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  1. Paid and shipped today.
  2. All I found was something about the quabbin saying lead sinkers are prohibited (no mention of size) i am having trouble linking it, but it is a pdf from the state. does anyone else have any recollection of lead, in all forms, bring banned at the reservoirs?
  3. So what if you get wet, you'll figure it out sooner or later, waders can be had for $100 or less when you are sick of being cold and wet. If you are fishing someplace slick, mind your footing, korkers or other spikes are invaluable, 50 degree water is no joke.
  4. You guys are driving a hard bargain... $20 shipped, much less than that and it's not worth driving to the post office.
  5. To my understanding rhe above are the rules relating to feeshwater. There are additional, special rules at the reservoirs, like you can't wade, and I thought there was something involving lead use beyond what you quoted above. I'll try to find it later.
  6. Re: Roostertails and blade baits, are these legal in the reservoirs as they contain lead? I've heard it both ways.
  7. How about $24? I'll throw in a bucktail your choice of size and color!
  8. For sale, vg to excellent condition, I used it two or three times, velcro clean and strong. $27 shipped to your door.
  9. 2nds... stranger things have happened
  10. I'll take these
  11. $50 for what's left of the darter lot?
  12. Sounds good, send me your PP.
  13. What could you do for the 4 bombers and swarter?
  14. Interested in the bibs, how do they fit?
  15. I've gone seasons, more than one without a fish.