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  1. In all seriousness, spikes on your feet make life a lot easier and taking a couple minutes to watch what is going on before you cast across 6 dudes drifting jigs with your magic swimmy will likely ensure you don't float home.
  2. The problem with the canal is you have a 70 mph highway right to edge coming from two directions. I live 75 miles from the canal, 35 from Plum Island, it takes me about 5 minutes longer to be fishing at the canal than it does to go to PI. and the fact that the biggest fish I've ever caught on the N. Shore is 32 inches, not pounds it's real easy to be tempted into contributing to the problem.
  3. Some places are fly fishing only, no bait or fish in possession. I want to say below Bardwells's Ferry place there are no restrictions. It might even be below Berkshire East, been a few years since I've fished out that way. The abstracts should list the specific areas
  4. My lucky day. I'll take these.
  5. Did anyone head down this morning? I couldn't care less about the fishing, just wondering about the number of dudes, tempers flaring, boats cast at, goats sacrificed, cars broken into, etc. Etc.
  6. I'll take this lot, no conditions.
  7. Anybody break their top this weekend and want to sell the bottom?
  8. Maybe I just have rose colored glasses, but the guys down there early mornings are pretty decent and the area is getting better. No fish to be had though, move along.
  9. So I snapped the bottom of my rod, I'm thinking the warranty replacement is going to be about $120 with shipping. Anyone have a bottom piece they'd be willing to part with? Boston to Hampton, NH.
  10. I 2nd the Energizer lights, they have a couple models I think one has red. I remember them being less than $20, I think the elastic headband crapped out before the light did on my first one.
  11. Guys, thanks for the input guys. I should be able to get what I'm looking for.
  12. Just hit the BPS on the way back from the lake and they only sell birdshot in 25 lb bags. I wasn't going to spend $43 for more shot than I'll ever use. Did anyone else take the plunge and buy 25 lbs and have 22 lbs leftover? I'm looking for a couple, maybe 5 lbs to make it worth doing. $10-$15. Either shipped or I can meet between Boston and Hampton Beach, or the canal if we can make it work. I'd be interested in retail of smaller packages if you know where to find them. Thanks, Dan
  13. Weight on these?
  14. From what I understand this is a day time fishery, and from my experience the color on the spoons can make the difference minute to minute. Those lures you mention will work, but it could be an expensive outing. Go to DiGloria's and pick up a handful of willow leafs they are a buck and change.