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  1. The original korkers that made you feel like you’re walking like Frankenstein, duct taped to your boots. Orange Grundens rain jackets. Rope for dragging a fish back. Walking stick Canyon surf bags or army navy surplus bags White buckets for eels
  2. I was thinking that, too. I’ll be there around 9ish, hopefully others will be too
  3. Cut the tip off with a knife or scissors
  4. Leaving a bite if others show up or getting out of a spot before sun up as not to be seen. The Mad Russian was famous for this
  5. I’ve been using a headlamp for 20 years. I wear one on my hat and one around my neck as a back up. Could never get used to holding the pen light with my teeth, drooling all over the thing. Most of the head lamps are able to be adjusted so that you can see right at your feet, but I usually don’t turn mine on until I get right on the rocks I’m going to fish. At that point I’m hidden and I’ve walked past anyone who might be fishing in the area without being noticed.
  6. Secrecy
  7. He was smart to stage it as it brought awareness to an issue that continues to plague us “common folk.” At some point you gotta take a stand, before it’s too late.
  8. That would scare the chit out of me
  9. Specific to one part of the world, but Orcas enjoying beach time with seals
  10. Orcas and seals “cohabiting”
  11. Basically where you dropped that pin. Just west of it, right around the pink houses (or the one pink house that’s left)
  12. Sent you a PM. You’re a good man regardless if it’s not where I think it was
  13. The other beachgoer at the end of the video was awesome basically yelling, “This is BS, you can come arrest me next!”
  14. Yep, should be a full lot
  15. Just saw the video. The guy was clearly below the high tide mark. The (peaceful) protest is Sat 7/6 at 10am. People are encouraged to swim, fish, and hang out in front the house, it’s the yellow one with green trim.