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  1. Nice bite total 9 fish on deck. Between 15-20lbs
  2. Loving my black hole rods 731m is my favorite had it live lining bunker last night pair with accurate valiant 300.
  3. Bluefish are here hooked up to one on the si side of the bay last night. 6 bass all in the 15-20lb ranger. Here's a video
  4. Found this pikie floating in the authur kill no writings or name on lip anyone have a clue?
  5. I guess it's a sloped head lol it has some teeth marks on it
  6. I'm going to retract my offer
  7. How much more for the fees?
  8. I'll take them
  9. I'll take them
  10. Instead of getting the Shimano trevalas which start at 119.99 get 2 ugly sticks for 59.99 each and have the option of going light or heavy depending on what species you are fishing for.
  11. I attempted to try and get in to the plug thing but I realized I'm a live bunker kind of guy or ss so instead of having these sit on a shelf collecting dust or losing them to a blue fish I'm selling them . All new PP only price includes shipping and fees 1- GRS M - $70 SOLD 1- dmag needle olive color $63 sold 1- dmag needle blue grays -$63 sold 1- black talon needle - $55 SOLD 2- tattoo tackle blind swimmers - $50 what I paid on here 1- ss needle 2015 show special 1 3/4oz $30 SOLD
  12. I'm going to hold on to the tattoo swimmers everything esle sold thanks sol
  13. I might have mixed it up its a casting rod 10-50
  14. Yes both tattoo's for 50 shipped
  15. Yes both for 50
  16. No thanks price is firm
  17. Model is BWC2201270. Line rating 10-50 1/2 to 6oz
  18. I would get the tiger lite with the thinner Eva not the fatter grip for the boat forgot which model. My friends father pretty much can break steel he's so wreckless but 2 years has that tiger lite. Fishes everything with that porgies,seabass, bass blues fluke. over all you cant beat the bang for the buck. Perfect for party boat. I will get the model
  19. Ugly stick tiger all the way
  20. I have no idea how to tell the diff the lip says M
  21. ......
  22. Gotta blame the people that pay that top $$ other wise no1 would be able to flip them
  23. Staten island
  24. 45 lowest I'll go there paypal fees and shipping