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  1. Posting where you caught is way more harmful to the fish than sand in the gills of one, and I’m being serious. When you post where you caught, 10 people could possibly show up. Thats potentially 20 or more fish with sand in their gills. This isn’t aimed at you because you’re new here, but I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about posting specific spots and the ramifications that come with it. Apparently it drums up business for charter captains, though.
  2. I also find it funny when people act like VS is some sort of progressive, new age, technology. You know they’re basically the same as a Penn, right? Except one is sealed and the other has a smooth drag
  3. Nostalgia? Not at all. For catching. Two of the pics below are just from 1 season alone 5 years ago before I had my second ACL reconstruction. The pic in the dark was of a fish I couldn’t revive. Won my club tourney. At least 40 fish between 20-40#s went back the next few nights. No maintenance required. The one in the day/grey was during one of the most epic surf blitzes I’ve been lucky enough to experience. After Hurricane Joaquin. Fish like that for 4 hrs straight hours on Guppys. During those two outings, I may have dropped 3-4 fish out of literally 100. No maintenance needed. And you can also see about 12-15 years ago, I used to proudly put my 706 to work in the ditch. Not enjoyable for anyone, but just shows they’re built as well as any newer surf reel. I bought that one used off Toby Lapinski. Can’t imagine how many big fish that reel saw. I have 4-5 704s and a 706. All packed, drilled. I can fish one hard all season long with minimum maintenance. I might open one up twice. That’s after dunking it, deep wading, whatever. Drag stays smooth with a little 3:1 oil under the cap after letting spoil soak in lukewarm water. Just in the last two years alone I’ve had two VSXs that didn’t make it a half season. The anti reverse clutch went on the first one. Of course VS didn’t have the part. The other leaked out all the oil in the first few trips and the handle came off. These are $800 + reels that can’t make it a half season whereas it takes years to kill a 704/706. If I ever buy a high end surf reel again it will be a ZB, and it would be because I feared sand intrusion and nothing else. If I ever felt the need to swim I’d still have the confidence to use a 704/706. I’ll never buy a VS/VSX again.
  4. No one cares anymore. Everyone’s gone way past the point of pushing the boundaries of spots where homeowners would once turn a blind eye. There’s only so much disrespectful behavior one can tolerate
  5. I don’t need numbers....all you have to do is look at the 5 years prior to this one where you have 14 miles of shoreline lined with recs everyday in July and Aug catching and keeping big fish. Every. Single. Day. Think about how many big fish were caught during stupid fishing tides. Then you have your IG hero floater pics contributing to more mortality..... a lot of fish were absolutely slaughtered in that barrel. And then you have the seals....
  6. I’d go so far as to say 704/706s are better reels than the current VS’
  7. If they don’t end up as mud darts
  8. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that it was indeed a tarpon. There’s been several years in recent memory where people have jumped a tarpon off the South Shore beaches on Nantucket. Granted the island is much closer to the Gulf Stream than Boston Harbor (obviously), but with warming water trends, and changing patterns of fish behavior, it’s definitely not out of the question.
  9. Great report. I’d love to see that fishery rebound. Special place
  10. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Discussion seemed to end once this topic came up. How do you feel about Kanye receiving 2-5 mil in federal loans? Shouldn’t that money have gone to small businesses, not to a billionaire?
  11. I was just joking with John, but I do appreciate the insight. Catch ‘em up