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  1. The fish show up at the same time at the same places under the same circumstances year after year. You don’t need a magazine or tackle shop to tell you they’re here. Go out and find them or don’t find them. Skunking is part of fishing, ya know.
  2. The majority of the early season 20-30+ # fish will most definitely bypass RI again. There’s nothing here to hold them, whereas the Cape already has macks, squid, herring and pogies.
  3. There’s been hardly any in RI for the last several seasons. Don’t see that changing unless pogies show up, which I don’t see happening.
  4. The tick I took out of me last week came back negative for Lyme, but it was a type of tick known to carry the disease. Still not sure if it was a deer tick, though and didn’t bother to ask
  5. That’s a good suggestion. Never thought to use them even though I grew up playing baseball.
  6. You can pretty much use anything from gardening gloves to work gloves, but from now til June I like the StormR neoprene gloves with Kevlar tips. I cut about 1.5” off the trigger finger and thumb for more ease and sensitivity. Wrap the expose fingers in either water proof bandaids or medical tape. Or duct or electrical tape, too. Also a big advantage to wearing gloves throughout the entire year is that they might save you from a treble in the hand
  7. Stuck a holdover brown in a local pond fishing for LMB with 30# braid and a KVD jerk bait. I’ll take it.
  8. Nice one!!
  9. If I’m able to fish like I want I’d say it averages out to 4 nights per week. This year ill be fishing much less, though.
  10. Was still finding them til this past week. Gotta pick ‘em off as they’re trickling past.
  11. When people try to tell me water temps matter, I be out front like.... 26 on the boga.
  12. This is my nightmare scenario as I mostly fish alone.
  13. Tore my ACL twice in my right knee. The first time I completely wiped out everything. ACL, MCL, PCL. Was in a competitive men’s basketball league with friggin’ 2 seconds left in the game and came down with a rebound somewhat pigeon toed. Guy behind me leaned into my back and POP. Was one of the most painful experiences in my life. Second time was two two summers ago after my buddy’s mother’s wake. We were all partying/mourning poolside. I was absolutely chitfaced. Didn’t notice my buddy walking behind me, stumbled backwards and stepped on his foot. My knee crumbled. Full tear of same ACL and Meniscus. Painful, but drank on it for the rest of the night until I was convinced to go to the hospital (I kept collapsing). Haven’t been the same since the last one. PT keeps getting interrupted due to various health issues including Lyme. I now have a loose body floating around under my knee cap and bad arthritis at age 35. If you have any any type of tear make sure you hammer out the PT and keep the weight off. Also, try to avoid Ibuprofen as it will shred your stomach and not in a good way. It sucks having knee issues. Best of luck
  14. Going back about 15 years. June New Moon. RI surf. 41” tank that went 31#s on my version of a rigged, black slug-go. Zombie mode. May have pissed myself. Broke off a good one two nights prior that wrapped me around a boulder.