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  1. thank you fellas I cant wait to get out there and fish !!!!
  2. sign up for the dicks rewards card they will send you all kinds of 20% off offers and it knocks off like $100 bucks.... the west marine pompano 120 I think is a better deal it is the wilderness system tarpon 120 mold from 2008 I believe its on sale for 450
  3. This reel is amazing only had time to throw a couple 3/4 ounce diamonds and 2oz plug at a local pond just to test it out and this reel cast retrieve is very good I love it cant wait to catch some stripers on it
  4. Where were the coins minted? is there S , P, or D ? thank you
  5. VP FUELs makes 5 gallon jugs of what your looking call some car performance shop in your area they might have some in stock
  6. Bought a penn slammer 560L 2 weeks later and fished maybe 6 times reel was binding up, tackle shop I purchased it from didn't want to help or replace because they discontinued it..own of the shop your typical JO new penn products are garbage. tsunami rods 1 air wave snapped in half 1 boat jigging rod 2 cracked guides first day of use...... so I upgraded to some shimano rods avet mxl 6/4 mc 2 speed, shimano baitrunner 8000......lesson learn you pay for what you get PENN CHINA JUNK
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by pakalolo I've been using 5/0 RED gami baitholders offshore. Basic rig 50 lb braid with a 15 foot topshot of 50 mono,to a barrel swivel, 50 lb mono leader overhand knot to make the loop for the sinker, weakest link, better to lose some lead than the whole rig. Dropper loop about a foot above the sinker (stands off about 6") second loop about 2 feet above the first. The second hook is higher than a lot o other rigs, but i've found this set up produces some bigger fish for me, along with some frisbee sized porgies. Pray for the powers that be to re-open the fishery soon! some nice fish you have there
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by fishinnn that is alot of money I wonder what the fishermen got 24kt gold chopsticks
  9. they must of took there Dramamine I would have turn neon green on that vessel
  10. I Live on the island looking for some guys to go kayaking with.... don't like to really go out on the water alone
  11. very nice great yak
  12. im down!! waiting for that sticky on the top
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Jon I Thanks Ship. Here's a nice weak I got yesterday nice fish!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by 1dozenraw OOOPS 1.6 ... sorry. gold rush prices
  15. customer is always right
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by XBMX be interested in how it casts a plug im going to go out in the morning and cast a few plugs ill post a review
  17. daiwa lexa 300 hs-p and avet 6/4 mc 2 speed in love with both these reels