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  1. Been to Wauwepex 1 time on an overnight hike from Baiting Hollow. Loved Baiting Hollow.
  2. That was me! I’m in Stuart Florida now and I am selling mine. No way to transport of course, but if anyone is interested please give me a shout and I’ll put it up on buy/sell
  3. You got it.
  4. This Lowrance elite 7 TI fishfinder is as new as possible. Bought it from tackle direct to replace my hummingbird, then moved to Florida and gave up kayak fishing. Maybe taken out of the box once, maybe not. That’s how pristine it is. $100 plus $15 shipping
  5. You have got this also. One thing I want to do is either ship without the box or flatten the box to ship, because it won’t fit in the cheaper US PS flat rate.
  6. Used, but 100% mechanically. I have maintained it myself. It spins as freely and smoothly as you would want. Scrapes on the bail arm from when I fell on rocks. Some screws and bearings included. Box and manuals. Spooled with 50 lb PowerPro. $30 plus $10 shipping.
  7. You got it. Please PM me your address and so forth
  8. Like new. Two chargers and two batteries… Because I left the first radio at a boat ramp. $35 + $10 shipping
  9. Muck Arctic Sport Boots XL. Good condition. $50 + $15 shipping
  10. OK I got it. So we are agreed on $65 shipped? I can ship tomorrow, but I need your address tom
  11. … but you have them
  12. I’ve never shipped that way. I’ll try to look it up. Can you explain how to do it in a private p.m.?
  13. …tog fishing
  14. No, they are in very good shape. Used them a couple of seasons on party boats.
  15. NRS 3.0 Ultra John wetsuit XXL. Never used.
  16. You got it. I’ll try shipping tomorrow. It’s not the next day. What is your address? You can private message me if you’d like. Do you use Venmo? Else PayPal will do.
  17. So, yes it is XXXL and my asking price is $75+$10 shipping. No cash/PayPal only I am not interested in trading.
  18. Yes my mistake and the title. It is XXXL. And I forgot to put in the price $75 +10 shipping.
  19. Grunden’s Herkules Professional Bib Pants. Like new. Size XL. A little staining on the inside of one cuff. Otherwise perfect. $75 + 15 shipping
  20. John, for some reason the last post you sent me w/ you address is not available. When I respond to the surftalk email, it registers an error w/ page not found. Suit is boxed and ready to ship. Tom
  21. (First let me say that this is the first time I’ve ever sold on stripers, so if I am putting this in the wrong place or if I made a mistake, please correct me. I have read the rules, but something may have escaped me.) KOKATAT T3 supernova angler suit XXL. Used for three seasons and maintained very well. Sleeve gaskets were replaced in 2016. Moved to Florida in 2017 and it has sat in the closet. Gaskets have deteriorated and need to be replaced again. That costs about $100. See receipt from prior KOKATAT repair. Slight discoloration on sleeves, puncture in booty that has been sealed and does not leak. Zippers in excellent shape. $100 (or best offer) + $15 shipping
  22. Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. You may get it sooner, because I took a tumble off the rocks down here and really cut up my leg so we’re not going away.. good one huh? Practically no sight in my left eye and today convinced me that unfortunately I can’t fish rocks anymore
  23. I’d rather you help me with the shipping, but OK. Only problem is I’m gonna be away for six days so I won’t be shipping until the 20th. Is that OK?
  24. I found your brush mullet on YouTube, but not the brush minnow. Is there vid for that one?
  25. Park in the parking lot at the end.