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  1. The eighties went years without catching any
  2. Your rod is meant for three to six ounces. You usually can get away with a little under the manufacturer suggestions but that little weight is probably not loading that rod properly. Oh sorry miss read your post. Bombers don't cast well anyways.
  3. Be safe
  4. The back hook should already be cut when they originally put the hook on. Twist it and remove the hook. Put an Allen key in a vise. Slide eye of hook through Allen key and twist the hook in the direction the cut was made. Guide tail wrap out of hook. Remove the belly hook b4 you do this
  5. These are my go to plugs
  6. I was worried about wiping the plug down and removing paint. I don't have clear coat so I'll try it out and see what happens. Thanks again for the help
  7. Ok will do thank you
  8. Hey all just got done painting up a few plugs and was ready to tackle the epoxy clear coat when I was reading the horrors of skin oils and finger prints and the inability of epoxy to adhere to that area. I painted with standard createx paint including purlised. Now I know I've handled these with bare hands a mistake I won't make again but my question is what can gently clean the surface with so you don't get that nasty clear coat? I know the paint is water based so honestly I haven't a clue in which direction to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the help
  9. There are multiple rips on the south side. Great point is great. The whole north shore is loaded with blues. You can even go way out on the west jetty but it is very dangerous if you don't know what your doing. A very large portion of the jetty is submerged and very jagged. There is plenty of whitewater to be found along the island.
  10. Awesome thanks for the info with (") sir
  11. That really sucks
  12. I'm in
  13. No you are supposed to burp the suit for manueverability. You crouch and hold the neck seal out so all the air comes out. You can't put air in them when you need more buoyancy in the water. A Pfd is a must. Poly pros against the skin to wick moisture away from the body so you don't get cold. Latex gasket is the safest neck seal. Many people don't like it because it's uncomfortable at first but it relaxes. You can trim them too but don't take a lot off.
  14. I wore kokatat while in the coast guard. Love them. Very manueverable. However you still need to dress underneath appropriately for the suit to work right. Also you must wear a type three PDF with them. Those suits don't aid in buoyancy. I guess an approved quick fill type would be acceptable. Pricey
  15. I don't like it any where on the guide support. The plug can bang back and forth on the blank