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  1. Well said. Certainly my thoughts too. I'm sure many of us don't keep any fish now, and do it strictly for the love of fishing and nature.
  2. double post
  3. Hey Dan, I'd like 2 of each size, heads only, in white color. I think that comes to $27 in total, plus shipping. Thanks
  4. MOCO 5 to 8 this morning. Water was very high. Coming way up the beach. I got knocked on my arse once. Checked to make sure no one was looking, and got right back to it like nothing happened. Water was warm. One striper about 22" and fat. On Hogy epoxy jig which was behind a teaser.
  5. Moco early morning hours. One striper, one blue. Saw quite a few other bass feeding on 2 inch rainfish. Hard to catch, at least for me. Thought teaser might work, but not a lot of interest. Fish weren't slashing through bait, just kind of slurping and rolling lazily on the surface. Frustrating, but a good learning experience (I know how not to catch them!).
  6. I saw a sturgeon jumping yesterday at Sandy Hook, beach side.
  7. I will say that I throw swim shads quite often, but don't catch with them. They swim great, so I'll keep trying, but very poor results historically. Others in my area catch really well with them. I'll figure it out some day!
  8. What manufacturers/rods did you see at the show? How much are you looking to spend? I'm not an expert, but I think a lot of the weakfish people catch from the surf are on the smaller side, while bigger fish are typically caught in the back. I'm thinking you can get by with a pretty light rod if you are targeting surf weakies with lures. Maybe get something that works well for weakfish, fluke and smaller bass and blues.
  9. Nice to see. Decent size fish too!
  10. Number 5 please. Paypal
  11. You should check out Atlantic Highlands too. Nice town with some decent housing.
  12. As others have mentioned, low lying areas are subject to flooding in both towns. Highlands does have some homes in more hilly sections of town that you might want to check out.
  13. I'll take this if you take Paypal...thanks
  14. Sure, that works. I'd prefer the 5 to include the 2 big ones, but not a deal breaker. Please message me your mailing info, and I'll do the same. Thanks.
  15. I didn't see this until today, but have a GRS you might like. It's a medium slim, blackfish color. I would trade it per your original 6 for 1 offer. I don't think I've ever thrown it, but it is carried. There are a couple of small scratches (near GRS lettering) & minor rubs in the epoxy from carrying, but otherwise new. The pictures should show the scratches/rubs. Let me know if you'd like to open it back up. Couldn't figure out how to flip the top image (sorry).