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  1. I have my mounted on the strap of my waders. Can't complain.
  2. I'll take this.
  3. I stopped at a yard sale (uncharacteristically) and was immediately drawn to a couple old glass boat rods. I got two pool cues and a. Vintage ll bean spinning rod with a green 710, 5500 ss, and a beat up Long Beach on them. Doesn't beat the 710 I pulled out of a trashcan on some fancy cul-de-sac though.
  4. Same but I think mine was the 8" Same place...
  5. Mola will do funny things. I was on a party boat and we hooked one twice, once on the teaser and another on bait on the bottom. Both times it breached.
  6. Had a miserable night at the canal Friday. Lost half a dozen jigs, put a hole in my waders, shredded my main gear and lost the only hit to a bad knot. I'll stay up north for the rest of the season. I figure we have until Halloween.
  7. They look like the bait hooks from one of the party boats on the N. Shore or are they too small?
  8. Do they really bust nuts out there this time of year?
  9. That's it, I'll send the pp tonight
  10. I'll take the cocahoes, shads, and misc. Can you do $30 for combined shipping?
  11. Isn't all of it from China?
  12. Could make for excellent or tough fishing from RI to NH this weekend depending on how fast it gets here.
  13. The weight of the bt is only part of the equation. It's the sink rate that matters and yeah the weight of the head is probably the biggest part of this equation but you also have to factor in the amount of hair and the size/bouncy of the trailer.
  14. Hickory?
  15. And sometimes you can smell it on the steel even if there isn't any gas.