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  1. I'll take this.
  2. It looks like I'm going to pick up some eels.
  3. I generally don't have the patience (or more often, room) to back-swim though a couple votes as to its effectiveness might get me to try it. I appreciate the responses and feel better that I am not going away against the grain.
  4. I am wondering if you could share your collective knowledge regarding tactics for the north shore. Specifically in two types of terrain. 1) the rocks of Cape Ann, or similar. And 2) inlets. I normally throw pencils and swimmers from the rocks, generally in all directions, including the white water up against the rocks. I also like to drift jigs or swimmers again in the outflow of an inlet. Do any of you have different approaches when fishing these types of situations that generally produce?
  5. $55, done, send me your paypal. Thanks
  6. I can do $50 today If you need these gone. Thanks,
  7. Very slow over the past week. Put in probably 6 or 7 hours and only saw 4 or 5 caught. Might have to head west next week...
  8. Hit a couple spots on the mack this morning ran into a handful of guys, no one had any luck this morning (or so was reported) general consensus is it is early still and next week should be better.
  9. All right, I'll do $20.
  10. Anyone have any luck if you are self employed and have a part time w2 job, was unable to apply?
  11. Just gave it a shot in Lawrence. Cormorants were on the hunt, didn't see any come up with anything. No love in my hour casting. It's still early, and was good to get out of the house.
  12. Da fuq...
  13. I can do $60 shipped if you need to be rid of the thing.
  14. I'll pass, I appreciate the offer and the courtesy.
  15. I'll take it Bob for $68. I'll send a check tomorrow. PM your address. Thanks