CBD oil. No comment.
  15. Personally, my concern is young people. If an adult wants to use cannabis (or anything else for that matter), it's his/her free choice. But it's unfair to kids that we are making this substance far too easy to acquire in undetectable ways. Everyone is in agreement that the young brain is not ready for cannabis and there are life-long consequences. You may refute cancer, addiction, DUI, etc. arguments, but the impact on the young brain is proven science. This is a powerful substance. With vaping, integration into edibles and juices, it will be easy to over-consume and can have devastating consequences. Yes, kids do drink alcohol, smoke, even steal pills and get hooked on heroin. But we try to make it difficult for them as a society to do those things. By legalizing cannabis, we are making it easy and undetectable for it to be distributed down the chain. To me, there is not much difference between a young person getting painkillers/opioids, liking the state of being high, wanting more and stronger highs, and keeping on going and going. Explain to me how cannabis is different.