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  1. Think we can get a fund me account going to get these guys to prove Mr Islam correct?
  2. This doesn’t prove anything. It just means the evidence Schiff had from the 17 government agencies still is hidden and there were different opinions in the FBI. Including the opinions told under oath, compared to the talk shows. Russia,Russia, Russia, am I right!!
  3. The Troopers that I see are handling extra security at certain locations. They are doing some traffic enforcement which brings in cash for the State. So not sure how this letter really effects them. During traffic stops they might have issues with arrests, but mostly it’s just tickets. The main issue might be DEC enforcement, DEC are just State Troopers enforcing DEC regs and arrests can be an issue then just tickets/summons.
  4. The only reason Chop is getting cleaned out is because these “people” showed up to the Mayor’s house and she freaked out. So when her life is in danger she wants law and order, but for the regular people it was the summer of love.
  5. Why would the city let racist people allow shooting in these neighborhoods? I really had no clue racist people go into these high crime areas and shot people just based on the color of their skin. Whom ever posted this map, thank you for making me aware of this situation. Please can we get non racist police to tell people not to shot each other. I mean asking people not to be racist will surely stop all these licensed firearms people to stop shooting each other, right? I mean these people doing all the shootings are licensed and racist right?
  6. This was in a sign in Long Island on primary day. How many people walked away and didn’t vote for the R candidate.
  7. It’s only a slogan for cops. 18 People Injured by Gun Shots in 24 Hour Shooting Surge in New York City By Spectrum News NY1 New York City PUBLISHED 10:30 PM ET Jun. 20, 2020
  8. The Democrats seem happy about the low numbers for this turn out. Let’s look at what seems to have happened. First a large number of people requested tickets. The people that requested the tickets with the intention of not attending there by taking tickets away from people that wanted to attended. And then days before the people waiting in line we’re told to leave due to Rona issues. And the Democrats are using this example as a win. A congress person just came out and said it was done on purpose to keep numbers low. Keep thinking your winning Democrats.
  9. Did they let this guy out of jail yet? He’s got college to attend.
  10. Did he ask for more flexibility after the election? Or did he just ask Xi for how he handles dissenters without the press giving him grief? That’s the help Trump needs.
  11. Why is everyone taking the side of the 92 year old lady? A guy that has been arrested 100 times has been abused by the criminal justice system. We should be asking why did racist police set up this poor individual for this action. We should be asking what is wrong with society where a man can be arrest 100 times and explain how no one helped this individual. We should be asking when a person commits a crime and the police are called to arrest that person, we need to determine the color of his skin to see if the arrest is warranted. This would protect the cops and the individual committing the offense he or she is accused of. Isn’t that the fantasy story we aren’t supposed to thinking about now. Fortunately I feel the silent majority will speak up come November. I could be talking out of my a$$ but we shall see.
  12. And even if they are qualified law enforcement, unless it’s on federal property the Fed Police ain’t touching it. They may have the law saying they can, but it’s not what they do and they ain’t going to arrest/investigate someone doing a crime off government property. They may be tracking threats to government property, but that’s more the FBI area.
  13. The federal police mostly protect and service federal buildings and other locations under federal jurisdictions, that’s no surprise. But they don’t have the federal cops stationed at all federal jurisdictions, they mostly have contractors stationed at these locations 24/7 and they police come and basically check up on the contractors. Some places do have the Federal police there 24/7 but it’s small % of the total. These places also use local PD’s as additional back up. If the federal government can’t rely on the local PD to assist, then that means more Federal Police and contractors are needed. I’m sure threats are coming in about places, and the Federal police are staying we can’t handle this, so, more police are required. There are Federal buildings that require 24/7 security, and you can’t have mobs trying to break in. From my understanding, if a crime is being committed outside the federal building/location, the Federal PD won’t touch it. So, unless that changed more Federal Police won’t matter unless it’s on federal property.
  14. Discussing is useless. All that matters now is what you do in that voting booth. Let the votes speak for where the country goes and let the people that got voted in know how you feel. If you speak out, people come to your home and harass and threaten you. You can lose your job because you you don’t say or do the right thing. It’s not worth talking.
  15. Who’s paying for the electricity? Who’s paying for the water bill and sewage fees? Who’s paying the taxes on the land they are squatting on? Did anyone apply for the block party permit or is all this stuff just waived based on your political affiliation?