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  1. My son in law has a RIvian SUV ordered - may get it in Feb. He had a chance to try out the pickup and loved it until he got the speeding ticket.
  2. Good thing to try. On some of the sailing school schooners, we practiced putting on survival suits in the water. The first time is the hardest
  3. The view from the cliffs at the northern end of Cape Breton must have been spectacular. It is great on an ordinary day
  4. I was working on a big sailing school vessel and we made a brief stop at St. Eustatius. There was a lot of sea glass jewelry for sale. It is a Dutch island and most of the glass was green-- Old Heineken bottles.
  5. The catboat may have been invented for fishing - especially for shallow areas around the cape. The big Gloucester schooners were used to carry dories out to the Grand Banks for cod fishing. Some of the smaller schooners would carry people out to jig for cod. I have been on longer trips where we caught everything from Mahi to Yellowfins to Wahoo, and lost big billfish. It is fun to troll when you are going someplace.
  6. Got mine done last winter and very pleased with results. Only need 1.0 cheaters for fine print. Will not need to replace the big TV - the colors are fine now.
  7. 4 people hurt, including 3 firefighters. Many boats, buildings, and cars burned. I can imagine thinking about how lucky you are to be out on your boat - and returning to find your car burned.
  8. I am getting nervous about water warm enough to support a hurricane.
  9. To train a dog, you have to be smarter than the dog.
  10. You probably would not want to have much lead fastened to the kayak if you did turn it over - you might lose it. Some of the smaller Viking boats (like faerings) used round stones for ballast, hopefully they would roll out when the **** hit the fan. You might want to spend some time in a warm pond getting used to it - not Boston Harbor.
  11. One with a dozen - another with 5 have been visiting the yard this week.
  12. The salt water makes it grey.
  13. He had a book too. Tells this story about taking out a bunch of young guys that were drinking. They were fishing near a low bridge. One guy hooked a Greyhound bus and thought he had a big one. He did and it got away.
  14. Hope you get all the salmon you want - and a halibut.