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  1. why don’t they just have someone from the Federal Reserve print a 1 Trillion dollar IOU? Cheaper and does the same thing no?
  2. I don’t know what your complaining about I was told I didn’t know what I was talking about and this wasn’t true… https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/830862-1099’-for-everyone/
  3. Issues internally are another factor, taking to industry, can’t get products moved to where they are needed, after figuring out creative ways getting products close to the ports in the US where they are wanted. Try finding a trailer to put said container once it gets here to move it. Container space is hard to come by overseas. Many places seem bottlenecked. It’s complicated. When things were running smoothly, the shipping of goods was behind the scenes is a chaotic enough. Now it’s even more harder.
  4. I don’t know about homemade remedies, but the feral cat I feed has brought me a few, and I’m getting a bugasalt to at least have some fun.
  5. What a pain to kill, jump father then a grasshopper and will fly around and land on you causing cursing of “where the fluck did it go” after landing on your shoulder!!!!
  6. Ok I’m wrong! You got me me it won’t effect any Small business transaction in the future. Which won’t mean higher prices for those doing these transactions. It “only” effects the business, no one else. I was wrong sorry!
  7. When you hire someone to do a job, that job will become more expensive because of these requirements.
  8. Every job that needs parts over 600 dollars just more expensive.
  9. You won’t the business will be charged to do it for you. Just like winning a few bucks in Vegas. Want your winnings, fill out the form before you get anything. Wanna buy something you will need to sit down with someone to fill it out. If you don’t, you don’t get it. Sounds like fun.
  10. So the Biden administration now is proposing a 1099 for anything above 600 dollars. Need a new washer machine, get. 1099, new hot water heater, 1099, new iPad 1099, go to Disney, 1099, go to Costco, 1098. How many of these forms will you need to wait fir fill out your taxes fir the following year? What new accounting program will everyone need to remind you what you bought for this new proposal of the tax law? Ps is on page 88. https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/tax-policy/revenue-proposals
  11. I am still trying to understand how closing the military airbase sped up the withdrawal. The airport should have been for civilians and the airbase should have been for military and contractors. More flights in and out means faster to get out, no?
  12. I’d sit it out personally. But people that know they are positive sending kids to daycare and school is not unheard of. Wife’s friend runs daycare, and a parent just did this 3 weeks ago, kid had no signs(she takes temps and wears mask all day) and she caught Rona.
  13. It’s kind of weird that the government is making vaccines a requirement to legally come to to the USA(see visitors) but the illegals dont have the requirements.
  14. That looks unsafe? I don’t think she has her seatbelt on!
  15. NYCAntiVAXX

    Don’t worry, the 100 dollar gift card will have people running to get vaxxed.