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  1. From what I understand this is a day time fishery, and from my experience the color on the spoons can make the difference minute to minute. Those lures you mention will work, but it could be an expensive outing. Go to DiGloria's and pick up a handful of willow leafs they are a buck and change.
  2. A fantastic day all around, TBYRD put me on the fish from the first cast until the last. Great guy who knows what he's doing on the river. I hope you run into him on the river, he was handing out shad spoons to anyone who would take them, and they caught. I'd like to thank Tim for putting together the Christmas auctions, giving all of us a chance to help people around the holidays and TBYRD for putting up his time, expertise, and personal supply of lures. All I need to do is avoid the boss for a day or two until this sunburn fades. Thanks again TBYRD, let's get out on the Merrimack sooner than later.
  3. I'd be more concerned with the Alpha reel, should you hook anything bigger than a herring.
  4. Just read this entire thread, I have a question for you guys, do you let fillets rest a day or two if you're going to eat it fresh or do you cook it that day?
  5. I'm going to stay at $20, glws, thanks.
  6. They really are the same lure dressed differently. It's like asking is a otter tail or a curly grub the best trailer for a bt or is white or chartreuse a better color hair/trailer. They are both infinitely customizable by size, profile and color. Generally, rubber floats better than hair... but even that's not true for all jigs.
  7. I looked into these a few years ago but got scared off by the non-breathable material.
  8. I can do $20 on these, let me know.
  9. Sounds like I should wait for a better deal. Thanks guys. Not breaking my heart on this one.
  10. So I have an opportunity to pick up a 16' sea nymph with an older mercury 135 on it for a song. This is overpowered. I am wondering if I can sell the 135 to a mechanic and buy a 75 or so in better shape and have it installed as an even swap. I know nothing about boat mechanics or the markets concerning outboard motors. I am just wondering if this is a possibility and what it would likely cost to get done. I would also appreciate the name of a shop, north of Boston that may be amenable to what I am trying to do here. Thank you.
  11. Twist my arm... I'll take these
  12. And a little humility.
  13. I also tend to use thicker braid like 80 or 100 when 50 will do, helps with handling. This is for anchored, drifting for cod and haddock in 150 -300 feet
  14. Its cell service... supposedly on the Verizon network at same priority as Verizon. It works for crap in my office but fine everywhere else. It's cheap and easy, and it'll automatically connect to any Xfinity wifi without a password, or so I'm told. I've had it since September, they gave me $300 off a note 9 which I think was 950 or so, so it's not bad. You can switch to unlimited or by the gig at will. I will buy another phone from them when this one craps out.
  15. Sorry the rubber and the minnows