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  1. Closed!.....
  2. Here is a photo of the NRS Extreme Drysuit with Relief, Model 22512 XXL
  3. Rhahn, I will look up the exact model tonight and advise. It is similar in appearance to the link you posted.
  4. Last call $375....
  5. I'll drop the price to $400...brandy new...
  6. I just listed a 2XXL NRS (New) in the Buy Sell Forum...$450!
  7. I have a new NRS 2XXL Immersion Suit, great for fall or cold water kayaking or extreme surf fishing. Prefer to meet someone in NJ and drop it off (Belmar to Seaside). Only $450!
  8. We will be giving a Seminar at Noon at the NY Boat Show, Topic is Electronics and Dialing in the Striper Bite. We have a lot of video filmed off the Jersey Coast, nice screen shots of the Simrad NSS-16 and how we use the Navionics product. Action shots fighting fish, releasing fish, use of radar to find birds, structure scan and much more. Its always nice to meet up with everyone at the show! Happy New Year!
  9. I had charters this weekend and on Monday and I snagged and then used 8/0 inline Circle hooks and we did great! We did have 4 Bass blast our bunker on our 12/0, yes, 12/0 unweighted trebles...very effective and the Bass we landed were Not hooked in the tongue,, gill, or gullet and swam away but I am not an advocate of weighted trebles, snagging and dropping as I have witnessed many deep hooked fish because most weighted bunker snags used are way too small. However, many were not hooked deep and were able to be freed and swim away. The argument here was the weight of the treble helped sink the bunker below Blues but my reply to that is simply an inline egg sinker above a swivel (like a fishfinder rig) and the bunker re-rigged on an 8/0 inline circle. Our success rate is over 95%. I'm 52 and have seen quite a lot and learned a lot from guys before me. This weekend was Epic and we did not kill one fish on over the 40+ we caught, landed and released.
  10. Was on the boat Sunday and Monday and it was Epic! Saw some of the surf guys getting some and it was nice to finally see a Bunker-Bass run! And hopefully we get the herring and sand eels when the water temps drop and the Bass still linger provided we dont get some massive storm and temps drop big time. Just got my table for Surf Day again! Always a great time!
  11. Everyone gets caught up to some degree with the New and Latest surf lure and maybe it is the finish, or the weight transfer system etc...but I am curious what old school lures, plastics,metals you carry and throw? For me I still have some Atom blue/white poppers, Roberts Ranger (Red/White, single hook), and this may not be as old but it has been around, Cotton Cordell redfin swimmer...So, whaddya got in yer bag that is not the latest and greatest.
  12. Huge Game Friday night! Bring it!...Ducks and Hawks as well...Playoff hockey is awesome.
  13. Lumitec lights are the brand but there's many out there
  14. Just got our girl all dialed up with some new lights for offshore. I think all that is missing is a disco ball and some Tuna! Updated with new Simrad EVO-2 with Chrip, NSS-16. Looking forward to the season!
  15. Congrats to the Rangers! Been a lifelong fan and was there when they won it all in 1994. AV has been a solid coach and nice to see Hank back as last night he was back to being the solid goal tender he was prior to the injury. Cam was solid in his place and nice to see the young guys step up! Nothing like playoff hockey as there is some great parity among these top 8...Bring it!