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  1. Also one on the MD side recently , by a guy who don't like to share
  2. "It was early Nov. not late. 1st pic in the Nov fishing thread." Edited Sunday at 08:11 AM by Wheeler that makes a little more sense..My last one caught was Nov 5th , after that it was a dogfest the next week...
  3. "What date was that?" ...... I second that question...difficult to believe that was LATE november....
  4. 10 Old school blanks..............any for sale ? Love them 'ol Lamis...
  5. My brother , off Freeport , Long Island -was still catching 40" stripers in 65' of water as of yesterday...You still have time . Everything is a little late this yr.Normally all you get is Rats off long Island during thanksgiving week ...this yr is different.
  6. same story from De to AIVA...need a new cold front to get things moving...maybe
  7. The people in the park office where u renew your pass are frikin' ridiculous ! Inflexible bunch of morons..Don't show up to renew unless you have everything they require,or you will be turned away.. give somebody a uniform ,a title and a badge and they become Rambo-Rangers !! lol !
  8. GB: that's another reason why I'd never put a front mounted rack on my vehicle..Fortunately my chevy came with an aux trans cooler...Even when running almost to the state line @ AIMD I rarely go over 194 deg. normal running temp is 183 deg...I swapped out all my GM tranny fluid for amsoil signature series ATF since week 1....makes a difference...
  9. was told that ecoboost likes to spin the rear wheels a bit much...careful you don;t dig in..If I ever bought another FORD -I'd opt for the tried and true 5.0l v8....(have :chevy w/ 5.3L v8 and auto rear locking diff)
  10. Nice , JU: what were u able to hold with ? 6,8 ?
  11. Not much..since AI closed both sides...and will probably be pretty dirty after all this blow....
  12. If you're really serious about catching albies from the surf - then you might wanna head north...Eastern north shore of long Island, mass, northern jersey...all have their consistent moments...De or AIMD is about as predictable for albies as knowing where those lightning bolts were gonna strike last night... If you decide to give it a try..kastmasters, Deadly Dick, Stingsilver, etc -retrieved at high speeds once they hit the water... Hope you find some..they are a blast on light tackle !
  13. +1 on Ray's if they do dine in now...and also there's a small little known vietnamese rest in the heart of town that is A++ for food !
  14. still getting them on the VA side as of yesterday..they are headed north ? so you should still see a couple on the md side...
  15. does that include AIMD ?