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  1. Here’s the link to Laptew’s story, didn’t realize he wrote it on here My experience might not translate well into a written story as it was a special experience personal to me, but maybe not to others. It definitely doesn’t compare to Laptew’s. I’ve always had a fascination with the outer Cape beaches and I respect the hell out of the fishermen that pounded that stretch. I used to love reading Bassmaster’s crude yet informative posts regarding plugs he used out there. If I recall, and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, Fixter was instrumental in introducing or at least promoting the effectiveness of pikies here on the East coast. He and BM (and others) had been bouncing ideas around and fine tuning their plugs. Around the the same time (maybe 2003ish?) MAC was was also making a killer pikie and Danny; I was fortunate to grab one of each. To this day his 3oz white with pink hue is the best Danny I’ve ever fished. I had been having good success with this plug in RI in a shallow, rocky cove where a small break set up with a whitewater and a little bit of a sweep. I’d toss the Danny out about 15 yards just behind the waves and swim it over the structure. I was taking a lot of fish between 10- 20#s. My friends jokingly starting referring to that spot as Bart’s cove as I was doing really well there on that plug. During that same time my family was still vacationing for 2 weeks in Chatham every June. Again, I had been reading about how well Dannys produced on the Cape. I had been sight casting South Beach with light tackle during the day and doing fairly well. Had fish to 41 inches on 6” sluggos paired with small jig heads. One bright, sunny day I chose the surf rod and plugs over the light gear and made a particularly long walk where I found a beautiful piece of structure. Decent size rollers were pushing water through a cut in a bar that emptied into a trough that was running the beach. I don’t think I had been taking many fish that day, I was just picking my way around. When I got to that spot I figured it’d be a good place to throw a metal lip. I put the first cast on the backside of a wave and then watched it rise towards the crest. Again, it was super bright out. I’ll never forget seeing a monster bass, clear as day, appear broadside in the wave. I’ll never forget how long it was as it was juxtaposed against the size of the surf. The fish came up to swipe the plug, but I swear it saw me and turned at the last second. I just stood there for a minute in see thinking, man that was special. Right then and there, I finally realized why these guys were fishing these plugs in surf like that. It was an eye opening experience. I never saw a fish like that the rest of my trip, or maybe in my life, but I knew it was a huge fish as a fly guy landed a 36 (super impressive fish on the fly) and this thing dwarfed it. I did however catch a lot of fish in some fast moving water nearby on the same plug by letting it swing in the current. I havent had had a good metal lip bite in years, but I know for sure they work in rough conditions. I’d even go as far to say they work much better in rough water than in calm. Wetzel basically articulated the same thing in an article I read elsewhere (I’ll try to find it). He mentioned how guys would be swimming out past him throwing pencils to smaller fish while he was casting metal lips from shore and smashing bigger fish well behind them. I loved reading that. So yeah, if you can present them right, metal lips can be deadly on big fish in rough conditions.
  2. Thanks and I hear you. The animal shelter is letting me borrow one tomorrow so hopefully that’ll work. Again, would prefer to do this in a humane way, but I’m can’t let this go on much longer.
  3. Oh boy. What I’ve come to realize is that the cap on the chimney is damaged or not even there. I rent and have a bad knee, not going up on the roof. But I don’t think it’s trapped, I think it’s coming and going and building a nest. Hopefully the issue will be resolved in a couple days as the owner is aware of the situation (he’s a good guy). The previous tenant must’ve left the damper/flue open. I tried to get it run outside but it kept circling back towards fireplace and eventually went up inside I’m guessing because it has a nest going. Have the flue closed and fireplace barricaded but can hear it coming and going. Fun stuff
  4. No big bait, no big fish, no surprise here. Had 6 fish between 20-25#s. All the schoolies you want if you wanted them. I didnt, and I stopped fishing as it was sickening seeing so many maimed and mortally wounded being dragged up the rocks just to be “released.” I don’t fish those spots, just observed. Each year i get more frustrated with the fishing and the influence of social media. Nothing makes me cringe more than go pros and real time reports. I don’t see that changing anytime soon so it might be time for me to make some changes. I have no interest in catching schoolies. There’s nothing wrong with fishing for them if you’re responsible about it, it’s all about having fun. Schoolies just don’t do it for me at this stage of the game. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been contemplating quitting or stepping away from bass fishing for a few years now.It’s just not as enjoyable as it once was, the exception being putting family, friends, or kids on fish. Social media hero status is just something I can’t stomach. I find it to be completely selfish and irresponsible. I’ll end by saying one of my fishing partners is as hardcore as they come. He fishes almost nightly in high percentage spots. His biggest fish was 32#s with only a few nights with multiple 20# class bass. He only plugs, but still, thats all I need to know in terms of how many big fish were around this year. We we are in serious need of big bait here in RI. That was my biggest takeaway from the season. There’s tons of whiting out there right now, but with tons boats on them fairly close to shore. I think this is something that needs to be addressed. Nantucket was able to pull it off, I think it’s time we follow suit.
  5. Yeah I suspect that’s why they were across the street. Looked like they were going for the neighbor’s flowers before they caught me in the window taking pics with my pants down Tons of deer around here. Constantly have the high beams on at night. Now if only I could get a pic of the squirrel in my chimney that I’ve been trying to remove in a humane way... his time is running out in that regard, unfortunately.
  6. I’m trying to be considerate of this site and Tim’s rules.... Tim has nothing to do with the fundraiser I’m talking about... that’s all I can really say without disrespecting the rules.
  7. The money was raised to help cover medical expenses. A little over 2 grand was raised. I could care less now how the money was spent. I wish I had said that at the time
  8. I posted about the kayak in the MA forum thread as I was the one who started the fundraiser on the other site. RIP Skitter
  9. Big metal lips can be killer in moderate surf. Im not talking monster, nor’easter surf, but still snotty. If you’ve never swam a Danny or pikie on the backside of a wave, man, you’re missing out. Nothing like seeing a bass come up in the wave to investigate. I had an experience like that with a big fish on the Cape back in the day that will be forever etched in my mind. Bill Wetzel has written about this extensively. I’m sure it could be googled. Supposedly Laptew caught an absolute giant at Cutty on a Fixter pikie under similar conditions as well. I’m sure that story can be googled, too.
  10. This is extremely sad news. I have a somewhat similar story to Highlander’s except I can’t say that I ever made the effort to resolve the issue and make amends. I started a fundraiser about 10 years ago on the other site to help with his medical expenses. A lot of money was raised; some had issues with how the money was spent, including myself. He bought a kayak. Now, to think that I got upset over someone buying a kayak instead of constantly thinking, worrying about more health stuff... just wow. He clearly needed that kayak to enjoy life just a little more. Makes me sick to my stomach that I took it so personally and held that stupid, petty grudge. Skitter was a kind man and also a very knowledgeable fisherman. He shared a lot of info with me and many others. I wish I had told him that well before reading this thread. RIP Skitter. I hope you’re finally at peace. God bless.