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  1. So if I’m getting what Zak is selling. Healthcare which isn’t in the bill of rights, is a right, and should be paid for by the government. So by that reasoning shouldn’t the government pay for things that are actually rights, say all my newspapers, guns, my bail. Hell he is right, we pay for lawyers. Let’s just pay for all rights.
  2. Excuse me. This forum is for serious debates. You can just muddy up the BS in here with humor. Someone should send up a flare to The admins to make sure this trash is taken down and make things all right in the world. Thank you.
  3. Netflix is going to be in a big pickle soon. Disney is getting into the streaming business and jumping in with both feet. So they really need to push original and new content. Which is expensive. Will they be able to compete? We shall see.
  4. Lol, Matty is helping my Sil with issues . I like that ship, the bumper cars are fun. I’m leaving out of Florida on the Harmony. All my fishing has been at Pouch.
  5. I’ll be in the island on the 26th. Glad you liked it. Haven’t been on it since they added the dock. The tendering was always hit or miss.
  6. Unfortunately the Donald is the only one that could survive the attacks the other side has thrown at him. Sure Trump ain’t perfect but it’s better then the alternative. Hell hes not even conservative. He’s kinda like new breed of old blue dog Democrat, but different values because he is from the North.
  7. Do us white supremacist have a secret handshake for today. I didn’t get the usual phone call.
  8. I have been having good luck with jigs with trout magnets 1/64oz and Gulp alive minnows 1 inch, different colors smelt and shiner. Trying to get my son into fishing but he doesn’t have the touch yet for plain jigs. But if you put the same bait on small floats and move it every now and then he can catch watching the float get hit.
  9. Well he could just be baiting the Democrats. They won’t go for the immigration reform and he knows it.
  10. The stuff that’s going on in this city is ridiculous. Cops in the subways getting cursed out, taunted by these people looking for an easy payday. Cops are going to disappear and then what happens. These people and not only the ones you saw but others, have no respect and no fear. What’s going to happen to them. Nothing. So this will just keep escalating till one side goes too far.
  11. Whatever happened to first names?
  12. And don’t forget, chances are they will have to actually pay some taxes.
  13. Gee, I’m wondering. Could Trump have used the 17 government agencies to look into this Omar person because someone said she’s linked to terrorists. That would be the icing on the cake in all this stuff. And if he wins in 2020 no one will be the wiser. The Democrats better get to work to win in 2020.
  14. It’s horrible, all that evidence. All that need to be done is put it on a piece of paper and have everyone vote. What’s the hold up?