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  1. Tackle Direct(and maybe others) has the lowrance hook 7 for 400$ and then you get a 100$ rebate. Theres buttons on the unit, not sure if its also touchscreen or not. Just got the ad so giving a heads up
  2. I brushed/rolled mine
  3. I used chassis saver for my jeep. I like it a lot better than por15.
  4. Get a sanding attachment for a long paint pole. Makes it a lot easier. Give it a good pressure wash, sand the bad spots, tape it and roll it on. You'll save some money doing it yourself for sure. I wouldn't worry too much, its bottom paint
  5. I pulled the trigger on a 2018 silverado crew cab in September and absolutely love it. Only complaint is it seems that the paint is weaker than other brands(chips easier). I have the LT, nothing too fancy but coming from a 98' wrangler it was like stepping into the future
  6. yes. 1991 221 i think ive seen you on classicmako, im huntmor
  7. My transom one is iffy. It needs to be adjusted better but i didn't really bother with it this season since i have the thruhull. So i cant speak for my total scan one that much, it was fine up to 15kt then it would start washing out. My thruhull i can ride in any conditions up to 31kts and it wouldn't miss a beat. I had no problem making out a bunker bait ball when cruising 25kts to fishing grounds. I would then stop, dial in my total scan and find the fish. Simrad on top, garmin below
  8. Mounted my old one under the new one on the dash. I use the old for traditional sonar while running since its a thruhull transducer
  9. I was on the garmin side until i recently upgraded to a simrad unit and its money well spent.
  10. I use interstate batteries since they have a location close to me. Always worked good for me
  11. I have the simrad go9 with total scan and love it. Also have a older garmin 740s that i run with it too
  12. I used chassis saver on my tj frame and like it a lot better than the small section i did with por 15. It was cheaper and easier to apply
  13. ya mine is a little tough to get off. Its easiest if you push it to the left or right and lift from just the one side instead of trying to pry both sides
  14. I installed mine. Trying to figure it out little by little, a lot more complicated than the old garmin but i love it so far.
  15. Just figured this out myself, you cant run chirp and side scan at the same time. You'll have to switch the frequency up.