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  1. That should be a crime in itself...
  2. This issue is overblown a bit. If you flip a PA 14, the leaky hatch is the least of your problems. In fact flipping any kayak and expecting water not to get in is unrealistic. It’s a risky sport - we go on the ocean on small plastic vessels, which are inherently unsafe for various reasons...
  3. Sounds like compressible waterproof foam tape around the hatch should solve the bulk of this issue? Time for kayak anglers to do Hobie's job, again Another thought on YT videos: I have tens of hours of edited video footage of myself from the past 3-4 years. I only share them with friends, for various reasons. If one is putting himself in the public eye with a YT video (let's face it, it's either for money or to stoke one's ego, mostly for both), he should be willing to handle criticism, sarcasm, or worse.
  4. Says the guy who wrote an article on it on another kayak-fishing website
  5. Isn't it essentially a Revolution 16 (w/o the mast and the pontoons)? Plenty of kayak fishermen use Revo 16's - they are fast and sleek. I haven't seen too many people sailing kayaks up here, but there are some cool YT videos of Australian kayak anglers using AI's and TI's offshore fishing. The trampoline between the hull and the pontoons could be an obstacle to fishing or it could be an interesting new fishing platform?
  6. Not sure what you're basing that on. Looking at various photos/videos of the '19 model on the water, it appears to have a normal water line. The narrower bow would probably cut through the chop pretty well, like a Revo. Compared to a PA14, any kayak will appear to be a wet ride, because PA is not really a kayak - it's a boat made of plastic.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. I also used an Alberto, but recently switched to the mini swivels. Then a tactical clip at the end of a fixed leader. I toss a fair amount of chunks into rocks and lack of swivel causes a lot of line twist. This way I can toss lures or chunks with the same rod...
  9. Have a new 21’ Seahunt ultra w/ the standard livewell. First, the livewell is extremely loud with the pump making an almost buzzing sound. Not a big deal, but the pump seems weak in general. There is a drain post attachment and the water inlet is on the side with an adjustable valve. There is no bubbling or oxygenation. The livewell just seems weak. Fish survival is OK, but not great. Anyone else have this issue? Should I replace the pump? Add another feature to add more oxygen somehow? Recirculator?
  10. You are both right. One can (and probably should) take a crash course on how to kayak, period. But to learn kayak-fishing, you need experience, in baby steps, with safety in mind. It's a different level of complexity when the activities are combined.
  11. Funny- I just did the same thing last night on a beach. The rip rap would make it much tougher to find.
  12. I got a pair of Glacier Glove Pro Anglers and have been pretty happy with them. Thumb and index fingers fold back for tying knots, etc.
  13. Still plenty of these guys around. One of them chomped on my finger yesterday as I was trying to unhook it from the sabiki. Forgot how sharp their teeth are.
  14. I've always thought the checking of the $10 license is a bit pointless. It's not a $100 license or something that requires training, an exam, etc. Any moron with $10 can get the license. It should be like a driver's license, requiring people to prove that they understand the restrictions. Maybe an exam? Then the license would mean something. On the other hand, it's far more important for the EPO to monitor the catch, check size and quantity of fish kept, check for poaching, etc. Maybe the two issues are interrelated, but I've never understood the "mythical" importance of this $10 so-called license.
  15. I think this was an unintentional move, but you can see in the video that you did a reverse paddle on your left that may have caused you to turn further left and topple. Once you are parallel to the waves, it's pretty much over.