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  1. What color pattern is this called?
  2. I dunno how you are comparing jigging master to accurate. Accurate is top of the line reel no comparison
  3. Simrad go7. Very simple apple type lay out
  4. 2 for 1 Grs?
  5. PP only price includes shippingNew luna pencil 3oz - $70New luna swimmer 2 3/4oz - $65
  6. Close thread thanks sol
  7. Swimmer sold
  8. Pm on the way
  9. Troller blackfish Junior bunker
  10. Need to fund a new reelPaypal only prices included fees and shipping1- new luna swimmer 2 3/4 oz $651 - new sunset small swimmer have no scale but my guess is 1 7/8 to 2oz. -$65
  11. Both shipped out thanks sol close thread
  12. Luna sold pending payment on sunset
  13. Sunset pending payment
  14. Im in the same boat, have daiwa saltist line counter reels with braid on them and maja rods. The metal line is the way to go but you need bigger reels like shimano tekota line counters, the braid is hard to get them down even with the drop shots the action is not the same,eventually get the tekota's
  15. The sa around nj had nothing but junk went to one in Piscataway for the close out had no fishing stuff left only deal i seen was metal detectors.
  16. Pm on way
  17. $100 shipped pp&included 7 various gibbs plugs nip
  18. Lmao 65 sorry
  19. I have one forgot what model let you know later
  20. Sold. Thanks sol please close
  21. Pm on the way
  22. I will keep the offer in mind but im going let it run for now