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    Retired - - do occasional part time rigging on traditional sailboats

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  1. Mickey Finn
  2. Trump should stay in Russia
  3. Lock him up.
  4. I and 3 friends have had babesiosis. They other 3 spent a week in the hospital with it. I got to my doc quick when I felt the symptoms (very tired and sore muscles)and we agreed to test for all of the tick deseases, Felt like crap for 4 days and then started getting better. Some of the medicine is the same as for malaria. I knew I had an embedded tick - but a friend never knew he had a tick bite. I have no lasting symptoms, but didn't get Lyme. Have heard there is another nasty tick desease in the Adirondacks.
  5. They taste like chicken
  6. Does Trump get extra credig for calling Kim "Little Rocket Man"? or from sending Pence to the Olympics and having him sit there like a stone?
  7. Have a female wandering around the yard in short sputs. Acts like she has a nest nearby. (Freetown)
  8. Must have been a big truck to move chemical plants from Iraq to where we bombed in Syria
  9. Did they find the WMD in Iraq that w promised?
  10. Trump loves Trump.
  11. Largemouth bass - pickerel having a feast??
  12. Memo to Trump ****
  13. Maybe he can get Mexico to pay for our troops - until they come up with the money to build the wall.
  14. Cadet Bone Spurs has appointed a fellow chickenhawk.
  15. Be careful, the kids might organize the left.