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  1. Given the cards that he was dealt, I'd say Baker is handling the crisis as good as it can be. Nobody is happy about the consequences of the pandemic. People across the globe have their lives turned upside down. It's easy to blame it all on one person.
  2. Depends on direction. 10 mph Northeast wind could be white caps where I am, whereas a 20 mph west wind is doable.
  3. It's ironic that the post lamenting non-fishing posts is itself a non-fishing related post.
  4. I have Thule Slipstream that is a similar concept to above. I don’t think they make it anymore but it can be found on CL (which is what I did).
  5. Just your (exaggerated) opinion. Some legal precedents in MA: Jacobson v. Massachusetts in 1905. A man named Henning Jacobson wanted to refuse a smallpox vaccine and maintained he had the legal right to do so. However, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the state, stating that “a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members.” A case from 1944 established some legal precedent re: conflict with religious freedom. Prince v. Massachusetts maintained that the right to practice religion freely does not include the liberty to expose the community to communicable disease. I'm sure there are many others. If you can find a legal case stating that what's happening now in MA is a violation of the US Constitution, I'd be interested to see it.
  6. I'm still waiting for someone to post which specific articles/sections of the Constitution were violated. Maybe you can shed some light on that?
  7. Yes, but maybe we can also agree that this pandemic was unprecedented in our lifetime. I know that some still think it's no worse than the common flu. The 80K Americans who died within 2 months from it tend to disagree. There was no playbook for anything at this scale. Sweden didn't have restrictions and now their numbers are skyrocketing and their economy still went to s_t. There was no perfect response to this. Doing nothing would have essentially been a massacre and the economy would still have tanked. Temporary (emphasis on temporary) closing of gun shops, churches, barbers is collateral damage within the larger fight. You can open those establishments back up; you can't bring back the dead.
  8. I appreciate the document - I just don't try to interpret and adapt it to modern life. That's why we have the General Laws of MA, a state senate, a governor, board of selectmen, etc. You can argue that many aspects of your current laws are unconstitutional. For example, why do we need a permit to organize a protest? Why do I have to have a TItle 5 septic system when I can simply s_t in my own yard? Why do I have to comply with zoning laws for the very land that I own? Why need a paid fishing permit - doesn't the ocean belong to the public? This will be a long list, so I'll stop.
  9. You're the one bringing up the Constitution. I abide by the current laws of my jurisdiction - I don't try to interpret an 18th century document. If any of those laws are unconstitutional, they can be taken up by the Supreme Court.
  10. Reading this thread, it's clear that there are 2 types of people here: those who get the concept of Public Health and those who don't, or worse, who don't give a s_t about it. Violation of constitutional rights? Your right to spread germs doesn't Trump another citizen's right to stay healthy. It's really that simple. Maybe someone could be more specific about which constitutional rights are being violated with the current MA order, instead of throwing that out as a blanket phrase. Please note the specific article/section/clause - I'll wait.
  11. People are not really staying home anyway. Everyone seems to be out during warm weather, not just going to the grocery/drug store, but going to the Starbucks takeout line, driving around aimlessly, etc. The risk is higher in denser places like NY. I personally know 4 separate people in NYC who got Covid, none of them being older/nonwhite/poor. One guy is a hedge fund manager in his 40’s who had to be hospitalized when his oxygen levels hit the floor. The others suffered at home for 1-2 weeks. I don’t want to play Russian roulette with this novel virus, I have no problem wearing my fishing buff/gaiter in public.
  12. I got the Maxhaull one for $60. It's convertible - horizontal or vertical use and it has goal post edges which are helpful.
  13. The very article that you posted indicates that this study/report was taken from a blog called "Don't Forget the Bubbles" and it also says: " The report concedes, however, that much of the evidence “is of low quality” due to the speed at which it was gathered given the rush to understand the novel coronavirus."
  14. The Governor made a call to limit gatherings of people as much as possible while allowing some of the economy to continue to function. It's a big gray area and you want to make it black and white. Nobody is dying because they went to a store with a mask on while keeping their distance from other people. If they are not doing those things while in a store, they are technically breaking the law. The LEO's do not enforce constitutional rights from the 18th century - they enforce the current laws of their jurisdiction (which I'm sure you know very well). Laws are subject to change. Even the constitution is subject to change, hence the amendments. As messed up as the current situation is, many people can still pursue a livelihood of some kind - which is what the governor was trying to accomplish. It's far from perfect. It's a gray area. It's unprecedented in our lifetime. We will get over it though - I have no doubt.
  15. If your toilet breaks and you can’t find a plumber to come to your house, will you start s__tting outside or go guy the parts and fix it yourself? And where will contractors buy building materials if hardware/lumber stores are shut down? The reason for “people not dying on the streets and only 40% of ICU beds being occupied” is the very same set of restrictions that you are complaining about. The restrictions saved lives and prevented the Italy/NYC type disaster from happening here.