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  1. And sometimes you can smell it on the steel even if there isn't any gas.
  2. The problem with poison ivy is that it takes so many forms. I've seen it as a shrub, the low ground cover we tend to think of and inch thick vines growing up trees. It grows everywhere. The leaves can be anywhere from dull to shiny, yellow green to red (this time of year) and possibly worst of all is the when its brown and dead and you really can't ID it.
  3. While caution can't be glossed over as the current rips through there i think the danger is a bit overblown. No need to wade past your ankles on the sand bar, which is perfectly safe in just about any conditions. The dangerous place there is the stretch from the party boats to the sand bar, it drops right off like a cliff. The rip currents on the front beach and the shorebreak are no joke either. All that said, I haven't fished the mouth in the fall in a few years and can't comment on productivity.
  4. I'll take em for $10.
  5. What do you need to get for the rest of them outside of the needles and pikies?
  6. I can do $25 for these. Whaddaya say?
  7. Indeed, i was picking away at teen bass, hooked this one and said 'he's just a little guy' whe. I saw it i changed my tune 'its a monster!'
  8. I am inclined to agree, so i think the play is use whatever i have rigged up and if it's not putting fish in the boat switch it up.
  9. It could have sent a hook into your hand and took the fish out with you attached to it.
  10. Hopefully someone here has some opinion, valid or not, on how to fish haddock from a party boat this time of year. I usually get out once or twice a year but it is much earlier in the season, as I understand it the dogfish get worse as the water warms. 2 questions: 1) Should I eschew bait and jig or stick with bait and deal with the dogs? 2) What is the smaller end of jigs that would work without getting hung up with other people fishing bait. I tend to fish the pulpit. Also, free bonus, I do well with circle hooks bait fishing on the bottom, anyone else do well?
  11. Everybody knows heavy savages are the way to monster scup.
  12. Got poured on the rocks yesterday morning. No signs of life anywhere, couldn't even buy a hit on small chunks. Today is a new day.
  13. You're in Lawrence right? $60 cash meet up?
  14. Lead or tin?
  15. All is not lost! The fish in the canal this weekend had lice all over them hopefully thet are headed this way.