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  1. FWIW, I carry my Revo 13 on the roof rack of my Tacoma, since I'm OCD and don't like it hanging off the bed. I also like to put all the fishing gear in the bed and keep the inside of the cab clean. I built a simple roller attachment that slides onto the tailgate, and the kayak slides up easily onto and down from the roof rack.
  2. All good advice. You can also stick some pool noodles, foam or an inflatable cushion in the bow for added safety. I used a 12' Pungo SIK for years - great kayak, could carry it on one shoulder. But not all SIKs are seaworthy.
  3. Write to PayPal and say that you will be filing a complaint with the MA Attorney General's Office - Consumer Division against PayPal for verifying and allowing PayPal use by a known scammer. That should do it.
  4. That seems legit. You should definitely put in your personal and financial information on that website.
  5. Good effort, but he was destined to fail
  6. Both my teenagers did the day-long boating safety / license course and it’s very educational. I bet half the boaters out there don’t know the stuff these kids learned. Should be mandatory. That said, nothing will stop a fool from taking out 8 people on a high speed cruise at 3 am in the harbor.
  7. The tugboat obsession continues...
  8. I thought it was karma when one of the spot-burners that was constantly posting about that spot and about getting "free dinner" had his kayak fall off his trailer while crossing the bridge. If you're talking about "Bones", he's such a cool guy and I'm thankful that he shared his knowledge. I wish everyone was good about keeping it to themselves without constant bragging on social media.
  9. Last year was a zoo down there - it seemed like 2-3 times the number of yakkers compared to the previous years.
  10. Looks like the V1 chain is available for $30 at Austin Kayak.
  11. I like the Thule Slipstream product for the reasons mentioned above. It's essentially an adjustable frame that connects to your roof bars. It has a sliding inner frame with a roller which pulls back to clear cars w/ rear spoilers above the hatch. Once loaded, the inner frame, with the kayak on, is pushed forward and locked in place. This system also helps spread kayak support points for cars with roof bars are that are too close. I'm now using it on my Tacoma, but had it on my previous Rav4. They are discontinued, but pop up on CL for cheap every once in a while. The suction cup rollers are not reliable. I used a popular model and even made a DIY one. It's a just a matter of time until they fail and your kayak falls off during un/loading.
  12. I know that you're asking about kayak fishing, but if you decide to live it up a little and get a charter with your wife, I can send you the name of the guy who took us out of Jensen's Marina in Captiva. We stayed inshore and caught spanish mackerel, sea trout, etc., oh and a 150 lb. tarpon on the very last cast inshore.
  13. I fished from a 12’ Pungo SIK for a number of years - nothing wrong with your kayak. If you hadn’t anchored, you would have been fine, following the contour of the water and balancing yourself naturally. By anchoring at mid point, you put the kayak parallel to the current, without any ability to adjust/balance. This is why I never anchor...
  14. You can also get something like a Thule Slipstream, which is basically a frame that's secured to the cross bars. It would spread out the actual kayak bearing points. It also makes rear loading easy with the sliding roller. I found one CL for pretty cheap and it works great.
  15. The ratcheting front/end 1/4” tie down ropes on Amazon make it pretty effortless and they come with S hooks on both ends.