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  1. Snag, I'd like to help, but couldn't begin to advise you without knowing what the rod is rated for in terms of line weight and/or grains, as well as how you intend to use it, i.e., for traditional Spey casting or two hand overhead. I can tell you that it would take a very, very powerful rod to cast 993 total grains either way. For two hand overhead the general rule of thumb is the rod should cast about 80% of the total grain weight (meaning head plus tip) that the rod is rated for Spey casting purposes. Hope that helps. Mark
  2. Mike, I'm casting a Gaelforce, 650 grain, integrated Scandi. I cut it back 12' to take 120 grain 10' tips. I'm thinking the 160 grain 12' tips would be perfect. I let a friend, who's been struggling to OH cast a traditional two hander, cast it. His reaction: "that's just plain unfair". Mark
  3. Mike, Had the Mark II on Narraganset Town Beach at dawn today, casting to the backing...but blanked. May go back at dusk with the incoming. Mark
  4. Still, you'll find Spey tactics useful wading in rivers, estuaries on running tides and even on the beach. The Mark IV has yet to see water, but casts like a champ. April was punctuated here by more than average rainfall and unusually cool temperatures. So I went to the Bahamas to yank Bonefish. Even my local estuary is about 4 weeks behind last year's curve. PM me with your travel and fishing plans. I'm really busy, but would like to try to meet up and show you the rod firsthand. Mark
  5. Welcome to the dark side Mike. Don't worry though, you'll still use all of those SH rods in the cupboard when you boat fish...but you'll just Snap T to change direction, or Perry Poke to quickly load the rod, rather than doing multiple false casts to accomplish the same result. Mark
  6. Yes I have. It's like watching a slow motion train wreck. Although not unlike our own political mayhem. They all need to go fishing.
  7. Come now Mike. It's like rolling out the carpet at the Old Bailey. It's tradition. Mark
  8. Al Roger. Will do...if my 62 year old brain can remember. Standing by. Mark
  9. FW really nice flies. Help me here, with the short veil of Mallard, is that tied in as cheeks on each side? And are the GP wing feathers semi-tented? Also the successive stacks of bucktail yellow/dark blue/orange, are each tied as a beard, 3/4's the way around the bottom of the shank, each stack after the other? I'll be adding these ones to my collection. I might event tie one as a Red Green Foul Free. Mark
  10. Thanks for the explanation Mark. The video is excellent also. After seeing it, I'd describe the keel as half a ranging round. Mark
  11. First bump. At the suggestion of another member, this is to clarify that the GP Saltwater 9F is the Coldwater not the Tropical version.
  12. Veverka's description of the keel is a bit confusing. It sounds like three stacks of lead tied on the bottom of the hook shank, for a total length of 1.5 inches. Is that your take? Has anyone else tied this fly and used this component? I am wondering why it isn't just one continuous stack.
  13. In Touch Outbound in 7F and 8F. General Purpose Saltwater 9F. In very good condition with loops intact. Price $45 each. You pay shipping. I'll absorb PayPal fees.
  14. Used for two seasons. In Excellent condition with loops intact. Price is $45 each and you pay shipping. I will absorb PayPal fees.