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  1. Yes I'll do 100 shipped
  2. I'm looking for a boat plug bag I hate tackle trays anyone have any suggestion I think bass pro use to sell one but doesn't anymore.
  3. This the bag I want it was sold in the bst but I missed it
  4. Bump price lowered 6800
  5. That mak bag is nice I gotta check it out I really like the bass pro one but I can't find it anywhere. I don't want to use a surf bag because I want to be able to carry 20+ plugs. A buckets a good idea but when your bring 4+ rods a reel bag and tackle it's a pita lugging it back and forth from the car to the dock
  6. Take paypal? If so I'll take them
  7. 50 shipped each or for pair
  8. Thanks for all the ideas
  9. The milk crate won't work I do not want to lug on and off the the boat. I never seen or heard of Mak making a bag for that
  10. I'm looking to trade a mint condition dAiwa saltist 2 speed ld30, used twice for equal value of customs plugs, ss, also lucanus jigs. Lmk what you have thanks sol
  11. Closed thread just gunna try to sell in bst
  12. 1- rapala floating Ireland 2- red fin 3- rebel Found them in old tackle box wonder worth amy thing
  13. Junk
  14. Thanks guys!
  15. SS show specials little neck poppers let me know what you have prefer new thanks
  16. What year are those?
  17. 90 shipped Pp only obo 2 vices, assorted tying tools feathers some flash some nylon some thread what you see is what you get.
  18. Everyday
  19. Never service or reg. I used it on my boat never dunked I'm located in staten island
  20. 44lb saltiga
  21. 515 p/u or shipped plus fees
  22. Here ya go