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  1. Yes I have. It's like watching a slow motion train wreck. Although not unlike our own political mayhem. They all need to go fishing.
  2. Come now Mike. It's like rolling out the carpet at the Old Bailey. It's tradition. Mark
  3. Al Roger. Will do...if my 62 year old brain can remember. Standing by. Mark
  4. FW really nice flies. Help me here, with the short veil of Mallard, is that tied in as cheeks on each side? And are the GP wing feathers semi-tented? Also the successive stacks of bucktail yellow/dark blue/orange, are each tied as a beard, 3/4's the way around the bottom of the shank, each stack after the other? I'll be adding these ones to my collection. I might event tie one as a Red Green Foul Free. Mark
  5. Thanks for the explanation Mark. The video is excellent also. After seeing it, I'd describe the keel as half a ranging round. Mark
  6. First bump. At the suggestion of another member, this is to clarify that the GP Saltwater 9F is the Coldwater not the Tropical version.
  7. Veverka's description of the keel is a bit confusing. It sounds like three stacks of lead tied on the bottom of the hook shank, for a total length of 1.5 inches. Is that your take? Has anyone else tied this fly and used this component? I am wondering why it isn't just one continuous stack.
  8. In Touch Outbound in 7F and 8F. General Purpose Saltwater 9F. In very good condition with loops intact. Price $45 each. You pay shipping. I'll absorb PayPal fees.
  9. Used for two seasons. In Excellent condition with loops intact. Price is $45 each and you pay shipping. I will absorb PayPal fees.
  10. Sheila is very good from what I have seen in her casting demonstrations at the Shows. If you cannot connect with her, try George Roberts. He was her instructor and I've actually taken a tune up lesson with him. He also does video analysis. This is his web site. https://masterthecast.com/fly-casting-instruction/ Mark
  11. Stu, Take a look at this article. It's written by a world class Spey casting instructor, Robert Gillespie, who teaches the TH overhead cast as a building block for TH Spey casting. The diagram breaking the cast down into its components, including drift, is the best I've seen. Of course, you don't want to bring all those "swing thoughts" to the beach. But it's a great reference tool. I agree with Mike, a few lessons would likely help. An instructor can see things you can't. Or video yourself. Some instructors now do remote video analysis. Mark http://www.robertgillespie.net/page5/page0/page0.html
  12. I also played with some graphene rods at the Edison show. Beulah is using graphene in its blanks for 2019. I cast the 1203 Trout Spey with a 275 grain Scandi style head. It cast beautifully and judging by the feel, my guess is that the sweet spot is between 225 and 275, meaning it is a real 3 weight two-hander by modern standards. I also cast the 907/8 Century. It was the reps personal rod and he had a 280 grain homemade 30' head on it. I too found it very powerful, responsive and accurate as hell. So by modern standards it was closer to an 8/9. Mark
  13. Sorry. I should have been more explicit. I cast the FF bulkhead in all conditions, including weedy surf. It caste well and was 95% foul free. But it was November. One fish.
  14. Red, After fishing my variations of your fly (found earlier in this thread) for a solid month in the Fall, my only negative comment is that these hooks will corrode faster than standard SW types. But at 3/0 to 5/0 they are stout enough to last longer than a smaller size carbon steel. I can confirm all other positive design attributes. Mark