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  1. I also tend to use thicker braid like 80 or 100 when 50 will do, helps with handling. This is for anchored, drifting for cod and haddock in 150 -300 feet
  2. Its cell service... supposedly on the Verizon network at same priority as Verizon. It works for crap in my office but fine everywhere else. It's cheap and easy, and it'll automatically connect to any Xfinity wifi without a password, or so I'm told. I've had it since September, they gave me $300 off a note 9 which I think was 950 or so, so it's not bad. You can switch to unlimited or by the gig at will. I will buy another phone from them when this one craps out.
  3. Sorry the rubber and the minnows
  4. I can do $60 for both lots
  5. Is there a Walmart in buzzards bay? You can probably sleep there.
  6. Don't you mean 'to pot'?
  7. I'll take these
  8. I'll take this.
  9. It all depends on what's on the back of the jig. A sparse BT without a trailer will sink a lot faster than a giant chunk of buoyant rubber. That being said, most of the time its 3 to 6 oz of lead like others say.
  10. This is the stupidest question I have ever heard. I still have my 7 ft back bay rod which I may try to throw a #1 mepps with next time I pass a trout pond on a warmish day.
  11. I'll take these.
  12. We can argue the validity of the data for years. The original question is if this is true how do we save the fish without giving up fishing for them?
  13. Bmackerel, this is essentially what I'm trying to get at. 1) Given good fishing habits what is the actual mortality (how many fish am I killing?) 2) Is there one or two behaviors or techniques that could drop that 8-10% to 7-9%, (maybe circle hooks?)
  14. So what I'm hearing is to do all the things we all know we should do anyway. Giving them a break when it's hot is new to me, also it doesn't affect me as I fish Boston and north. I will not be spending any less time fishing and it doesn't look like any of you are going to either, so in the end, again accepting the data that c&r kills more fish than the legal harvest, we are going to destroy the stock, and in short order. I'll be at the canal for all the breaking tides trying to catch as many as I can before they disappear.
  15. It is intuitive that all of these things would reduce c&r mortality but does it do any good? Does it turn that 10% into 3 or 4%? I know it makes all of us feel better, is there any data on any of these things? I have heard that water temperature has a big impact on survival rates, never seen any data, also if there is some curve to temp and survival is it possible in warmer water that 8-10% actually becomes 15 or 20 or 30%?