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  1. Same rules apply
  2. You can’t be actually serious to say reports haven’t come from the canal on this site. That’s an absolute joke and a downright lie. There’s no denying that this forum along with social media has contributed to what is currently taking place at the Ditch.
  3. Without another soul? I wouldn’t be so sure about that. But definitely a better option regardless. Enjoy
  4. “That said, I’ve known the two guys being mentioned for a long time and know them both to be thoughtful, generous folks as well as very knowledgeable fishermen” This is the real reason you locked the thread, because they’re your friends
  5. I did the same and I am/was friends, like many others are here, with Mike in real life. I’ve done photo shoots with him for The Fisherman. But this was the final straw for me. This isn’t the first time he’s gone live. He’s done it in RI at spots where if you weren’t tipped off to a bite, you’d be lucky to get a 20# fish in a season even if you put in the time. He’s also done other live videos from the Ditch in the past with a well-known and respected chef from PVD. Bottom line is he cares more about his ego than the recreational fisherman or the state of the fishery, despite what he says. He doesn’t fish anymore and hasn’t for a long time. He can take these live videos and then just walk away, leaving others who don’t want the added pressure to deal with the aftermath. And more than anything, he can’t claim to care about a declining fishery then post a live video sending the masses there to hammer away on those fish. Its irresponsible and inconsiderate, and sadly, not surprising.
  6. You posted plenty enough clues to burn several spots and contribute to the influx of people invading that stretch. While promoting your rods, please show some respect for the people whose waters you’re fishing.
  7. Nice work, bud! Always keeping watch A while back I was hanging on the beach at Chatham Light with some friends. Place was packed. Suddenly there’s all this commotion and we see a deer come running on the sand and then jump into the channel off South Beach. The deer started swimming, drifting with the outgoing. One of the more bizarre things I’ve seen. Couldn’t help but think that deer didn’t make it very far.
  8. Fuq’n surfers. Had a couple hours to kill this evening. Was in a prime spot for some white water bass and three 3 jackass surfers come paddling out and set up shop right in front of me. I flipped ‘em the bird multiple times then left as it was ruining my zen. So much for etiquette regarding whoever gets their first gets the spot. Pissed me off it was the only window I’ve had to fish in the last two weeks. Got me all riled up, was ready to wait for them on shore and beat their asses, but just not worth it. Hating people more and more these days.
  9. As they should be. And the protest should still take place
  10. The original korkers that made you feel like you’re walking like Frankenstein, duct taped to your boots. Orange Grundens rain jackets. Rope for dragging a fish back. Walking stick Canyon surf bags or army navy surplus bags White buckets for eels
  11. I was thinking that, too. I’ll be there around 9ish, hopefully others will be too
  12. Cut the tip off with a knife or scissors
  13. Leaving a bite if others show up or getting out of a spot before sun up as not to be seen. The Mad Russian was famous for this
  14. I’ve been using a headlamp for 20 years. I wear one on my hat and one around my neck as a back up. Could never get used to holding the pen light with my teeth, drooling all over the thing. Most of the head lamps are able to be adjusted so that you can see right at your feet, but I usually don’t turn mine on until I get right on the rocks I’m going to fish. At that point I’m hidden and I’ve walked past anyone who might be fishing in the area without being noticed.
  15. Secrecy