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  1. I was hoping for 150, we can figure out that $10 in person. PM sent to arrange pickup.
  2. Any room on the price if I come to you cash in hand?
  3. I'm in Tewksbury, office is in Woburn. I'd like to take a look at it.
  4. How far north do you make it? Interested in the tfo.
  5. Are they all 6" floaters?
  6. I grew up in Turners and have been gone for 10 years. Still got a lot of friends I care about back there including some first responders and it scares me to see how bad it is, to see what used to be good kids in the gutter because of this ****.
  7. Horn and spot are both open, horn got rainbows this fall. I'm sure there is some open water elsewhere.
  8. I'll take this, wherever I fall in line.
  9. Fish how you want. If you want to use that style of clip & swivel go ahead. You may never have one fail, sure you'll forget to close one and launch your last ss stubby needle a mile and a half away (ask me how I know), or you may lose the next x fish in a row until you decide to give them up. Is it my first choice? No. Would I use one again rather than tying direct? Yeah, I would, and likely will.
  10. As it has been danced around but not outright mentioned you and your fishing buddies styles have to mesh. I've got a fishing buddy who fishes bait almost exclusively and doesn't own a pair of waders. Some of my plugging (mobile) spots don't really appeal to him. And some of his back bay bait spots Are tough to plug. It's a lot of things that need to come together for a good relationship.
  11. Usually all I find is lead and rotted out hooks, but I am always looking, the best recent one was a cc pencil wrapped in 30 yes of 100 lb braid in a river.
  12. 2nd on the greenies or it's. 3 or so moving parts, dirt cheap and bombproof. Heavy, line lay isn't great and they are slow, but life is about tradeoffs. If you're not terribly committed to fishing get into it for as little as possible and pick up a 704 or 710 or both for less than a hundred bucks.
  13. Don't bladebaits have lead molded into them? Isn't any lead a no-no at the resy?